Welcome to the Healing Room

This room is intended to be a place to come and rest, to reflect and rejuvenate, to meditate, to commune, to be loved and to be healed. This is where you will begin your journey into a new level of relaxation and awareness. Each meditation serves a specific purpose, depending on what you want to achieve. Choose freely and feel free to perform more than one meditation. Here are some hints to get you started:

  1. Make sure you are in a quiet room with no distractions.
  2. Allow some time for your meditation. These meditations last from 10 – 25 minutes. The duration of each meditation is listed below so you can plan your time accordingly.
  3. As you listen to the meditation, allow your mind to clear all mundane thoughts, feelings and the general noise of everyday living.
  4. Be open to the meditation.
  5. For more in-depth information on meditation please also read the article on Meditation in our Articles section.

The music & meditations in our Healing Room are designed to take you into higher states of consciousness where you can find peace of mind and can connect to your spiritual guides and healers.

  1. The Healing Room20.9 MB mp3 file.  Guided meditation with music, running time 23 minutes.
  2. Healing the Grid16.5 MB mp3 file. Guided meditation with music, running time 18 minutes.
  3. Inanna12.8 MB mp3 file. Running time: 14 minutes.
  4. A Journey16.4 MB mp3 file. Running time: 12 minutes.
  5. An Elemental Serenade18.7 MB mp3 file. Running time: 14 minutes
  6. Bellatrix13.5 MB mp3 file. Running time: 15 minutes.
  7. Dolphin Song8.9MB mp3 file. Running time 10 minutes.

All the meditations were written, performed and produced by Janine Donnellan
Copyright © 2007-2019 Janine Donnellan

About Janine…

Janine is a musician, a spiritual teacher and an energetic healer. Utilizing her healing abilities and archetypal experiences and accessing sounds and vibrations that resonate with your soul, Janine composes meditations that will help you discover your wholeness, and your higher spiritual dimensions.