Image is from the “Babylonian Tarot” written & illustrated by Sandra Tabatha Cicero

Libra Full Moon 2020

(Full Moon 12:35pm 8/4/20, Online Ritual 8pm 10/4/20)

This is the first podcast/meditation which I (Janine Donnellan) am preparing to replace our full moon circles for the time being (due to the nation-wide shut down of non-essential services to help stop the spread of COVID-19). So if you are tuning in for the first time, Spheres Of Light is an eclectic witchcraft circle that usually meets monthly in Loftus (Sydney), Nowra and Canberra. This year we have been working with the Sumerian pantheon and connecting to the primordial goddess Tiamat. At each full moon we will also connect to a god or goddess in that pantheon that aligns with the energy of the full moon.

The full moon this month is in the sign of Libra, which is about balance and justice. The Goddess that relates to this energy in the Sumerian pantheon is Nanshe.

The Babylonian Tarot card is The Universal Key of balance: Justice and Realignment.

In Sumerian mythology, Nanshe was the daughter of Enki (god of wisdom, magic and water) and Ninhursag (earth and mother goddess). Her functions as a goddess were varied. She was a goddess of social justice, prophecy, fertility and fishing. She was also associated with divination. Hence her other titles of “Diviner of the Gods” and “Interpreter of dreams”. The symbols for the goddess, were birds, fishes and water, and her name in cuneiform, is written the composite sign for “house” and “fish”. Another of her duties was to check the accuracy of weights and measures so here there is an association with the Egyptian Goddess Maat the goddess of justice.

The Full Moon in Libra is asking us to seek the solace of our soul and try to be fair with one another and to bring balance in our lives. Diplomacy and tact will take us a long way towards maintaining the calm during these crazy times.

We will be going into a meditation where you will be asked to use your imagination and create your own special temple in the astral, you can make it as simple or decorative as you as you like. This temple is your sacred space and your place of protection.


Opening Circle & Nanshe’s Meditation


I open the Eastern gates of Air
Come forth with your mighty winds
Circle us with your power and inspiration


I open the Northern gates of Fire
Come forth with your fiery breath
Circle us with your strength and power


I open the Western gates of Water
Come forth with your power of the primordial ocean
Circle us with the power of connective energy


I open the Southern gates of Earth
Come forth with your protective force
Circle us with the powers of manifestation

By the power of the Dragons may this circle be blessed, cleansed and sanctified.


Oh Great Goddess Tiamat, stir and arise, awake in the darkness, awake in the abyss,
She who is terrible to face, who devours and swallows up life,
She who brings life to those who face her,
She who is the begetter of dragons.
Stir up oh Dragon Goddess, I summon thee tonight!


Welcome Nanshe, Goddess of Justice and Realignment


You are in your sacred temple in the astral, as you move around your temple you notice a beautiful altar covered in lighted candles of different sizes and colours. You become aware of the aroma of incense and you see a chair that you can sit on. You close you eyes and feel the calm energy all around you.

Imagine that your inner light and vibration is becoming brighter with every breath, just as the sun is becoming stronger with every day. Let this inner light now penetrate all those frozen-over places inside of you that hold your stagnation and resistance to change and new growth.

When you feel present and centred in your body, you start to focus on the candles’ golden light; use their shimmering energies to shift you to a higher frequency of awareness. You soon become aware of a presence close to you and the Goddess Nanshe appears.

See Nanshe welcoming you with open arms. Take in the details of Her radiant beauty and the powerful energies as she stands next to a sacred well. Orient yourself within Her space and her potent magic for she has the gift of inspiration and wisdom.

Nanshe leads you to the ancient well surrounded by the flames of golden candles. She beckons you to look deep in the still surface of the water. Open your inner landscape to the hidden powers of the ancient waters, seek the knowledge within it so you can learn where your journey of the soul will lead you next.

Take your time for the waters to give up the secrets and visions, information and insights can come to you in many ways: through visual imagery, a voice that speaks to you, or body sensations and energies. Fully engage whatever shows up, in whatever form. Take your time, ask questions, go deep.

When you have your answer, Nanshe takes you to her grotto of healing, it is a place of great beauty. She asks you to widen your heart to your shadow-side, accepting that everything you are and everything you have experienced, the good and the bad, the joyful and the painful, have brought you to this moment and serve as the raw materials of your greater becoming. Meditate in silence for a few minutes to focus on your new beginning.

Nanshe tells you that your destiny is in your own hands. It is up to you what path you will take, choose it wisely.

Gaze now into Nanshe’s eyes; drink in the details of Her exquisite features and fill yourself up with the love that permeates every ounce of Her being. Listen to Her final words of guidance and wisdom. Share your gratitude and love, and bid Her farewell.



Thank you Nanshe for showing justice and realignment.


Oh Great Goddess Tiamat, thank you for arising
and awakening in the darkness and the abyss.
Thank you for assisting in our journey.
I release thee.



I close the Southern gates of Earth
Thank you for coming forth, witnessing this rite and protecting this circle.
May you dwell within our hearts.


I close the Western gates of Water
Thank you for coming forth, witnessing this rite and protecting this circle.
May you dwell within our hearts.


I close the Northern gates of Fire
Thank you for coming forth, witnessing this rite and protecting this circle.
May you dwell within our hearts.


I close the Eastern gates of Air
Thank you for coming forth, witnessing this rite and protecting this circle.
May you dwell within our hearts.

By the power of the Dragons this circle is closed.

Leave your sacred temple and now use your breath to bring yourself slowly back into your physical body and waking reality.



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