AARDVARK – a tendency to hide from problems
ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN (?!) – denotes spiritual truths that are not easily accepted.
ADDER – (snake, see also under Snakes) Transformation, Healing, Life Energy, Rebirth, Resurrection, Initiation, Wisdom, Cunning, Reincarnation. Druids were referred to as Adders, and it’s possible that the story of St. Patrick ridding Ireland of snakes is actually about Druids. The Adder represents transformation, for obvious reasons. A snake’s ability to shed its skin is very symbolic of transformation and rebirth. Its ability to tunnel through cracks and crevices is symbolic of travelling to the otherworld in shamanic journeying. The Adder also represents healing, which may seem odd because it is a poisonous snake, but it warns us to use our powers wisely because of this. Rage into outrage. Poison into medicine. The Adder is also a symbol of sexuality, because of its phallic shape and because of its ability to bear many young at once. Ancient Druid alters in phallic shapes have been found in Cumbria and Gloucestershire depicting adders. In Wales there was a tradition that every farmhouse had two snakes, male and female, to ensure the productive well-being of the household. The image of the Caduceus of Mercury (the symbol used to represent the healing profession) is two snakes wound about each other.
ALLIGATOR (see also CROCODILE) – Maternal Protection, Connection to the Earth Mother, Protection from Manipulation, Understanding Deceit, Revenge Through Patience, Initiation, Understanding Weather, Access to Ancient Knowledge, Quickness, Aggression, Basic survival instincts, Adaptability, Spiritual aspects that are self-serving, can denote a person who attacks out of nowhere, people who lie in wait and then attack, a person with vicious speech which is destructive.
ANT – Patience, Teamwork, Determination, Community, Harmony, Miracles, Inner Strength. Denotes cooperation with others. Patience, Stamina, Planning, Energy, Communal Living, Storing for the Future, Group Minded, Perseverance, Step by Step, Teamwork, Industrious nature, Order and Discipline, Group minded, action. The medicine of Ant is Patience, Teamwork and Community spirit and support. No matter how large or impossible a project may seem, Ant will keep patient and know that no matter how long it takes, the ultimate out come will be a success. So Ant calls on and excites his fellow ants and enlists their equally patient natures to literally move mountains. All working together in a team as one community-minded being that can bring about all manner of miraculous changes. Interesting to note is the fact that the miracle lies hidden in the oneness of Patience, Teamwork and Community. If Ant has crossed your path, ‘Spirit’ is reminding you to have patience. Spirit knows you would like to have it yesterday! But patience and a sense of community will bring its rewards your way. The importance of teamwork today will make short work of things. Many hands will ease the load! If you are feeling overwhelmed with jobs today, call on your Ant medicine and you will find that all those jobs will get finished. Consider making yourself available for service to the community.
ANTEATER – Lethargy, curiosity, nosiness
ANTELOPE – action, agility and sacrifice, jumpiness, speed and adaptability of the mind.
APE – cautions against loss of individuality, pretending to be someone who you are not, aping someone, being a copycat instead of your true self. A symbol of malice and ugliness. The ape was a holy animal in ancient India, the god Hanuman, as in the epic Ramayana. He is a symbol of strength, loyalty, and self-sacrifice. In the Chinese Zodiac, the ape is the ninth sign. The ape is the calendar symbol in ancient Mexican cultures, lending its name (in Aztec Ozomatli, in Mayan Ba’tz) to the day of the month. The ape was a god of dance, and those born under this sign were expected to become jugglers, pranksters, dancers, or singers. In ancient Mexico, the ape represents the wind. In the ancient Mexican myth of periodic “ends of the world”, the second era or “sun,” the wind-sun, was ended by devastating tornadoes, and the humans of this era were transformed into apes. Apes in chains represent the “devil” vanquished. It is a symbol of insecurity and doubt about one’s own role in life as well as immodesty.
ARMADILLO – safety, boundaries, medicine shield, being grounded, personal protection, discrimination, and empathy.
ASS (JACKASS, DONKEY) – Wisdom and humility, patience.


BABOON – immaturity or lack of individuality. Thoth, the god of wisdom, though sometimes appearing with the head of an ibis, frequently appears as an old, white caped baboon.
BADGER – Keeper of Stories, Bold Self-Expression, Courage, Aggressiveness, Reliance, Single-Mindedness, Passion, Cunning, Revenge, Perseverance, Control, Antidote to Passivity or Victimization, Persistence in the Service of a Mission, Groundedness, Knowledge of the Earth, Earth Magick and Wisdom, Creative Action in a Crisis, Protection of Rights and Spiritual Ideas. Denotes a person with a ‘nagging’ personality, usually one who interferes with another’s life. It is a symbol of vice, afraid of the light, and lives in the dark. The badger represents avarice because it lives on its own body fat.
BANDICOOT – Bandicoot asks you to look after your inner home, take care of yourself, and provide yourself with a healthy environment inside and out. Don’t let others dominate you. You are fully empowered. Be honest and faithful to yourself.
BARRAMUNDI – Equilibrium. Barramundi suggests, for a male, the realization of one’s innate feminine Dreaming and for a woman: the need to be more earthed, practical and less dreamy.
BAT – Transition, Death and Rebirth, Guardian of the Night, Cleaner, Secrets and initiation, longevity, good listener, viewing past lives, letting go of our fears of or misinformation that no longer serves us. The bat is also the glyph of the pathway of the Hanged Man, and the totem of the Voodoo worshipers. In popular thinking it is the soul of the unenlightened, because it dwells in darkness and feeds indiscriminately on all life. In China, however, where many things are reversed the word fu means either a bat or a blessing. Since the bat sleeps upside-down he affords an important avenue to reversion of consciousness. The bad has been associated with vampires. Denotes the use of spiritual intuition in all aspects of life. Bat urges you to let go of the past and allow yourself to be reborn. Don’t be afraid to let change into your life, and be willing to let go of what you don’t need. Try and get some meditation in to get in touch with your inner guides.
BEAR – Awakening the power of the unconscious. Healing, Inner knowing, Introspection, Healing, Solitude, Change, Communication with Spirit, Death and Rebirth, Transformation, Astral Travel, Creature of Dreams, Shamans and Mystics, Visionaries, Defence and Revenge, Wisdom, Thoughtfulness, Need for Retreat, Rest, Natural Strength, Primal Power, Sovereignty, Intuitions Married with Instinct, Awakening the Power of the Unconscious, Mother, Cunning, Healer, Dreaming, Direction, Connection to Creator, Nature’s Pharmacist. Power, healing, Watcher, world-guardian, giver of strength, courage/willpower, self-preservation, introspection, going inside yourself for answers, studying the importance of dreams, instinct. An overbearing personality of a friend or situation, someone who can crush another with just a look or a word. This creature is used in the business world also to denote a negative situation. Fighting and winning a battle with a bear denotes the triumph of Christ over the devil. In China, the bear symbolizes strength, Dreaming of a bear sometimes foretells the birth of a son. Bears hibernate in the winter, which may explain their association with “dreaming the Great Spirit” or retrospection. The symbolism of Bear’s cave is returning to the womb of Mother Earth. It also suggests a strong feminine aspect, one of nurturing and protection. Bear cubs, born in the early spring, can spend as many as seven years with their mother before reaching maturity. People with Bear Medicine are considered by many as self-sufficient, and would rather stand on their own two feet than rely on others. They are often considered dreamers. Many have developed the skill of visualizing new things, but as a result can get caught up in the dreaming, making little progress in waking reality. Bear’s medicine includes introspection, healing, solitude, wisdom, change, and communication with Spirit, death and rebirth, transformation, astral travel, creature of dreams, shamans and mystics
BEARPAW – power and direction
BEAST – denotes crude or unacceptable behaviour
BEAVER – Doer, Builder, Gatherer, Protector, Overseer, strong will, determination. Denotes the ability to recognize one’s spiritual aspects at “home” while balancing and utilizing “life’s” opportunities, industrious. The builder of dreams, the home, industrious energy to work and accomplish things
BEDBUG – negative aspect related to sleeping arrangements or sleep patterns
BEE – Concentration, Prosperity, Community, Celebration, Organization, Productivity, Fertility and the Honey of Life, Sweetness of Truth, love, hidden wisdom, defensiveness, having an obsessive nature. Denotes industrious and cooperative teamwork and denotes diligence and a sense of order. A bee swarm suggests an overwhelming situation. Being stung by a bee can represent a negative situation. Dreaming of a bee flying away can symbolize death as the bee is the soul, but if the bee flies into the mouth of the dead person, that person will come back to life. In the Mediterranean civilizations, the bee was seen to be brave, chaste, industrious, and clean and lives harmoniously. The Christians looked upon the bee hive as the church and the bees as the parishioners, who collected only the best from all the flowers. They were symbols of purity and abstinence. In the secular world, the bee was a royal symbol and the queen bee was long regarded as a King. The sweetness symbolized Christ and his mercy. The sting was felt to be the last judgment. Connection to the Goddess Diana, Understanding Female Warrior Energy, Reincarnation, Communication with the Dead, helping Earth-bound spirits move on to their proper place Bee is asking you to be of service to those around you. It is important for you to be able to get on with the job at hand. Tackle all those tasks today that you’ve been putting off.
BEETLE – Resurrection, symbol of solar deities and new life. Denotes negative interference’s in one’s life situations.
