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Planet: the Sun
Sign: Leo
Day: Sunday

In most cultures gold is associated with riches, rulership and truth. We are still told that paper money is backed (?) by gold. Here we see the analogy: gold forms the center of the economy, the throne and crown of the ruler are made of gold, the main day of the week is ruled by the golden Sun, and the Sun is the center of our solar system. Gold has to do with the core, the most important part of something. In astrology the Sun and Leo represent your deepest I, the true you, authority, pride and dignity; in medical astrology the Sun rules the physical heart and the eyes as mirrors of the soul.

Magickal use of gold:

  • Use the metal gold or the color gold in rituals/spells concerning Sun-deities, the male force, authority, self-confidence, creativity, financial riches, investments, ,fortune, hope, worldly and magickal power.
  • Make a talisman. A golden one will be very expensive, but you can make one of gold colored cardboard or write the symbols on it with gold paint.
  • Wear golden jewelry to improve self-confidence and inner strength.
  • For the same aim you can drink water in which you have put a golden object during the 6 to 24 hours.

Homeopathy uses gold as medicine (called Aurum metallicum).



Planet: the Moon
Sign: Cancer
Day: Monday

Moons are celestial globes who do not have their own orbit, but who circle around a planet. Therefore the symbolic meaning of the Moon is receptivity, reaction and reflection (the Moon mirrors the sun-light, and a mirror is a glass plate with a thin silver layer!) And of course we know that the Moon has monthly phases, and that her magnetism is related to the rhythms of ebb- and flood-tide. That’s why the Moon is further related to femininity, motherliness, cycles and (changeable) emotions. Cancers are prudent and emotional people with a strong fantasy and a strong sense of family.

Medical astrology places these subjects under rulership of the Moon: female reproductive organs, menstruation, the breasts, hormonal imbalances, the stomach and the watery body-fluids like slime, tears and digestive secretions.

Magickal use of silver:

  • Use the metal or the color silver in rituals, spells or talismans concerning Moon-goddesses, the female force, cycles, emotional and/or hormonal imbalances, reflecting or neutralizing negativity, dreams and intuition, psychic work and psychic abilities.
  • Wear silver jewelry to improve fertility, emotional and hormonal stability.
  • Silver improves the assimilation of food; that’s why young children (in their Moon-years) are traditionally given a silver fork and spoon to eat with.
  • Drink water that is charged during 6 to 24 hours with the energies of silver objects.

Homeopathic medicines derived from silver are Argentum nitricum and Argentum metallicum.


Iron and Steel

Planet: Mars
Signs: Aries and Scorpio
Day: Tuesday

I bet you know that the red color of Mars is due to the great amount of iron oxide on that planet. Man has always used iron and steel for tools and weapons, to serve his working power and his defense. In iron we recognize the male and active character of the war-god Mars, building and conquering himself a new world. The sign Aries will tell the whole world his actions and intentions, where Scorpio first focuses laser-like on a goal and then probably hits it in one strike. In the human body iron is found in the blood (providing energy and clear thinking) and the liver (associated with positivity and will-power).

In medical astrology Mars is connected with the red blood-cells, adrenaline, the muscles, the male reproductive organs, fever and inflammation (‘fire’-complaints).

Magickal use of iron and steel:

  • use these metals in rituals, spells and amulets to promote energy, strength, determination, will-power, assertivity and aggression, fertility-rites, beginnings and undertakings, speed, power and courage.
  • For more energy: eat food that contains iron, like meat, beet, dark green vegetables, whole grains, dried fruits, nuts, apple-syrup, sea-weed.
  • Use herbs with much iron like the Urtica, Equisetum, kelp and spirulina.
  • Consider wearing iron ornaments; just like the character of Aries and Scorpio they will be hardrock-, punk- or occult-styled ornaments such as pentagrams.

Renowned homeopathic iron remedies are Ferrum metallicum and Ferrum phosphoricum.



Planet: Mercury
Signs: Gemini and Virgo
Day: Wednesday

The quickest planet of our solar system is represented by the silvery and liquid metal mercury, also known as quick-silver. Drops of Mercury react on any outside influence (like heat and cold: the thermometer!), divide themselves into smaller drops, come together forming bigger drops, and make alloys with most other metals. The god Mercury with his winged feet is known as the messenger of the gods; he symbolizes contact, communication, any transportation, flow, swiftness, playfulness and flexibility. Gemini symbolizes the communicative aspect of Mercury; Virgo brings a process to fruition by carefully attending Mercury’s details. According to medical astrology Mercury rules the blood circulation, the breath, transfer of nervous signals, thinking processes, lungs, arms and hands, the senses as organs of communication.

Magickal use of mercury:

  • Pure mercury is a highly poisonous and devastating substance!!! It is best replaced by silver.
  • Mercurial rituals and spells deal with communication, trade, commerce, transport, progress, change, travel, mental clarity, learning, thinking, memorizing, tests, writing and speaking, persuading with confidence.

A safe way of using Mercury is in one of the homeopathic forms. Mercury is not a medicine for self-medication!



Planet: Jupiter
Sign: Sagittarius
Day: Thursday

The biggest planet in our solar system is of course the rightful place for the chief-god Jupiter. When it comes to Jupiter always think in terms of big-much-many: abundance, prosperity, growth and success. Sagittarius is depicted as the centaur, half-man, half-beast, who aims high (= ideals, beliefs, positivity) with his bow and arrow. The centaur symbolizes man who has grown above his instinctive state and who has gathered social values and wisdom. With the combination of growth, believing and a positive attitude it is not surprising that Jupiter is the planet of healing, regeneration and rejuvenation.

