(Information compiled by Jenwytch – see references at bottom of page.)

Agate, Botswana – Eases stress and pain of a loss, reduces anxiety.
Agate, Green Moss – Restores energy and health, bring wearer happiness, emotional balance, wealth, health, and long life
Amazonite – Attracts success, money and luck
Amber – Fossils from pine tree resin, they add strength to magick and spells, attract love and increase beauty.
Amethyst – Increases spiritual awareness, used in all workings for peace, love, happiness and protection, used in divination and psychic work
Apache Tears – Carry as a good luck charm.
Aventurine – Increases mental powers, perception and creative insight, gambler’s stone
Bloodstone – Increases physical strength and courage, brings victory in the courtroom, used to banish, exorcise
Carnelian – Promotes self-confidence and peace, eases depression
Coral – Used for healing, protection, peace and wisdom
Fluorite – Reduces emotional involvement, used to gain perspective, increase mental power
Garnet – Enhances strength and endurance, protection, healing, enhances self-esteem and encourages success in business
Hematite – Used for grounding, stabilizing, focusing, brings emotional balance
Jade – Attracts love and prosperity, and promotes healing and longevity
Jasper, Red – Sends back negativity to it’s source, reversing, used for stress
Lapis Lazuli – Stimulates wisdom, truthfulness, psychic awareness, healing
Lepidolilte – A calming stone, this is carried for peace, spirituality and to drive off negativity.
Lodestone, Green – Draws money, employment, strengthens loyalty, used in bindings
Lodestone, Red – Draws love, friendship, strengthens loyalty, used in bindings
Malachite – Draws money and protection, guards wearer from danger
Moonstone – Draws love, hope and protection, promotes unselfishness. and helps settle disputes, induces prophetic dreams
Mother of Pearl – Draws money, wealth and protection, relates to the ocean, depth and movement
Obsidian – Used for grounding and centering, divination, and increasing spirituality
Petrified Wood – Good for past life work, nervous conditions, and grounding
Quartz, Rose – Draws love and happiness
Quartz, Smoky – Mood elevator, overcomes negative emotions and depression
Quartz, Yellow – Draws protection, mental awareness. Used in magick to improve visualization
Rock Crystal – Draws protection, psychic ability
Sodalite – Used for meditation, brings wisdom and calms inner conflicts
Tourmaline, Black– Used for grounding and absorbing negative energy

Magickal Uses

  • You can break the crystals or stones up into a powder and blend the powder in with your incense, to empower the incense with the stones quality.
  • You can charge your stone with intent, and carry it, to help you to manifest certain qualities, like health, prosperity, or love. An easy way to carry the stones everyday is to wear your favourites in jewellery, i.e., earrings, necklaces and bracelets.
  • You can add gemstones to oils that you wear or to candles that you are using for spell crafting, to help infuse the oils and/or candles with the stones metaphysical & magical powers.
  • You can add stones to your dream pillows, & sachets.
  • You can take a stone with you into your bathtub, to impart the quality of the stone to your Magickal Bath.
  • Many magick spells can call for a particular rock or crystal. In magick spell crafting, you may need to sleep with it under your pillow, use it in a bath, place it on your altar, or even meditate with it.
  • Single stones or crystals can be great for energy work with the chakras, as in chakra healing, and aura colour alignment and aura balancing.
  • Single stones or crystals can add metaphysical energy to your feng shui fountains, or any other water fountain. As the water passes over the rock, the metaphysical energy of the crystal is released into the atmosphere. This can be used for healing, stress reduction, prosperity, love, you name it. The stone makes the difference.
  • You can use crystal elixirs as a wash for a ritual or spell object, or the elixir may be drunk as an internal energy enhancer. To create an elixir, place a stone in spring water under the light of the Full Moon. This can then be stored tightly bottled in a cool, dark place. Or, place the stone in a glass of spring water for at least 7 hours under the light of the Sun or the Moon, then drink (removing the stone first!).

Magickal Uses & Crystal Colours

Love Attraction: Pink stones like Rose Quartz and Rhodochrosite
Mental Concentration: Yellow stones like Citrine or Gold Topaz
Stamina/Sex: Red stones like Garnet or Ruby
Better Communication: Blue stones like Turquoise or Blue Topaz
Dreams/Meditation: Purple stones like Amethyst or Fluorite
Calming/Peace: Blue stones like Aquamarine or Blue Topaz
Money Attraction: Green stones like Malachite or Aventurine
Protection: Black stones like Black Tourmaline or Onyx
Psychic Powers: Indigo stones like Azurite or Lapis Lazuli
Courage: Red stones like Garnet or Ruby
Healing: Clear Quartz Crystal or Hematite
Grounding: Brown or Black stones like Tiger Eye or Onyx

The information on this page was provided by Jenwytch from
Crystal elixirs information from “The Crystal Handbook” by Kevin Sullivan,
“Love is in the Earth” by Melody,
“Witchcraft an Alternative Path” by Ann Moura.
Photos by Jenwytch.