BEHEMOTH – denotes an aspect in one’s life that is larger than life, perhaps overwhelming and too big to handle alone.
BIGFOOT – denotes aspects of reality that are not accepted.
BILBY – Solitude; Conquering Fear; Look closely; Courage; Strength and Face fears. The medicine of Bilby is Solitude and Conquering Fear. Bilby is always on the alert to danger. He is frightened of the “what ifs and maybes” in life. But if he only stopped and looked intently he would see that those “what ifs and maybes” were not as terrifying as he thought. The Billy will mark out his territory saying “Hey don’t you come any closer, I’m safe in here, don’t you cause any waves. It’s too scary. Leave me in my solitude”. If Bilby has darted into your life, you are being asked by ‘Spirit’ to confront your fears. Take a close look, examine them, find out why you are afraid and ask yourself, “Do I really need to be afraid of this situation, or is this just a fear that I have created to keep me from advancing on my path”. Be careful that you are not your own worst enemy today!
BIRD – denotes personality characteristics, usually high characteristics of beauty, joy and love that transcendent quality that lifts man from his lower self to his higher self, from the material world to the spiritual world – see specific bird type for other connotations A dark, ugly bird can denote a person’s state of love in the negative context. To see a bird fly can symbolize the desire to fly free or to reach heaven like the angels.
BIRD OF PARADISE – denotes extravagant and elaborate thoughts. On the positive side, it can symbolize lightness, closeness to God, and removal from worldly concerns as well as the Virgin Mary.
BISON – Manifesting abundance through right action and right prayer
BLACKBIRD – denotes an omen. Enchantment, The Gateway, The Inner Call, Understanding of the Energies of Mother Nature. Omens and mysticism, colour of fear and promise. In Celtic lore the Blackbird (Druid-dhubh) is yet another animal that can freely pass into the Otherworld. It is associated with the Druids and the Goddess Rhiannon. This bird has mystical arts and can sing one into a trancelike state. It can give one access to the Magick of the Otherworld and is an excellent familiar. The Blackbird is a songbird, not to be mistaken for a crow.
BLUEBIRD – Happiness and fulfilment, colour of north or east. Denotes spiritual joy and contentedness, foretells happy conditions in one’s life
BLUEJAY – The proper use of power, higher knowledge that can be used.
BOA CONSTRICTOR – a smothering or constricting situation or relationship
BOAR – The Warrior Spirit, Leadership, Direction. Denotes a haughty personality, or a bore to others, an aggressive animal. It has a reputation as a symbol of unflinching courage and ferocity. In Christian iconology, the boar is a symbol of Christ. It is however primarily of diabolical forces as in the case of tyrants. To the Celts it symbolized military courage and strength. It is one of the most important totem animals of the Gaelic Celts: the South and the element of Fire: The life giving power and energy of the sun.
BOBCAT – see lion. Clear Vision in Dark Places, Vigilance, Suspicion, Seeking Ancient Mystical Mysteries, Ability to Live in Solitude, Ability to See Through Masks. Silence and secrets, solitary.
BOOKWORM – denotes a tendency to accumulate knowledge without applying it
BOWERBIRD – Bowerbird reminds you to be inquisitive, ask questions, pull things apart and find out how they work. Look into situations deeply. Be aware of things around you. Make sure you fully understand what is under the surface, and that what you are doing, is what you want to do.
BROLGA – Brolga asks you to look within, express your own creativity, and be prepared to allow the soul to dance. Be prepared to allow self-love to enter your life and stop being so critical of yourself. Express yourself, and be prepared to allow creativity to enhance your life.
BUFFALO – can denote gullibility, or perseverance. Earth Creativity, Feminine Courage, Abundance, Knowledge, Generosity, Hospitality, Sharing Work, Courage, Strength, Challenge, Survival, Giving for the Greater Good, Formulating Beneficial Plans, Prayer, Sacredness, Life Builder, Gratitude, Prayer. Buffalo is considered by many tribes as a symbol of abundance: its meat fed the people, skins were used for clothing and covering, bones and sinew were crafted as survival tools, hooves were converted into glue. According to Lakota tradition, White Buffalo Calf Woman gave them the Sacred Pipe, promising abundance as long as they prayed to the Great Spirit and honoured All Their Relations, that is, all other creations of nature. Buffalo’s Medicine symbolizes an honour, reverence or special love for all the things that Mother Earth offers her children. It is also knowing that abundance is present when all relations are honoured as sacred, and when gratitude is expressed to every living part of Creation. Buffalo signals a moment to reconnect with the meaning of life and the value of peace, to praise the gifts you already have, and to recognize and honour the sacredness in all paths, though they may be different than yours.
BUG – irritations in daily life.
BULL – Wealth, Potency, Beneficence, Fertility, Insight into the past, rushing into things without proper preparation. May denote a tendency toward narrow-mindedness, in the business world however, denotes a positive situation, a driving force,a rapidly rising market. Seeing a bull with a distorted head means stubbornness and ‘bullheadedness’. It generally symbolizes vitality and masculine strength. Bulls were worshipped in many religions especially as symbols of potency and for their horns which resemble the lunar crescent. The bull Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac. (April 21 to May 21) an earth sign. Those born under the sign are said to be clumsy earthbound, tenacious, and powerful. This sign is ruled by the planet Venus which connects the love goddess to the bull.
BUZZARD – denotes a gloating nature, one who stands in wait to pick up what is left over
BUTTERFLY – Transmutation and the dance of joy, shape shifting. Transformation; Grace; Emerging; Whisper; Perfection & Fickle. Denotes renewal and rejuvenation, the ability to bounce back from setbacks or disappointments, a transformation of spirituality. They stand for beauty and metamorphosis and transformation. It symbolizes the human soul. In Japan, the butterfly symbolizes young womanhood. Two butterflies dancing about one another symbolize marital happiness. In China, the butterfly symbolizes long life and beauty. Scientific research has shown that the butterfly is the only living being capable of changing entirely its genetic structure during the process of transformation: the caterpillar’s DNA is totally different from the butterfly’s. Thus, it is the symbol of total transformation. Butterfly represents a need for change and greater freedom, and at the same time it represents courage: one requires courage to carry out the changes necessary in the process of growth. Its Medicine is related to the air and the mental powers. It teaches us to find clarity in the mental processes, to organize projects or to figure out the next step in our internal growth. If Butterfly is your Power Animal or if you feel in any way attracted to it, this means you are ready to undergo some kind of transformation. Examine which stage calls your attention the most: the egg is the beginning, the birth of some project or idea. The larva is de decision to manifest something in the physical world. The cocoon has to do with “going inside”, either through insight or the development of the project or idea. The breaking of the cocoon deals with sharing the splendour of your creation with the whole world. Once you understand the stage you are on, you can discover which the next step is. The medicine of Butterfly is Transformation and Grace. Butterfly conjures up a vision of grace as it flitters on wings of gossamer touching here and there, ever so gently on its flight to feed and cross pollinate life. Butterfly’s transformation occurs as it changes from egg to larvae, to pupa to butterfly. Allowing change to take place Butterfly ensures its new growth, changing from stage to stage until it achieves a state of perfection and grace. This occurs time and again with ease, never a struggle is had. Butterfly reflects how humanity should be. We need to learn how to transform our lives from stage to stage, bringing in change with open arms, allowing ourselves to open our hearts and accept new growth, so that we may some day achieve perfection and grace. If Butterfly has gently touched you ‘Spirit’ is whispering to you of the transformation coming your way. You are being reminded to give ‘grace’ for the gifts bestowed. Be ever gentle with those around you, spreading your message and bringing delight to all. You are about to emerge from your cocoon of life and fly.
BUTTERFLY, MONARCH – denotes perseverance, a transformation in spirituality,


CAMEL – denote stubborn and stupid beast of burden. They have very bad attitudes. Can denote arrogance and haughtiness. They denote negative reactions. It also denotes obedience, tenacity and perseverance on the good side.
CANARY – Healing power of sound, heightened sensitivity. Can denote either a joyful emotion or on the negative side a gossip situation.
CARDINAL – Renewed vitality through recognizing self-importance
CARIBOU – Traveler, mobility, preference to be nomadic, adaptability to adversity
CASSOWARY – Respect, reputation, Example, pride, master apprentice & ET Communication. The medicine of Cassowary is Respect and Reputation. Cassowary earns it’s respect by the fact that he has the reputation of being a formidable adversary when threatened. He has long knife-like nails that he uses as weapons. So remember don’t mess with Cassowary. Afford him the respect he deserves, because his reputation of being able to defend himself precedes him. He is a forest dwelling flightless bird, that tends to stick to himself. Cassowary reminds you to lead by example and have respect for yourself as others do you. Others are aware of your talents and gifts and they may seek you out for your words of wisdom. Remember to live by your own words, for the insincerity of lip-service is futile.
