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The moon remains in each zodiac sign for approximately 2.5 days before moving on to the next sign, and makes a complete transit of the Zodiac every 27 days, 7hours and 43 minutes.

Aries Moon

(Fire) ruled by Mars – Good for starting things, but lacks staying power. Things occur rapidly, but quickly pass. Beginning of things, matters of self and your personality. Cleansing and personal development, starting new things and new beginnings, especially financial and medically related, leadership, willpower, spiritual conversations, authority, rebirth, leadership; healing spells of the head, brain, eyes, bones of face, teeth, pineal gland.

Aries is a barren sign, not known for being conducive to inner-plane endeavors such as pathworking, dream word, or astral projection, although it is an excellent time to work magick for new ventures particularly if they are financial, medical, or related to construction. Because Aries is a fire sign it is energetic, good for working magick for personal strength and stamina. On the negative side it is also connected with impatience and dominance.

Taurus Moon

(Earth) ruled by Venus – Things begun now last the longest, tend to increase in value, and become harder to alter. Financial matters of personal nature, vehicles, benefits, possessions. The increase of a sensual or artistic nature, abundance, productivity, determination, loyalty, trust, love, prosperity, money and material things, acquisition; healing spells for the throat, neck, jaw, chin, tonsils, thyroid, vocal cords, ears.

The moon in Taurus makes us protective and stubborn, and brings out our artistic natures. It’s a good time for magick where issues of trust and loyalty are at stake, and it can give a boost of determination to see you through to the end of any endeavor. Astrologers say that the moon is “exalted” in Taurus, in this case meaning it stabilizes and hones the emotional influences of the moon. Passions can run high during this transit and spells to increase one’s sensual nature are at their best. One warning, however: spells begun with the moon in stubborn Taurus may be hard to shut down once they are underway.

Gemini Moon

(Air) ruled by Mercury – Things begun now are easily changed by outside influence. Relatives, communication, studies, writing, street smarts. Communication, writing, wit, study, healing, travel; healing spells for the arms, hands, shoulders,lungs, thymus, bronchial tubes, speech.

Gemini is the most eclectic of all the signs, but also the most mercurial and fickle. Because the sign is ruled by Mercury, it is an excellent time for any type of spells concerning communication, writing, mass media, or for ferreting out one’s hidden enemies. Moon in Gemini can make the superficial appear stable; you should not jump to conclusions about the success of your spells at this time. Healing spells also work very well during moon in Gemini.

Cancer Moon

(Water) ruled by Moon – Pinpoints need, supports growth and nurturance. Home environment, mothers, end of life, family. Creativity, insight, sensitivity, the home, your psychic nature, domestic life; healing of the stomach, breasts, diaphragm, womb, ribs, digestive organs.

Cancer is the home of the moon and is the most fertile sign in the zodiac. Virtually any venture undertaken during this time will grow favorably, especially psychic and inner-plane endeavors. This is also the best sign for dealing with matters relating to the home, fertility, pregnancy, children, or the emotions. Planting and growing are also under the influence of Cancer, and magick for any type of growth or increase will quickly take root. Moon in Cancer also brings out our protective natures and lets the imagination flourish.

Leo Moon

(Fire) ruled by Sun – Showmanship, favours being seen, drama, recreation and happy pursuits. Pleasures, hobbies, love affairs, entertainment, sports, your pets. Leadership, strength, pride, power, vitality, and binding spells. This is a popular time to cast spells and to ask for favours. physical arts such as acting, fertility, and power, authority, courage, fertility; healing of the upper back, spinal cord, heart, blood circulation, spleen, vital forces.

In contrast to the fertile Cancer, Leo is the most barren sign in the zodiac, one seemingly desolate and unfit for magick. On the other hand, Leo is governed by the vibrant power of the sun, which rules prosperity, leadership, celebration, and celebrity. Moon in Leo brings out our magnanimous natures and can be a good time for working magick on behalf of others. On the negative side, it can make us self-indulgent, a time when the temptation to do negative or manipulative magick is strongest. This is also a fine transit for working spells for leaders, for the sane use of power, and for binding spells.

Virgo Moon

(Earth) ruled by Mercury – Favours accomplishment of details and commands. Working environment, health, service extended, clothing. Stability, health, victory, and financial improvements, self-improvement project, intellect, employment, health, and of course details, employment, health, food and diet; healing of the nervous system, intestines, abdominal organs, bowels, spleen.

Virgo is the fastidious intellectual of the zodiac. When the moon is in Virgo it is a good time to work with matters pertaining to education, volunteerism, and health. It is also a prime time for casting spells requiring great attention to detail, as this is also the province of Virgo. Spells worked for mental prowess, stability, and conscientiousness take deep roots in Virgo. Keep in mind that Mercury, the planet which rules Virgo, is cerebral, whereas the moon is emotional; this can be a source of either conflict or harmony for your spells, depending upon the desired outcome.