Medical astrology places the liver (lust for life, and our chemical laboratory), enzymes (catalyzers in biological processes) and the tongue (taste) under rulership of Jupiter.

Magickal use of tin:

  • Use tin in rituals/spells promoting abundance, prosperity, success in business and in legal matters, stimulation, attracting what you desire, energy, healing, regeneration and rejuvenation.
  • Standard amulets and talismans can be bought in pewter (an alloy of 91 % tin with some antimony and copper to make it stronger) Don’t forget to charge them to make them work!
  • To help sick people regenerate: serve their food on a tin plate and their drinks in a tin vessel.

The homeopathic form of tin is called Stannum.



Planet: Venus
Sign: Taurus and Libra
Day: Friday

Venus is the goddess of love, beauty, art, balance, harmony and peace. Venus is the planet with the lowest rotation. The character of the planet and goddess Venus is passive, receptive, magnetic, feminine, relating, adaptation to the other one, kindness and gentleness, enjoyment. Taurus represents the sensual part of Venus, while Libra is focused on relating/connecting persons and subjects.

Medical astrology calls the skin, the kidneys, the veins and the pancreas Venusian body-parts. The female body needs more copper during pregnancy. The metal copper has a great connecting power: it easily combines with other metals and it easily transfers warmth and electricity (think of the copper in electricity wires).

Magickal use of copper:

  • Use copper in rituals, spells and amulets to promote love, sensuality, friendship, positive relationships of any kind, negotiations and peace.
  • To support the Venusian body-parts consume food which contains much copper, like lettuce, apricots, apples, tomatoes, nuts, shell-fish, peas and beans, wheat and corn.

Warning: do NOT cook in copper pans, because alliances of the copper with the food can produce highly poisonous results!

Homeopathy uses copper under the name Cuprum metallicum.



Planet: Saturn
Sign: Capricorn
Day: Saturday

Saturn is the planet with the beautiful rings; this points at the organized and strict character of this planet-spirit. Saturn is the last (personal) planet that can be seen with the bare eye; for more distant planets we need a telescope (the transpersonal planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto); again this points at a boundary.

The Greek name for Saturn is Chronos, father time, the man with the scythe. Myths tell us that after death the soul is put on a scale, and of course the weights of the scale are made from lead, the metal that carries Saturn’s heaviness and seriousness.

Saturn’s sign Capricorn is the tenacious goat who will persistently and patiently move forward to reach great heights. In the body Saturn of course rules the skeleton, coldness, dryness and hardening (like arteriosclerosis, gall-stones) and depression.

Magickal use of lead:

  • use lead in rituals, spells and amulets to promote contact with deep unconscious levels (the underworld), deep meditation, banishing negativity, breaking bad habits and addictions, protection, stability, grounding, solidity, perseverance, decisiveness, concentration, conservation, and material constructions (buildings, etc.)

Warning: do not wear lead directly on your skin, do not inhale it regularly (paint often contains lead!) and do NOT drink water that has been in contact with lead, for this metal is poisonous.

The homeopathic name of lead is Plumbum metallicum.



Planet: Uranus
Sign: Aquarius

Uranus is the only planet with a divergent rotation axis; in astrology Uranus is connected with renewal, moderation, revolution, originality, progressivity. The god of heaven and cosmos Uranus granted man the divine flame (electricity, intuition, sudden insights) and the feeling for cosmic rhythms. In fact Uranus gave man cosmic consciousness, and in the realization of each and everyone having a divine core …freedom, equality and brotherhood were born. Aquarian people connect with like-minded people no matter their background or differences, and they are led by their intuition instead of outward authority. Aquarians are quick-witted with a lot of (electric) brain activity, like inventors, advanced technicians.

Medical astrology places the potential and the rhythmical processes of the nervous system under Uranus. Zinc as metal was discovered in the same timeframe Uranus was discovered. Everyone (equality!) could buy objects of this material because of its low price.

Magickal use of zinc:

  • Use zinc in rituals, spells and amulets promoting originality, relying on flashes of insight, renewal, inventions, advanced technics (computer, space-ships), cooperation within a like-minded group, humanism, freedom, moving out of stress.
  • A zinc pendant or little zinc plate on a necklace – or a zinc supplement – can calm down a surplus of electricity. Possible symptoms are: nervous stress, restless legs, nervous asthma, hyperventilation, stammering, nervous heart complaints, epilepsy, cramps, agitation.
  • For the same reason eat food with a lot of zinc, like whole grains, fish, meat, eggs, nuts and beans.
  • Or drink water in which a piece of zinc has been laid for 6 to 24 hours.

Homeopathy works with the remedy Zincum metallicum.



Planet: Neptune
Sign: Pisces

A strange characteristic of Neptune is that this gassy planet radiates trice as much warmth as it receives from the Sun; the planet gives himself away, analogous to the compassionate and self-sacrificing nature of Pisces. Lord Neptune rules the sea, the waters of emotion. According to Neptune’s temper the sea is calm or wild (the alternating moods of Pisces). The formless flowing of the sea matches Pisces, traveling between astral worlds and physical reality.

Aluminum is a very light material; earthly gravity hardly has hold on it. The material is highly transformable, just like Pisces with their feeling for drama and merging of fantasy and reality.

In medical astrology Neptune rules the subtle senses (like clairvoyance), unclear diseases with an unclear course, and the feet (problems with ‘grounding’).

Magickal use of aluminum:

  • Use aluminum in rituals, spells and amulets to promote compassion, unconditional love, high spirituality, development of psychic abilities, inspiration, visions, mysticism, divination. I consider aluminum a magickal sister of silver.

Warning: aluminum does NOT belong in the body! Cooking in aluminum pans is related to Alzheimer disease!

Homeopathic aluminum is called Alumina.


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