CAT – Independence, Hunter, Protection, Love, Allows us to Dream its Dreams, Assists in Meditation, Ability to Fight when Cornered, Mystery, Magic, Guardianship, Detachment, Sensuality, Aloofness, Balance, quick recovery, freedom of thought, Wisdom, Recuperative Power, Reincarnation, Strong Protector, Self-Assured, Searching for Hidden Information, Seeing Spirits, seeing that the physical and spiritual realms are one. Denotes an independent nature, or can denote negative personality or situations. It can mean uncooperativeness and isolation as well. Cat brings us the ability to observe situations quietly without judgement, before making decisions. Apparently asleep, but really listening, a cat can sit for hours until it acts with decisiveness. Remember the saying ‘A cat may look at a king.’ The Cat unites an awareness of the spirit-world with a highly developed sensuality. These two attributes are not polar opposites as dualistic spiritual teachings would have us believe, but are facets of one continuum of awareness and sensitivity. Working towards wholeness involves enhancing both the physical and non-physical worlds. A black cat is often portrayed as a creature of Witchcraft. In old churches in the British Isles, the cat is depicted in carvings as a sinister and evil entity, becoming a feline demon. The fear of having a Black Cat cross one’s path comes from the belief that Witches could turn themselves into cats, which would be considered “bad luck.” Ireland’s namesake, Eire, had a cat. Eire gave her cat the gift of knowledge and confided all the secrets of the cauldron to her prized companion. When the time came to name the land we now know as Ireland came about, this brilliant animal helped convince the powers that be to name Ireland after her beloved owner. Cats have been sacred to more than one religion and at different times and places have been considered both good and bad luck-bringers. The Egyptian goddess Bast was both lion-headed and cat-headed and attended by cats and therefore cats were sacred and revered in Egypt; killing one was a heinous crime, and when a household cat died mourning rites were performed for it. Cats were often found in temples and were ritually fed; stray cats were treated with honour and fed, and the household cat was allowed to share the family’s food. Cat amulets were produced and elaborate cat-sized sarcophagi crafted for cats who had died, who were often embalmed as humans were. Ra, the Egyptian Sun God, supposedly changed himself into a cat to do battle with the serpent-like darkness. Followers of the goddess Diana also considered the cat sacred because she once assumed the form of a cat, and cats were under her special protection. In Norse mythology, two grey cats drew the chariot of Freya. Tsun-Kyanske, the Burmese Goddess of the Transmutation of Souls, was attended by priests and their cats, animals supposedly able to communicate directly with the goddess. Siamese Kings, believed godlike, required a cat for their souls to pass into upon death, so that the soul could rest for the cat’s natural life span before entering Paradise. Malaysians venerated the cat as a godlike creature that eased their afterlife journey from Hell to Paradise. Anyone who killed a cat was required to carry and stack as many coconut tree trunks as the cat had hairs. The Celtic goddess Ceridwen was also attended by white cats, which carried out her orders on earth. Cats are fiercely independent. You can never own one: it allows you to take care of it and love it, but only on its terms. They come and go as they please, when they please. Cat’s medicine is independence, curiosity, many lives, cleverness, unpredictability, healing, the ability to fight when cornered, seeing the unseen, and protection. He also represents love and can assist us in meditation. If Cat is your Power Animal, then you have magic and mystery in your life. You are independent and a free thinker. You probably feel energized at night. You will stay with a person or situation until it bores you, and then you’re gone. You have a great talent for organizing things.
CATBIRD – Communication potential, new lessons or opportunities
CATERPILLAR – denotes stage of life prior to transition into next phase of life and a need to prepare oneself. To see a caterpillar eating leaves denotes the destructive activity to destroy one’s spiritual life.
CATTLE – denotes a lack of self-confidence or individuality
CENTAUR – A mythical monster, half horse and half man, the male’s head attached to the neck of the horse. Denotes discord and internal tension. Symbolizes the animal nature in man, untamed, and subservience to basic drives, their animal side. The Centaur in astrology is the ninth sign of the zodiac, shooting an arrow, a Fire sign. Those born under this sign are said to be resolute, aggressive, spirited, and seekers of light, energy, and power.
CHAMELEON – Use of Colour as Camouflage, Survival, Patience, Ability to Climb to Attain Ones Goals, Using the Sun as a Source of Power
CHEETAH – Ability to focus intently on something for a short period of time, Swiftness, Self-Esteem, Insight, Accelerating Time, Keenness of Sight, Speed, Making events occur quicker. Cheetahs have been kept in captivity since 3,000 BC when Sumerians, people who lived in present-day Iraq, began taming cheetahs for pets. In Egypt, during the time of the Pharaohs, the cheetah was considered a goddess named “Mafdet.” Pharaohs kept cheetahs as close companions as a symbolic protection by Mafdet. Symbols of the cheetah are found on ritual and magic knives, statues, and in paintings on royal tombs. The ancient Egyptians believed that the cheetah would carry the Pharaoh’s soul to the afterworld. The cheetah was admired for its speed, hunting ability, and beauty, and honored as a symbol of royalty as prestige. During the Renaissance(the time period from the 14th through the 16th centuries), every Italian family of nobility and many French nobles kept cheetahs for hunting. The crusaders observed cheetahs being used to hunt gazelles in Syria and Palestine during this time. Marco Polo, the famous Italian explorer, brought back accounts of the hundreds of cheetahs kept by Kublai Khan, the Founder of the Mongol dynasty in China, during the 13th century. Akbar, a Mongolian ruler of the 16th century, was said to have owned 9,000 cheetahs during his 49-year reign. The Cheetah teaches us about speed and focus. Unlike other felines who stalk, then pounce on their prey for the kill, cheetahs, the fastest four-footed animals alive, run down their prey. Their lesson to us is that of accomplishing our goals with speed and focus. When we feel stuck, cheetah medicine can launch us into motion. If we are moving with great speed but little direction, cheetah energy helps us to keep our eyes on our goals and to find the most direct way of achieving them.
CHICKADEE – Sacred number is seven, seeker of truth and knowledge
CHICKEN – fertility and sacrifice. Denotes a feeling of fear or reluctance to face situation in life Seeing a chicken with it’s head cut off signifies hysterical futility because the person is not using their head. It can be a symbol for timidity or lack of courage.
CHIMERA – a monster, part lion, part goat and part serpent, having one head from each of these animals.. A symbol of imaginings or rumour. In mythology, the chimera is said to be the daughter of Echidna, who was part serpent and part woman, and Typhon, a monster from the underworld. In the myth, the Chimera was killed by Bellerophon, riding on a winged horse named Pegasus. The Chimera appears on several coats of arms in cities like Corinth and Cyzicus. The triadic form stands for spring, summer, and winter.
CHIMPANZEE – immaturity or lack of individuality
CICADA – The tree cricket. The sound denotes ‘elevated’ poetry, immortality or life after death. A stylized cicada form represents “loyalty to one’s principles.
COBRA – Soul Guide, Memory of the Soul World, Transmutation of the Soul, Past Life Memories, Wisdom of the Goddess, Freedom from Religious Persecution, Power over life & death, eternity. Used by the Ancient Egyptians to designate royalty because of its power over life and death. Since, when coiled, its tail disappears, it is also a fitting symbol for eternity. The Greeks called the serpent oura, or “tail”, whence the “Uraeus”, which is the Greek word for the cobra-shaped crown worn by kings and gods alike. To demonstrate its “eternal” aspect, the Greeks depicted the serpent devouring its own tail (Ouroboros “tail-devouring”). The Egyptians believed that the cobra was so deadly that it merely had to “breathe” on someone to inflict its venom. Now, since we already know that the “king” cobra was associated with royalty, its not surprising that the Greeks should call it, in their language, “the little king” or basilisk, bringing along with the word the Egyptian version of its natural history. By the time we reach the Middle Ages in Europe, the basilisk (since cobras don’t exist in Europe) had turned into a fabulous beast with wings and a fiery breath fatal to every living thing.
COCK – Sexuality, watchfulness and resurrection.
COCKATOO – Illumination. Cockatoo can be seen as a messenger of light at the end of the tunnel for anyone who is lost in their own personal darkness. Cockatoo is affirming that you are comfortable with yourself. Life is good; you have good friends. Your best friend, yourself, brings you the greatest joy. Share the wisdom of the joys that you possess, boost another’s self-esteem today!
COCKROACH – denotes major irritations or disruptions in one’s physical, mental, or spiritual life.
COUGAR – denotes quiet strength and wisdom. Using Leadership Power Wisely and Without Ego, Balancing Power, Intention, Strength, Gaining Self-Confidence, Freedom from Guilt, Cunning, Leadership, Loyalty, Savagery, Fury, Remorseless, Hunting, Seeking of Freedom, Balancing Intention, Power, Coming into Your Own Power, taking responsibility for your life, foresight, Courage, Swiftness, Balance, taking charge, strength, and elusiveness. The cougar’s power is from the North, and is centred on Earth energy. Cougar is one of the fastest and most powerful creatures, but it tires quickly. Always attempt to reserve strength – don’t completely drain yourself. This animal also has the ability to learn what others have not. Meaning you are open to learning and easily educated, but usually only to things that you feel that you “need” to learn. Also, this education is usually done alone, and through trial and error. Cougars are very decisive and do not hesitate. They are also excellent “hunters”, have great self-confidence when facing crowds, are very cunning, and tend to seek freedom. You may desire to be alone a lot – but you have tremendous belief in yourself, and can more than hold your own in “mainstream life”. Cougar also has awesome physical strength and beautiful physical grace, making it an excellent totem for an athlete. The Cougar is a natural born leader, but not as a permanent position. People will tend to shy-away from a person with so much “in-born” power. This tends to develop into people trying to hold you back. If this becomes the case, you must use your Cougar power and choose quickly and strongly. How do you want your life to be? Choose quickly before the bindings are tied. One thing the Cougar people must learn is gentleness. Most lack this aspect. This does not mean giving up, or even reducing power, just add some gentleness. There are times for both. Power can also exist in gentleness. Learn this, so that others may not feel so threatened by you. If Cougar has simply appeared in your life (a brief appearance, not seeming to carry much message) then it has come time for you to learn about power. Learn about your power and universe power. Learn to use your power. For you, this will usually best be done through trial and error. If Cougar has shown-up as a “totem” (carrying a message, or recurring appearances – possibly in dreams) then it has come time for you to assert your power. This is a sign that you have learned what you needed to about your power and now you should use what you learned. Go out and “win some battles”.