Libra Moon

(Air) ruled by Venus – Increases self-awareness, favors self-examination and interaction with others. Marriage, partnerships, legal matters, small animals. Peace, diplomacy, couple’s magick, artistic and spiritual work, karma and justice, unions, balance (spiritual and otherwise); healing of the lower back, adrenals, kidneys, venous system, lumbar nerves, skin.

While the moon is in Libra our minds turn to aesthetics and to balance. It is a good time for couple’s magick, and for all spells for peace and balance, or for the promotion of fairness and justice. Venus rules romance and this is a propitious transit for love magick. Spells requiring, or aligned with, diplomacy and adaptability also work well.

Scorpio Moon

(Water) ruled by Pluto – Increases awareness of psychic power. Ends connections. Death, sex, taxes, inheritances, transformation. Ambition, heightened sensitivity, and things in which are hidden, divination, matters of transformation and desire, life changes, sexual fantasies, psychic growth; healing of the reproductive organs, bladder, urinary system, colon, prostate, coccyx.

Scorpio is the keeper of secrets, and a good time to try and unlock occult wisdom through divination and ritual. It is also a very fertile sign and a good time to work on fertility and sex magick. Matters pertaining to deceit, trustworthiness, and things hidden are best dealt with now. Scorpio is the sign of ambition, and spells for personal promotion work well at this time. Ruled by Pluto, the sign is linked to the work of the dead, and conditions for solid magick for the spirit world are optimal. This transit is very compatible with almost all lunar spellwork.

Sagittarius Moon

(Fire) ruled by Jupiter – Encourages flights of imagination and confidence. Religion, metaphysics, long-distance travel, in-laws, higher learning. Spirituality, self-mastery, peace, finding the truth, exploration, legal matters or publishing, travel, sports, horses; healing of the liver, hips, thighs, sciatic nerve, arterial system, pelvis, sacrum.

Moon in Sagittarius makes us all philosophers and places us in a frame of mind to deal with issues of humanity, peace, and the right way of the universe. Sagittarius is the sign of the non-conformist, an excellent time to experiment with new spells and ritual methods. Because of its optimistic nature, challenges are often accepted during this transit, making it a good time to work magick for the more elusive things in your life.

Capricorn Moon

(Earth) ruled by Saturn – Increases awareness of the need for structure, discipline. Business, career, reputation, fathers, honour. Material concerns and grounding, past lives, careers, political matters and recognition, organisation, ambition; healing of the knees, bones, skin, cutaneous system, joints, knee-cap.

While the moon is in stable Capricorn is the time for dealing with material concerns, such as magick for obtaining a much needed item. It is also a transit when pessimism and despondency tend to come to the fore front. If you are prone to depression, avoid divination during this transit and, instead, work spells for a better mental attitude. This is a time of stability, when grounding rituals and centering rituals work especially well. The influence of Capricorn’s ruling planet, Saturn, can assist in uncovering past-lives and overcoming past negative influences.

Aquarius Moon

(Air) ruled by Uranus – Favours activities that are unique and individualistic. Friendship, acquaintances, hopes and dreams, groups and organizations. Peace, understanding, rational actions, gatherings, troubled covens to gather, aid in achieving personal goals, freedom, creative expression or problem solving, cultivate your extrasensory abilities and friendships. Science, friendship, breaking bad habits or addictions; healing of the calves, ankles, tibia, fibula, circulation, the breath.

There’s been a lot of New Age hype about the sterling qualities of Aquarius but, like all the signs, it has its negative aspects. These include a tendency to selfishness, air-headedness, thought without action, and generally allowing one’s mind to wander aimlessly in some vast pseudo-intellectual wilderness. However, it is also a time when people as a whole tend to be inspired to higher consciousness. Because of this, the Aquarian transit is a good time for troubled covens to meet. Magick for world peace and understanding are best undertaken during this sign. Warning: because this sign is now outwardly fighting for its identity in this New Age, anything can happen in your Aquarian/moon magick.

Pisces Moon

(Water) ruled by Neptune – Energy withdraws from the surface of life, hibernates within, secretly reorganizing and realigning. Inner development, karma, restrictions, secrets revealed. Dream work, astral projection, sensitivity, compassion, divination. (Avoid protection spells.) Energy is now withdrawing, it is a time to reorganize. Good time for clairvoyance, telepathy and music workings, art, telepathy; healing of the feet and toes, lymphatic and glandular systems, synovial fluids.

Because of the dualistic character of the Piscean Age, Pisces has gotten a bad reputation as a two-faced character. This is anything but true. Ruled by watery Neptune, Pisces is a highly psychic sign and is a good time to try that divination method which has always eluded you. The two fish which symbolize the sign point not merely in two different directions. but the upper and lower worlds, and the inner and outer realms, offering us a bridge between them. It is a time when emotions can become clouded and melancholy; you should avoid protection spells unless you are sure you will not be tempted to cross the line of manipulation. Moon in Pisces brings out our compassionate natures and can aid in making magick for others. It is also a good time for dream work, astral projection, guided meditations, and is highly compatible with all lunar spellwork. Second only to Cancer, Pisces is the most fertile of all the signs.

The information on this page was provided by Jenwytch from:
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