COW – Being Alert to Danger, Contentment, Great Mother Goddess, Love, Connection to the Grasses, Sharing through Community, Vitality, Health, Prosperity, Life of the Land, Nourishment, Motherhood, moveable wealth, value, providing for daily needs, the power of community sharing. Can denote compassion and expression of that emotion. It stands for the maternal nurturing powers of the earth. It is a universally positive force. In India the sacred cow symbolizes fertility and abundance. Slow moving cows denote inner reluctance to do something in daily life.
COWBIRD – Parent and child relationships, grounding and responsibilities
COYOTE – Understanding That All Things are Sacred–Yet Nothing is Sacred, Intelligence, Ability to Laugh at One’s Own Mistakes, Shape-Shifting, Teaching Balance Between Risk and Safety, Illumination, Stealth, Clowning and Humour, Wisdom of Folly, Prankster, Mischief, Insight, recognising you mistakes, ability to laugh at yourself, enforcer of Karmic laws, Playful. The trickster, devilment, Tarot Fool card. Coyote is also known as the Trickster, who loved playing tricks on the other spirits and humanity, but he also love humans, and many of his tricks were actually lessons hidden in pranks to teach man about the world.
CRAB – denotes a negative personality or situation , if multiple crabs are seen, it might denote a sexual disease. Crabs move backwards so denotes misfortune. In Christian symbology, the crab sheds its shell refers to “casting off the old Adam” and resurrection from the confines of the grave. It can symbolize ‘great flooding’. The fourth sign of the Zodiac, (June 23 to July 22) Cancer is a water sign, and ‘feminine’. Cancer is the house of the Moon and it’s metal is silver. Astrologers associate Cancer with pregnancy, imprisonment, baptism, and rebirth and the awakening of the consciousness. Ability to Escape by Moving Sidewise, Understanding the Power of Dance, Ability to Move Through Water (Emotions), Male Aspects of Community, Protection of Home Space
CRANE – Longevity and creation through focus, justice, feminine energies. Denotes a sense of inquisitiveness. This is a symbol of renewal and of Christ resurrected. In China, it is a symbol of longevity, also for wisdom & intelligence. A crane soaring toward the sun denotes desire for ‘social elevation’. In the legends of India, however, it denotes deceit and knavery. It has also been denoted as a symbol of vigilance. Solitude and independence
CRAYFISH – denotes withdrawal from a responsibility or situation
CROCODILE – Creative force. Ensuring your emotions are displayed accurately/appropriately. Denotes underlying negative spiritual aspects or forces, same as alligator. Crocodile has its eyes on the top of its head – symbolic of its ability to teach us to see above the physical and to trust ourselves intuitively. The crocodile also symbolizes crocodile tears, those which are false. Crocodile asks you to look at your secrets that haven’t seen the light of day. It’s time to shed some light on those hidden parts of you and allow them to be revealed. Be open enough to accept the truth and learn your lessons, so that you can grow.
CROW – Intelligence, watchfulness, magical, past-life connections, law. Denotes clear messages or straight talk. Guardian of the Place Before Existence, Carrier of Souls from Darkness into Light, Working Without Fear in Darkness, Guidance While Working in Shadow, Moves Freely in the Void, Understands all Things Related to Ethics, Secret Magic of Creation, Thief, Trickery, Boldness, Skill, Cunning, Single-Mindedness, A Bringer of Knowledge, Swiftness, Eloquence, Law, justice, balance, releasing past beliefs, greed, resourcefulness, shape shifting, change. Crow asks you to keep fairness in all your dealings, and urges you to look at both sides of the situation before you decide on your path of action. Call on the Council within.
CUCKOO – Heralding of new fate, spring, hone your listening skills


DEER – Gentleness and innocence, gentle luring to new adventure, physical pacing, and body awareness, compassion, peace, gentleness, sensitivity, kindness, unconditional love. In Celtic lore the Deer and Stag (Abhach, Sailetheach) hold a strong place in legend. The deer was said to be a fairy creature that could pass between the world’s. This was especially true for a white deer. Fionn’s wife Sabha became a deer when she went to the Otherworld. Beautiful women frequently became deer in many tales while fleeing from hunters. The Druid Tuan Mac Carill is the sole survivor of a group of early Partholanian Irish settlers. He lives at first as a Wildman of the woods eventually becoming a stag, an eagle, a salmon and eventually is reincarnated as himself at a much later date to give the ancient history of Ireland to the more recent settlers.
DEER, DOE – Despite the gentle appearance of a doe, it has a demonic attribute according to mythological legends.
DEER, STAG – The stag with horns represents rejuvenation, rebirth, and the passage of time. The deer’s antlers represent the sun’s rays. In China, the deer symbolizes wealth and filial piety. In heraldry, the deer represents gentleness and mildness and long life. In Christianity, the deer striving to reach a spring denotes the desire of purification through baptism. The term ‘stag’ refers to a gentlemen attending a social party without a female at his side, such as a ‘stag party’. Gentleness, Healing, Connection to the Earth and the Forest, Keen Scent, Grace, Swiftness, Being Alert for Any Danger, Psychic Powers, Innocence, Love, Kindness, Sensitivity, Pride, Independence, Purification, Strength, Nobility. Gentleness, caring and kindness. Deer blend very well with their environment but are very sensitive to every sound or movement. Often twins, even triplets, are born in the spring. Does and bucks live in separate groups until the mating season. The white-tailed deer are moderately gregarious, and family members forage food together along with other family groups, giving the appearance of a large herd. People with Deer Medicine are often described as being swift and alert. They are intuitive, often appearing to have well developed, even extrasensory perceptions. Sometimes their thoughts seem to race ahead, and they appear not to be listening. Deer’s medicine includes gentleness in word, thought and touch, ability to listen, grace and appreciation for the beauty of balance, understanding of what’s necessary for survival, power of gratitude and giving, ability to sacrifice for the higher good, connection to the woodland spirits, alternative paths to a goal. The gentleness of Deer is the heart-space of the Great Spirit which embodies His love for us all. Deer teaches us to find the gentleness of spirit that heals all wounds, to stop pushing to get others to change and to love and accept them as they are. The only true balance to power is love and compassion.
DINGO – Trickster, Calculating, Truth, Group work, Shadows, deception and Intention. Dingo is said to represent each of us symbolically as we begin our journey of life as a newborn – being repeatedly blind to the perils that are often right in front of his face and the hardships he will face as he ventures out to learn the lessons of the world. The medicine of Dingo is Shadows and Deception. Dingo doesn’t wish to expose himself but his presence is always felt if not seen. Dingo observes from the shadows planning and calculating his every move. Dingo leaves only the evidence of his passing behind and vanishes quietly into his hiding place to remain unseen until opportunities once again draws him out. Don’t be deluded into thinking that you will catch him, for dingo cannot be deceived because he himself is the ‘master ‘of Deception. If Dingo has silently moved passed you ‘Spirit’ is asking you to clearly check your intentions because by having Dingo with you, you are acknowledging that the element of deception is around. The first place to look is within, if it is not there look without at those around you, but remember step out of the shadows and make your intentions known to all.
DINOSAUR – denotes an overwhelming situation or a highly demanding, manipulative individual. The dinosaur represents one’s own primitive state of being. Killing the beast represents overcoming one’s own lower nature.
DOG – Guidance, Protection, Loyalty, Friendship, Faithfulness, Devotion, Trust, Noble, Teaching, Strong Spirit. The first primary symbol is one of loyalty, vigilance and intelligence. Dogs are said to be able to see ‘ghosts’ and thus warn us of invisible dangers. A dark dog can denote negative aspects in one’s life, a black dog were thought to be companions to witches. Hell-hounds are said to accompany Satan. In the Muslim world, the dog is considered to be unclean, but a watchdog is tolerated. In ancient Mexico, a dog was sacrificed and buried with a dead person to guide it’s soul to the afterlife. In China, the dog is the 11th sign of the Chinese Zodiac with both positive and negative symbolisms. In Celtic form the Hound or the Dog (Abach) is an animal of the hunt, frequently associated with humanlike intelligence. The hounds of Fionn mac Cumhail, Bran and Sgeolainn, are actually transformed humans, The Cwn Annwn, are the Gabriel hounds that accompany Gwynn ap Nudd during the Wild Hunt as well as guarding the gates to the Underworld or Annwn the kingdom of the God of the Dead, Arawn. Cuchulain the Champion of Ulster gets his name from replacing the Hound of Cuchul that he kills. He is called the “Hound of Ulster” from this event. The hound is also his totem animal. Guardian hounds occur widely in shamanic Otherworldly lore. The Altaic shaman encounters a dog that guards the underworld realm of Erlik Khan. When the Yukaghir shaman follows the road to the kingdom of shadows, he finds an old woman’s house guarded by a barking dog. In Koryak shamanism the entrance to the land of the dead is guarded by dogs. A dog with bared teeth guards the entrance to the undersea land of Takakapsaluk, Mother of the Sea Beasts, in Innuit shamanism. The custom of burying a dog and the skin of a favourite reindeer with a dead man was still current among Ugrian people of Siberia earlier last century. A white dog can denote a spiritual aspect and guidance that needs to be followed; a sleeping dog shows one is unaware of what is going on, a dog pulling a sled is a helpful friend, In a dream, first look at the behaviour of the dog to see whether it is positive or negative because a dark coloured dog can be a sign of depression or ferocity as well. A snappy little dog can mean a bad temper. Washing a white dog represents a need to cleanse oneself of a bad aspect of oneself. Dog was the servant/soldier that guarded the tribe’s dwellings and protected them from surprise attacks. Dog helped during the hunting�s and provided warmth in winter. It is a symbol of loyalty, unconditional love, protection and service. Its Medicine incorporates the loving kindness of the best friend and the protective energy of the guardian. If your Power Animal is Dog, your devotion towards your family and friends is infinite. You get great satisfaction from rendering service to others, offering your hand to a friend in need. A kind word, a caress, an act of kindness mean much more to you than material things. However, there is a risk of coming too close to the other side: allowing people to take advantage of you because of your gentle nature. Dog reminds you that your loyalty should always be to yourself, to your own truth. He reminds you that by respecting and valuing yourself you can truly render a service to those who honour what you can give them. Dog reminds you that your loyalty to a friend may be tested. Be there for your friend and offer your companionship. Remember to be faithful to yourself and acknowledge that you are your own ‘master’ of life.
DOG, BEAGLE – refers to a sympathy seeking friend
DOG, CHIHUAHUA – see that you do not underestimate the power or abilities of the other person in a situation
DOG, COCKERSPANIEL – denotes companionship, a faithful friend, good associations
DOG, COLLIE – denotes a faithful friend, to see one blocking ones way, however, means that something is blocking your spiritual path.
DOG, DACHSHUND – denotes caution against the tendency to make physical aspects of oneself too important, a high interest in materialism
DOG, DALMATIAN – denotes a travelling companion, since they are black and white can represent the right and wrong of a situation, the positive and negative sides, the faithful and unfaithful.
DOG, DOBERMAN PINCHER – denotes a person who represents the law-abiding factor in one’s life.
DOG, GERMAN SHEPHERD – denotes a helpful friend or condition; except if dog is threatening
DOG, IRISH SETTER – denotes nervousness and lack of focus on a situation
DOG, MALAMUTE – denotes a friend or person who can ease one’s burden or hasten progress along a life path
DOG, SAINT BERNARD – a helpful friend and guide
DOLPHIN – Essence; Beginning; Chi. Change, Wisdom, Intelligence, Balance, Harmony, happiness, Communication Skills, Freedom, Trust, Water Element Magick, The Power of Breath and Sound, Communion with Nature, Protection, Psychic Awareness, Eloquence, Freedom, Magick, Discovery, Truth, Kindness, Playfulness, psychic abilities, initiators, life force, helper with dream interpretations, childlike, sexual. Dolphin helps us to walk in rhythm with the beat of the Earth Mother’s heartbeat so that we may learn to communicate through. Dolphins are intelligent and human-friendly. They have been noted to save lives. In Estruscan art, the dolphin carries the souls of the dead to the afterlife. The beautiful, graceful, sleek dolphin carries many messages for the two-legged. Even though it is a mammal, its home is the sea and has mastered the art of breath control. Since water is the symbol of all life – of creation, passion and even sexuality – dolphin brings us teachings from the waters of life. Playful creatures, dolphins have long entertained man with their joyful antics. Studying dolphin communication has proved to be an awesome task for man. As in all animals, dolphins have developed sophisticated auditory signals that warn others of impending danger. Some believe that these animals are now warning man of impending danger as he ignores the balance of the natural world. Swimming with the dolphins has become a powerful experience for many people, and as they interact with these playful creatures, they cannot help but feel their communication. Dolphin reminds us that time to play is a crucial element to walk in balance. It moves through the water quickly and with great grace. Dolphin tells us to move with the ebb and flow of life, and not to search for brick walls to smash into, for to spend our energy fighting the current gets us nowhere. Dolphin medicine includes change, wisdom, balance, harmony, communication skills, freedom, trust, understanding the power of rhythm in your life, use of breath to release intense emotions, water power. The medicine of Dolphin brings with it the Essence of all beings, pointing out beginnings, where everything comes from in the true sense. In other words Dolphin is encouraging us to recognize our original source. Dolphin knows where he comes from and why he is here, he knows what he must do to sustain his life. He knows his purpose in life. Dolphin is extraordinary; he has wonderful powers of communication, being able to communicate with all life, through his gentleness. Dolphin has acute sensory perception allowing him to be aware of himself and everything around him at all times. So Dolphin communicates to all nature, the importance of being aware of the ‘Essence’ or ‘Chi’ of life. Dolphin has a calming effect on all life because of his knowledge of his essence. If Dolphin has frolicked his way into your life, ‘Spirit’ is advising you to get in contact with your inner self, your true essence of being. Dolphin reminds you to respond to the Universal flow. Allow yourself to remember your beginnings, acknowledge that, as the Universe is within you, so you are also within it. For everything is made of Universal Energy. We are all energy as is everything around us. So be aware that as you do to something or someone else, so it is done to you. Remember today what you send out will come back tenfold. Do you want to receive what you sent out! Bring yourself back to a state of Unconditional Love and gentleness in all your dealings.
DONKEY – denotes an independent personality – perhaps stubborn. It represents procreation and fertility. It is also looked upon as a ridiculous character. In Christianity, it symbolizes the Gentiles. It was used in both the ‘birth’ and ‘riding into Jerusalem’ scenes of Christ. In the doubting Thomas scene, the donkey represents insufficient faith as donkey’s accompanied him.
DOVE – Cross-world communication, spirit messenger, gentleness, love, Feminine energies of peace, maternity and prophecy, dawn and dusk. An animal of great significance in many cultures. In Christian mythology a dove brings an olive twig in the tale of Noah’s ark, symbolising new beginnings and an end to hardship. Doves have been regarded as powerful sacrificial creatures. – denotes a peaceful nature or condition – may be a religious or spiritual sign from God or a spiritual guide. It represents love and tenderness. It can mean an ‘inner’ initiation, such as the descent of the Holy Ghost as in Matthew 3::16 when Jesus Christ was baptized In the Bible, the dove was used to symbolize the end of the Flood, and represents the Holy Spirit. It was used at Jesus Baptism, the Annunciation, the Holy Trinity, and divine inspiration. The seven gifts of the Holy Spirit are represented by seven doves, wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord. Doves also stand for the newly baptized. Doves are also shown flying out of the mouths of dying martyrs. The dove is the symbol for the soul in India. In China, it stands for marital fidelity and longevity. It is also a sign of fertility. The cooing of a dove is preferable to a ‘booing’. We should speak with a ‘coo’ rather than with harshness. Peace, Love, Spirit messenger, Feminine Energies, Maternity, Prophesy.
DRAGON – Ancient Powers, Intelligence, Riches/Prosperity (can be intuitive/spiritual rather than material), knows the answer to riddles, ancient wisdom, longevity, infinity, Ferocity, Elemental Magick, Extra Power, Protection, Instruction in the Spiritual, movement through space. Represent the untamed natural world, a violent primeval creature. A mighty magickal animal that appears in many British and Welsh stories. In celtic mythology it is a creature of fire but is also related to the Power of the Land. Another word for Ley Lines is Dragon Lines. Another name for raising Power is to invoke the “Eye of the Dragon.” The whole Earth was viewed by the Druids as the body of the Dragon. Menhirs and stone Circles were located at great Power nodes. The Celts called Dragons “Fire Drakes.” Dragons are often portrayed as being lazy, powerful, intelligent, and potentially deadly if they don’t like you. Can also represent the bestial element which must be defeated with strength and discipline. The Satanic element. However, in the Occidental world, the dragon is associated with happiness, produces the potion of immortality, and represents the primal essence ‘yang’. It stands for procreation, fertility, activity, and wards off evil spirits. It is the 5th sign of the Chinese zodiac a symbol of the East and the rising sun. However, the white dragon represents the West and death. In Japan, it represents the rain-divinity
DRAGONFLY – Gaining power through dreams, Illusions, instruction on breaking through illusions (especially those that are self-created), Understanding Dreams, Truth, Power of Light (Luminescence of Colours), Flighty, Carefree, Transcendence, imagination, higher aspirations, carefree nature. The power of light, water and air magic. In Japan, dragonflies represent new light and joy. Dragonflies remind us that we are light and can reflect the light in powerful ways if we choose to do so.
DUCK – Water energy, helper of seers, can clearly see/deal with emotions, Maternal, graceful and comforting, protective – denotes spiritual vulnerability, inner strength perhaps not quite strong enough to handle situations yet.
DUGONG – Healing the womb, Sacred Gifts, Provider, Peace, Gentle, Slow Down, Beware of hunter. Dugong is related to the Sea Cow and Manatee. Dugong sets out to remind women that their wombs are their power; that their healing is their connection to Spirit and that all women share the memories of all that has come before them. The medicine of Dugong is the bringer of sacred gifts from the Gods seen as the Angels of the deep (Angels are Spirit’s messengers). This magical creature brings the medicine of sharing and provides it’s ancient knowledge of the way for all life to share in the abundance of the Universe. Hunted in past and present life times for food, oil and other things, the Dugong provides her own life for the nourishment of others. It’s gentle, graceful progress through life often left sailors from the past, feeling sure they had witnessed the passing of a beautiful ‘Mermaid’. So goodwill and good luck became legendary and synonymous with the arrival of the Dugong. So if you see a Dugong feeding in the sea grasses, know that she is there because the feeding grounds are healthy and she trusts in the Universe and its willingness to share. If Dugong has moved your way ‘Spirit’ is asking you to call on and share the ancient knowledge within. Be gentle with those around you and with yourself. Don’t allow the fast pace of life to infringe on your own sense of balance. Be peaceful as this will bring peace to those around you. The hunters will always appear in your life but you are protected by Spirit, so fear not. Trust the Universe to provide and remember to share with those around you today.
DUNNART – Dunnart is asking you to prick your ears and widen your eyes. Be on the alert and present in all you say and do. Listen and truly hear and see what is going on around you. Look and truly see yourself as others do.


EAGLE, GOLDEN EAGLE, SEA EAGLE, WEDGETAIL EAGLE – Spirit, High ideals, spiritual philosophy, capable of reaching zenith, great perception, bridging worlds Spirit, Spiritual Healing, The Way, Purity, Creator & Wisdom. Swiftness, Strength, Courage, Wisdom, Keen Sight, Illumination of Spirit, Healing, Creation, Knowledge of Magick, Ability to See Hidden Spiritual Truths, Connection to Spirit Guides and Teachers, Power, Intelligence, Renewal, Clear Vision, The Solar Bird, Spiritual Power, Carries Souls Back to the Dreamtime, Soul World Memory, Retrieves Lost Soul Parts, rising, sun-circling, potency, freedom, illumination, connection to soul/creator. Eagle offers strength, bravery and discipline to reach ever-greater heights, while reminding us to remain humble and to never be over-confident to the point where we become blind to our original intent. Denotes self-confidence, intellectual freedom, pursuing unconventional concepts or issues. The eagle can symbolize the thymus centre of the body which is related to love. In America the eagle stands for freedom with responsibility. It is also the symbol of Mexico. The eagle also represents baptism and high flying is seen as Christ’s ascension. It is the symbol of triumph of light over the darker forces. It represents energy, renewal, contemplation, acuity of vision, royal bearing, and justice. In Freemasonry, the double headed eagle stands for the 33rd Degree of the Scottish Rite. Until the early 20th Century, it also was used in the symbols of Russia, Serbia, Austria, the Roman emperor and Germany. In China, the eagle represents strength and power. Divine Spirit and connection to creator. Eagle feathers are used all over the world as ceremonial instruments and are considered to be the most sacred healing tools. They are a symbol of power, healing and wisdom. Eagle represents a state of grace that is reached through inner work, understanding and passing the initiation tests that result from reclaiming our personal power. Eagle Medicine is the Power of the Great Spirit. It is the spirit of tenacity. It is the gift of clear vision with which one can truly see the things one sees. It is the patience to wait for the appropriate moment. It is to live in balance with heaven and Earth. Eagle reminds you of your connection with the Great Spirit. It tells you that the universe is giving you the opportunity to fly above your life’s worldly levels, or above the shadow of past realities. Eagle teaches you to look above in order to touch Grandfather Sun with your heart, to love the Shadow as much as the Light. Eagle asks you to grant yourself permission to be free in order to reach the joy that your heart desires. The medicine of Eagle is the medicine of Spirit and your own Spiritual Healing. Eagle flies up, up so we can touch Spirit as he flies into the stratosphere getting the closest of all creatures to the Creator. There he mates and tumbles to Mother Earth. Eagle commits himself to a life long mate and will not choose another, if his mate chooses to go to Spirit. Legend has it that you are either very brave or very wise, when you receive the gift of an Eagle Feather from Spirit. Such a gift should always be honoured, treasured and held in great esteem. Be warned this gift can never be bought or sold with coins of gold. If Eagle has soared into your life, ‘know that Great Spirit is with you, and is asking you to “Step off the cliff and fly with me”. “Use my wings, I will take you on your journey to the Spirit within”. “Trust, then you will know the ‘way’ to wholeness. For I am in you as you are in me, and we are one.”
ECHIDNA – Personal protection. Echidna Dreaming is powerfully protective, allowing only those we trust and want near us to venture within our sacred space. Her soft, unprotected underside is always exposed to Mother Earth, allowing the loving, nurturing, protective energy to be absorbed by her heart. Echidna urges you to move out of your comfort zone. No growth comes from staying within areas of comfort. It is now time to allow new growth into your life. Tear down those walls and let people in.
ELELPHANT – Memory, Strength, Ancient Wisdom and Power, Royalty, importance of discernment, affection, loyalty, caring for young/old/sick, peaceful – Denotes great, long lasting memory or memories, can also mean a generous and gregarious nature It has an image of great strength. It denotes intelligence. A white elephant announced the birth of Gautama Buddha. The white elephant brings salvation from worldly entanglements. In Hinduism , Ganesha, God of wiring and wisdom in general, has an elephant’s head with one tusk and rides a mouse. The elephant is the chief of attendants on the God Shiva. It is a symbol of victory of life over death.
ELK – Strength, Agility, Freedom, Power, Nobility, majesty, pride, honouring your gender, stamina, fall season.
EMU – Completion, Fire, Commitment, Action & Attentiveness, Responsible Fathering Skills on a Physical Level. Emu – as a “yang” totem – teaches responsible fathering skills – the practical, earthy skills needed to guide and raise a child when the nurturing and protective energies of the mother are absent. The medicine of Emu is Attentiveness and Action. These great flightless birds of the open plains, forage attentively in family groups and pair off during breeding season to share time together. The male then assumes the role of incubator directing his attention to the care of the eggs for 60 days and then the chicks as they grow. When spurred into action , an Emu can reach speeds of 55km per hour making it difficult for predators to run them down. If Emu is striding past you, ‘Spirit’ is asking you to be attentive to the family of man. It may be time for you to bring action in to see what you can do to assist your fellow man. Remember to follow through and complete all tasks you set out with today.


FALCON – Soul Healing, Accompanying the Soul Back to the Soul World, Teaching Swiftness, Controlling Speed and Movement, Understanding Magick, Astral Travelling, Healing the soul, new beginnings, adventure, leadership. Denotes a spiritual relationship with higher forces. A trained bird of prey. The falcon generally has the same symbolism as the Eagle and Hawk. Negatively, it can represent preying on others to benefit oneself. See other details in the dream for analysis. Falcon urges you to listen to the messages he has sent your way. Remember that there are messages all around in the trees, rocks, the wind or the leaves. Listen for their special messages. You have news of great importance coming your way, welcome this news, knowing Spirit has sent it.
FERRET – see “weasel”
FINCH – New experiences and encounters, wide range summer solstice
FIREFLY – denotes moments of intense spiritual illumination
FISH – Gracefulness, slyness, open-minded, quick to change one’s mind. Denotes spiritual aspects or people in one’s life, and spiritual achievements. It was the early Christian sign or symbol which separated the hostile unbelievers from the believers. It also represented the Age of Pisces which began in the year 7 A.D. Fishing represents the spiritual purposes of life and man’s search for the higher consciousness. It also represents fertility and the life giving principles of the maternal. To catch a fish suggests growth of the divine self. To catch an ugly fish may imply spiritual weakness. To have an ugly fish appear denotes seeing spiritual weakness in a situation. To see a frozen fish denotes that one’s spiritual life is frozen and not used as it should be. To see beautiful multicoloured fish represents the joy and peace in one’s spiritual life. The fish represents Christian principles. Showing a fish to someone denotes showing the Christian principles to others. Saving a fishes life represents the need to save those principles in oneself. In China, the fish represents happiness and plenty. It also stands for courage, strength, and endurance. Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac.
FLICKER – New rhythm of growth and healing love, summer solstice
FLEA – denotes irritations in one’s life, usually in juvenile relationships
FLY – an irritation in a life situation. To swat the flies denotes needing to kill or stop the negative irritations. If one concentrates too hard on the negative irritations, one misses the important or beautiful aspects of life. Beelzebub is the Lord of the Flies is associated with swarming flies. Invincible swarms of flies were seen as embodiments of demonic powers. Swarms of flies of harbingers of disaster, Isaiah 7:18. Flies are predominantly symbols of satanic beings.
FOX – Shape shifting, Cleverness, Observational Skills, Cunning, Stealth, Feminine Courage and magick of camouflage, Invisibility, Ability to Observe Unseen, Persistence, Gentleness, Swiftness, Diplomacy, discretion, quick wit, camouflage, Wildness, Adaptation, Slyness, Wisdom, Protection, Provider, Intelligence, elusiveness, agility. Denotes a cunning, trickery, malice, or shrewd person. Quick-witted. It’s reddish coat symbolizes Fire and was seen as one of the devil’s followers. In ancient times, the fox was seen as very seductive and a symbol of eroticism. A white fox was ridden by the rice god Inari.
FROGS, TOADS (also see Toad) – water energy. Cleansing, Emotional Healing, Peace, Tears, Window of Soul, Well-being and New growth around it. Sensitivity, Medicine, Hidden Beauty and Power, Healing Magicks, Faith, Miracles, change, adaptability, jumping from the material to the spiritual, poor character judgement. Denotes an impaired mental or physical condition. Frog teaches us to welcome our tears, to honor them and to see them as a healthy way to cleanse the soul by ridding ourselves of emotional, physical and spiritual burdens that rob us of unity and serenity. A cold-blooded creature living half in the water and half on the land, the frog possesses an extremely sensitive skin, considered magical by shamans. A companion of the rain spirits, the frog can help you develop your sensitivity to others, to healing and to sound through your skin and your whole body and aura. Water was considered sacred by the Druids, and every river, spring and well had its guardian spirit or deity. Both frogs and their close relatives toads are found at water sources. As animals that are seeded in pools, and which frequent them when grown, they were sometimes considered as representatives of the water-spirits. In Acton Barnett in Shropshire, by an ancient healing spring, it was said that the spirits of the well would appear as three frogs. The largest of the three was always to be addressed as the Dark God. His darkness is related to the fact that both frog and toad were seen as creatures in contact with the Underworld. For this reason, in the popular imagination they became associated with witchcraft and potion-brewing – the toad or frog was often the witch’s familiar who would croak warnings of danger to its mistress. As a familiar of the witch, the frog is an ally who brings the blessings of the water-spirits – the healing blessings of rain and purification. The frog also brings its own medicine and was seen as a healing messenger of the Mother Goddess. Their connection with the Mother Goddess can also be traced to the tradition which states that it is lucky to have a frog living in a dairy – it guards the milk churn – and milk is naturally associated with the Goddess. A further connection with milk is found in an image of Celtic goddess Luxuria depicted with a fox between her legs and a toad hanging from each breast (Lux Soap!!) The frog or toad carrying a secret within is the possessor of a power object – a dark grey or light brown stone said to be found in the heads of very old specimens. This mythological object has been known by many names, including Crepandia, Borax, Stelon, and Bufonite. The frog or toad, adder, otter and fox are all carriers of these secret, invisible power objects. The otter and fox carry magical pearls, the adder leaves a serpent’s stone, and the toad or frog when old carries the stone of magical properties in its head. These objects, at one level, represent a crossing-over from the animal to the mineral realm-rendering the transient life of the animal eternally cast within a stone. By carrying such a stone, and using it magically, the Druid or Shaman would be able to contact his ally, the animal spirit. In Revelations 16:13, the frog is seen as uncleanliness as the spirits of evil. It could represent unintelligent and ugly speech. However, to a young boy, dreaming of frogs could show an interest in the study of nature to better understand life. Exodus 8:3 shows frogs as a plague upon one’s house. On the positive side, the frog represents fertility, genesis, and reproductive life. In the Fairy Tale, the kissed frog turns into a Prince, a great transformation. The frog croaking in the mud for sheer joy is croaking a hymn of praise to God for the simple gift of life and is a lesson for humanity. The medicine of Frog is that of Cleansing and Emotional Healing. Frog medicine helps us to cleanse the soul. Emotional Healing is accessed via our cleansing of the soul through our tears. These are released from the eyes that are the windows of our souls. Allow the tears to flow uninterrupted. Frog announces and calls the arrival of the rains that have a purifying and cleansing effect upon Earth Mother. This is recognized because the onset of rain is also the most favourite time for frogs to mate as the pure water is the perfect place to suspend the eggs, thus supporting new growth. If frog has called to you, ‘Spirit’ is reminding you that it is OK to allow the tears to flow. Allow yourself the time to cleanse and renew. You may need to look at your life in an honest way and ask yourself if you are heading in the right direction. Do you need to make a slight change in your path? Know that you will feel refreshed and new growth is coming your way.


GAZELLE – The soul, aggressiveness.
GERBIL – denotes aspects of life that are small comforts
GIRAFFE – Farsightedness, expression, and communication, intuition, attaining the unreachable, seeing the future – denotes a situation where one is meddling into the affairs of others, can denote a distortion of the image of self, too much distance between heart and head, too much emotion and not enough reason.
GOANNA – Goanna asks you to be on the alert. Look closely at the goings-on around you today and be prepared to seize the moment and enjoy it. If things around you are threatening, it’s time to leave.
GOAT – Sure Footedness, Seeking New Heights, stubbornness, independence, diligence, lack of foresight. The male goat represents lust and vitality. It is an impure and stinking creature. He has most of the devils physical traits. It also was ridden by witches through the air. The goat also represents “idol Baphomet” of the heretical Knights Templar. It is the ‘scapegoat’ driven into the wilderness as the bearer of all the sinful impurity of children of Israel. Greeks associate the goat with Pan. The female goat represents the nurturing nature. It stands alongside the sheep in the nativity depictions. In Medieval bestiaries, the goat climbs tall mountains.
GOLDEN CALF – denotes negative goals and misplaced priorities
GOLDFINCH – Awakening to the natural spirits, summer solstice and season
GOLDFISH – a spiritually confining situation, or belief
GOOSE – Demanding of ones self, reliable, rigid, love of home, safe return, ever-searching nature, Vigilance, Parenthood, Productive Power, The Call of the Quest, Travels to Legendary Places, Luck, Innocence, Story Telling, Fertility, Fidelity, Symbol of 8 and Infinity. Denotes a need for more seriousness in life and a personal desire to escape problems. Usually stands for foolish behaviour or being ‘silly’. It is a symbol for talkative ‘old people’. Gray geese area like devout Christians who keep their distance from the bustle of the world and wear grey sackcloth. White geese resemble town-dwellers giving themselves over to chatter and gossip.
GORILLA – Family-oriented, intelligence, strength, environmental protector, keeps peace through aggression. A docile and peaceful nature though low mental state which might bright troublesome activities or conditions. Could stand for emotional dysfunction or gregariousness depending on the surround details of the dream.
GRACKLE – Overcoming excess and emotional life congestion, early spring
GRASSHOPPER – Uncanny leaps forward, good cheer-luck, abundance, virtue
GROSBEAK – Heals old wounds, family values, past lives significance
GROUNDHOG – Mystery of death without dying, trance, dreams
GROUSE – Personal power, self-teaching, intuition, enlightenment , sacred spiral, Sacred dancing and drumming, spring, inner spirit.
GULLS – Responsible behaviour and communication.


HARE – see rabbit – a symbol of longevity, vigilance, easily frightened, cowardice, self-sacrifice, a trickster figure, passionate sexuality and lust, though the ‘white’ hare seen at the Virgin Mary’s feet is a symbol of the triumph over the flesh.
HAWK – denotes acute perceptions, ability for quick discernment – also see eagle. Clear-Sightedness, Being Observant, Far-Memory, Messages from Spirit, Guardianship, Recalling Past Lives, Courage, Wisdom, Illumination, Seeing the Larger Picture, Creativity, Truth, Experience, Wise Use of Opportunities, Perceptiveness, All-seeing, Overcoming Problems, Nobility, Recollection, Cleansing, Visionary Power, Defence, New Life, Primal Life Force, Fulfilment, Messenger, intuition, representative of primal life force, spring and fall equinoxes, perception, focus, protection. The Hawk (Seg or Aracos) is another creature of great significance in Celtic lore. The most famous Hawk is the Hawk of Achill that can riddle and discuss with the Druidic poet Fintan. This animal is also as old as time and another storehouse of great knowledge. In many parts of the world the hawk has been said to be a messenger of the gods. (Horus, Circe, and Apollo in particular). The hawk is seen as the observer of all. Aside from the owl, the hawk has some of the keenest eyes in the animal kingdom. Virtually nothing passes by the hawk unnoticed. This can fill one with great responsibility, as hawk may enable you to the overall picture when no one else can. Hawk is a teacher of higher expression in psychism and astral travel. He is powerful, strong, and can strike swiftly. With his keen eyes the hawk is often the first to observe a situation and then with his swiftness he can be the first to take advantage of it.
Hawks tend to mate for life, and usually live in only one or two places during their lifetime. Hawks have great life force, and an equally great ability to defend themselves with talons and sharp hooked beak. Hawk will regularly attack poisonous snakes, and defeat them. Hawks are sometimes attacked by smaller birds. If hawk exists in your totem, expect to be harassed by other people that do not understand you or you creative ideas. They may be trying to hold you back from soaring high. If the cry of hawk fills your ears, you must open yourself up to an upcoming message. You may need to “rise above your life” and take a wide overview of your life. Look at the whole by examining the parts – changes may need to be made. A cry of the hawk may also mean to beware of something coming in the very near future – or it may mean to just pay attention and absorb current and future happenings. In general, hawk carries the following magickal attributes: Large Overview of situation, Great Memory, Spirit / God/ Goddess messages, Courage, Defence, Wisdom, Illumination, Truth, and Experience. The hawk is aligned with Mercury and the Sun, and is most powerful during the spring and fall equinoxes and during the new moon. In most shamanic systems the hawk’s power comes from the East, and is centred around the air.
HEDGEHOG – Defensiveness, self-preservation, abrasive personality, possessing a solitary nature, shrewd, miserly in ways of seeking wealth, loving of it’s young, always has two ways out of situations.
HEN – protective, patience, intellectually impoverished, highly susceptible to outside influences, panic over nothing. Also the hen sitting on eggs symbolizes supernatural forces guarding treasures.
HERON – Aggressive self-determination and self-reliance, intuition, contented, organization. Its appearance is a good omen. Its high flying serves as a warning of impending bad weather. A symbol for the souls of the world, ash-grey is the colour of penitence, white the colour of innocence. It is a symbol of Christ on the Mount of Olives. It is also curious, also discretion.
HIPPOPOTAMUS – the positive symbol is that of protection in childbirth, in the negative a destroyer of crops, expected to return as a hostile, satanic beast in the last days of the earth.
HOG – denotes a tendency to take more than one needs
HORNET, WASP, YELLOWJACKET – Use of Female Warrior Energy, Sisterhood, Understanding Female Societies, Communal Living. Denotes a situation where one might get ‘stung’. Swatting at one can represent can denote trying to stop the negative situation.
HORSE – The Goddess, the Land, Travel, Power, Freedom, beauty through strength, Movement, Grace, Dignity, Stamina, Mobility, Endurance, Faithfulness, Journey, Swiftness, Friends, Loyalty, burial rites and birth, stability, courage, message-carrier, astral travel, sharing power with others. The horse (Cab-all) was one of the most important animals to the Celts. A mare is ritually symbolically mated by the King in the Rite of Sovereignty. White horses are also mystical beings. It is a pale horse that is ridden by Gwynn ap Nudd the Master of the Wild Hunt in Wales while gathering souls. A huge horse shape is sculpted into the hills of Wiltshire called White Horse Hill. This animal is another guide to the Otherworld. Horse denotes a ‘wild’ nature, can be sexual connotations involved In ancient lore horses sometimes see visions, hear voices and speak. The horse is capable of quick starts but panics easily. The horse has tempestuous emotions. Dreams of horses striking out blindly are often interpreted as a longing for integration. In the book of Revelations there are a series of horses in Chapter 6. The white horse can represent qualities necessary to master, balance, and control the sex life. Fear of riding a white horse an ambivalence of feelings. Seeing four white horses represents the purification of the four lower centres. To see seven white horses swimming means that when the spiritual quest is finished would come power and life. When balanced, this energy brings courage, persistence, drive, energy, and patience. On the negative side, the red horse usually represents dangerous, negative emotions for ‘red’ usually means “stop”. The black horse in the book of Revelations relates to a necessary balance of the male and female qualities of the soul. Riding a black horse represents a need to control the energies of the body, usually sexual. The pale horse represents the thymus gland and represents the affections of love. Being halted by horses denotes a necessity to control and redirect the emotions. Falling off a horse shows rejection of some of the dream warnings. To follow a horses foot tracks represents following Christ’s footsteps. The horse shows up in almost every mythological writing, folklore, and reality. There is the mighty winged Pegasus, the eight-legged horse of the Norse god Odin, the stallions of the Hindu sun god, the stallions of Apollo, and so on. Many legends speak of the horse as being clairvoyant and able to perceive humans with magical powers. No single animal has given man the physical freedom of movement as the horse. If you are drawn to Horse, you feel a power in your spirit that is sometimes difficult to control. Horse is a symbol of loyalty and devotion, of unquestioning love and faith in his master. He says that you love to travel, and have more than a touch of gypsy in your soul. Horse is also your warrior spirit – the brave fighter who brings you safety in your journeys, both physical and metaphysical. Horse’s medicine includes power, stamina, endurance, faithfulness, freedom to run free, control of the environment, awareness of power achieved with true cooperation, interspecies communication, expanding one’s own potential abilities, friendship and cooperation, travel, astral travel, guardian of travellers, warns of possible danger, guide to overcoming obstacles.
HUMMINGBIRD – Fierce warrior, pleasure, feathers bear love magic, job, ability to see beauty, easily distracted, Messenger, Stopper of Time, Timelessness, Tireless joy and the nectar of life, healing. Hummingbird – the tiniest of all birds – brings special messages for us. It is the only creature that can stop dead while travelling at full speed. It can hover, or can go forward, backward, up or down. It lives on nectar and searches for the sweetness of life. Its long tongue lets it bypass the often tough and bitter outer layer to find the hidden treasures underneath. Hummingbird is loved by the flowers and plants, for as it sucks the nectar from the flower, the plant reproduces and more of its kind are created. In many traditions, Hummingbird feathers have been prized for their almost magical qualities. It is said that Hummingbird brings love as no other medicine can, and its presence brings joy to the observer. If you have Hummingbird medicine, you adapt easily to whatever situation you may find yourself in, and make the most of your new circumstances. You don’t waste time looking back and wishing for “what was” for you are concerned with making the most of “what is”. Also, you could never become addicted to any artificial stimulants, for you find joy in your own heart. You take great pleasure in spreading joy and love and beauty to all around you, and have the gift of taking that inner joy into new and different surroundings. You have a talent for finding the good in people, and are not put off by a gruff or abrupt exterior, for you know that, if you can only get beyond that tough outside layer, you’ll find goodness and beauty inside. You may have a gift for working with flowers, maybe growing them to share with others, or using flower essences for healing. Aroma therapy may be your calling. You have high energy and a spirit that must be free. To restrict that wonderful, free, loving energy is to suffer great depressions and feelings of uselessness. Hummingbird must fly free in search of beauty, spreading joy and love to all it touches.
HYENA – denotes a lack of seriousness or vicious nature, avarice, one who waits for the leftovers instead of being aggressive in a situation. An unclean scavenger. Jeremiah 12:9 say that you should likewise not be like the hyena, loving now the male, now the female nature (a warning against homosexual tendencies). In the olden days, the appearance of the hyena in a dream portended the birth of a sexually malformed child. The head of the hyena is one of the seven headed beast in the Book of Revelations, one of the seven vices.


IBIS – denotes a spiritual esoteric aspect to spirituality. However, for the Jews, it is an unclean animal. Job 38:36 quoting God, “Who hath given the ibis wisdom and the Rooster insight?” The ibis eats dead fish and feeds it to it’s young; devouring deadly deeds and even feeding it’s children.
IGUANA – Patience, understanding


JACKAL – denotes a predatory nature
JACKASS – denotes a personality trait
JAGUAR – shamanic wisdom, focused power, Seeing the Roads Within Chaos, Understanding the Patterns of Chaos, Moving Without Fear in the otherworld realms, Facilitating Soul Work, Empowering Oneself, Moving in Unknown Places, Shape shifter, Psychic Sight, Psychic empowerment, Releasing Fear


KANGAROO – Responsibility, Abundance, Family, Never-ending, Fire, Universal Love and Universal Law. The Red Kangaroo speaks of family fertility, commitment and the promises we make when we take on the responsibilities associated with parenthood. Denotes over protectiveness, or jumpiness, can also denote long endurance. The medicine of Kangaroo is Abundance and family. The kangaroo or Great Foot has an abundance of speed making his flight quick. The great feet with highly developed tendons allow energy efficient long distance travel. The Kangaroo mostly brings the medicine of abundance because of its self-supporting attitude. Kangaroo sets down an intuitive path for its young to follow thereby ensuring its growth. Kangaroo has a natural nurturing tendency supporting and fostering and encouraging its young. Kangaroo has a strong sense of family togetherness. If Kangaroo has bounded your way, ‘Spirit’ is telling you that Kangaroo has hopped into your life to remind you to share the abundance of your gifts. What is given shall be returned abundantly to you tenfold. So give of yourself and to yourself. Remember to receive, we only need to give!
KESTREL – Mental speed, agility and grace, explore past-life connections
KINGFISHER – Halcyon days, peace and prosperity, linked to north, blue.
KITTEN – denotes an innocence of character, may indicate a feeling of helplessness with others in a situation
KOALA – Journeys, Support, Nurture, Safe Havens, Calm, Holding On & Selectiveness Koala nurtures within us the knowledge that we hold all the answers to our questions, that all the wisdom we seek is stored within our consciousness. Koala has the medicine of Selectiveness and Holding on. Koala with a firm grip on life, always knows where he is going (even if he appears to be going slow) by the opportunities that he has been presented with. Koala is very selective in the paths he takes and fosters only those paths that present the most enrichment for himself. He chooses his trees carefully for the choice will not only provide his source of food but also his bed for the night, so Koala slowly climbs back to the ground and quickly moves to the safety of his new abode. Koala medicine points out that should we choose our path unwisely and move into areas of life that are not life sustaining then we will become lost and find it hard to find our way back home to where life flows harmoniously. Koala also brings a sense of family unity and consideration of others. Koala asks you to take stock of your surroundings. Make sure your house is in order, nurturing not only yourself, but those around you. Sit back and calmly take stock of your life – question whether this path is going to support you to where you want to go.
KOKOPELLI – fertility, music and joy
KOOKABURRA – Lighten up, sparkle, treat yourself, rewards, healing the self. Laughing Kookaburra tells us to take responsibility for our own healing and to stop the pretence. Silent Kookaburra guarantees that healing has been initiated and is set to be effectual. The medicine of Kookaburra is Laughter and Joy. He has a distinctive laughing call that when heard makes one feel like laughing along with him. Stirring the joy that lives deep within your being. When you hear a Kookaburra remember to allow yourself to laugh for laughter and joy are the very essence of our being. If Kookaburra has laughed his way into your life, ‘Spirit’ is bringing you the message of joy and laughter. Lighten up and enjoy! Life is for the enjoyment of living. Go to the park, enjoy the day. Visit a friend, or enjoy a relaxing massage. Treat yourself today!