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The beginning of a circle is also its end. Not I, but the world says it: all is one. And yet everything comes in season.
- Heraklietos of Ephesos

From the Editor...

Coming Full Circle

Sometimes life can feel like a roller coaster and can take you on unforeseen journeys. Spirit has this peculiar habit of thrusting me into somewhat mystifying situations and sometimes I don't quite understand their reasoning, but I have come to realise that one should always expect the unexpected and see life in terms of cycles and circles, ebbs and flows.

Recently I have come in contact with members of my old band Wildwood, and it was rather strange how it all came about. I had a tarot reading and the woman giving the reading said that I would come in contact with friends from the past within the week, and in a space of week I received a phone call from one band member and then the next week I literally ran into another in a shop near my work.

On the Queen's birthday long weekend, we all finally got together at Grenfell for a reunion after 30 years of separation. We brought with us our guitars and on the Saturday afternoon, we sat around the kitchen table to talk about old times and we played our music. We started with a favourite 'Our House' and the chords, the vocals and harmonies all just fell in to place like magic. It was truly an emotional moment and a couple of us shed a few tears reliving those halcyon times.

It was truly a wonderful weekend, the highlight was a gathering of friends, family, and other musicians around a fire pit, where we sang, laughed, and lost ourselves in the joy of the moment. At the end of the weekend we all promised that, we would do this again next year. We are even going to organise a pub gig for that weekend. Now that our friendship has been renewed, I look forward to playing our music again. It is funny how the wheel turns and life comes full circle.

Janine Donnellan

SOL's Full Moon Circle ~ Friday June 5, 2009

by Janine Donnellan

SOL's Full Moon circle on the 5th June tapped into the highly exuberant energy of the full moon's Sagittarius/Gemini polarity. On this night, we connected to the Sumerian/Hebrew Goddess Lilith, who was admired for her freedom, courage, playfulness, passion and pleasure.

With our senses heightened from the wafting aroma of the incense, we joined hands and slowly circled the flaming cauldron chanting...

Mazaba Lilith! Zamran Lilith!
Eko, Eko Azarak; Eko, Eko, Zamilak.

As we moved faster and faster, the energy accumulated within the circle allowing the fire within the cauldron to flare and twist in synchronization with our dancing and our chanting. Once the energy had reached its peak we all twirled in circles allowing the energy to move up and around our bodies and shifting us into an altered state of mind.

Simon then took us on a meditative journey into the underworld where were greeted by the enigmatic Lilith. In this meditation Lilith allowed us to embrace the concept of accepting the unacceptable, which gave us the ability to free ourselves from the conventional idea that to be spiritual we have to be serious.

We were then taken into a cave where we were shown mirrored portals which became doorways to our illumination. At the end of the meditation, everyone had an opportunity to share his or her experiences. There were many revelations and synchronicities, some circle members had experienced a sense of duality and had seen themselves as the opposite sex or in one case two separate people. There was a sense of neon colours and crowds of people. Baron Samedi with whiten face and a toothy smile made his shadowy presence in my own meditation which ended in a Vodou ritual with the sacrificing of chickens. We were all amazed that we had connected so deeply and intrinsically to Lilith's powerful insights. A journey that no doubt has become indelibly imprinted on all our minds.

We then thanked the Lilith for her presence and guidance, the circle was closed with the words -- the circle is open, but remains unbroken. The residual energy was then grounded back into the earth and forwarded to individuals for healing.

More information regarding this circle and past circles can be found in our Book Of Shadows. Our next Full Moon Circle will be held near Engadine on Friday, July 3. Please contact us for further details if you would like to attend.

Winter Solstice - 21 June

by Janine Donnellan

Winter is a time to go within, to connect to your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies and those aspects of your life, which makes up your past. It is in this time of hibernation when you can review your spiritual growth and analyse the path you have taken and the lessons you have learned.

Winter is a time when what lies underneath, what has been buried is revealed. Winter is a time when you can clear out old growth and those aspects of our life that no longer serve a meaningful purpose. As the wheel turns we need to acknowledge our own mortality, death is close at hand, whether it is death of a situation, or our own inevitable death.

Winter has the effect of time standing still. It precipitates a time of reflection, which can create the catalyst that crystallizes our inner turmoil. Winter with its cold, harsh reality can assist you to face the inevitable decisions that spring boards us on to new aspirations. It is in the very midst of this cold time, that our mind turns to the light, to the warmth that the tide turns and the sun is reborn.

Winter solstice or Yule is the shortest day, and the longest night of the year. It marks the return of the Sun's warmth and light, and the promise once again of a productive Earth. The Winter Solstice falls on the shortest day of the year 21st June in the Southern Hemisphere and 21st December in the Northern Hemisphere. In ancient times, much celebration was to be had as the ancestors awaited the rebirth of the Sun King, the Giver of Life that warmed the frozen Earth and made her to bear forth from seeds protected through autumn and winter in her womb. Bonfires were lit in the fields, and crops and trees were "wassailed" with toasts of spiced cider.

The Druids (Celtic priests) would cut the mistletoe that grew on the oak tree and give it as a blessing. Oaks were seen as sacred and the winter fruit of the mistletoe was a symbol of life in the dark winter months. It was also the Druids who began the tradition of the Yule log. The Celts thought that the sun stood still for twelve days in the middle of winter and during this time a log was lit to conquer the darkness, banish evil spirits and bring luck for the coming year.


Shamanism - Shaman or Shamanist?

by Ravenari

I choose to call myself a shamanist, instead of a shaman, even though I practice shamanism. Last month I talked about how the shaman was a person who served as an intermediary between the spirits and their community with the use of trance state, who work with the soul for healthy or unhealthy reasons, and who were often custodians of their culture (whether indigenous or contemporary). I also said that the shaman was a status title.

Because shaman is seen as a title, particularly in contemporary society, it is considered more appropriate to call yourself a 'shamanist' if you practice shamanism, instead of a 'shaman'. Not everyone feels this way, of course, and you will find some very competent shamans in our cultures calling themselves 'shamans'. However, for a variety of reasons, some people who practice shamanism - like myself - choose to call themselves shamanists instead. A person who practices the techniques, but recognise that they might not be deserving of the title of 'shaman', or who choose to believe that it is a title they are called by, rather than a title they call themselves.

The reason I choose to differentiate between the two, is because of the responsibilities that being a shaman entails. The shaman is often a custodian of the spiritual wellbeing of a community, and the members of that community. That is a heavy responsibility to shoulder, and one that not many shamanists do shoulder - as we work in contemporary, fragmented communities and may only be the custodian of our own spiritual wellbeing and, depending on the will of the spirits, a few clients. In that sense, many of us who practice shamanism are not shamans, but shamanists.

A shamanist can simply be defined as 'a person who practices shamanistic practices', but it can apply to a diverse amount of people and their experiences. A shamanist can be someone who is just starting out on the path, or someone who is quite accomplished in a series of techniques. Unlike Wicca, there are not varying officially recognised 'degrees' of shamanism, and it is more that we recognise fellow shamanists and their experience through getting to know them, trusting our instincts, and understanding the culture, sub-culture or contemporary culture that they have come from.

Some contemporary schools of shamanism have tried to give shamanism degrees of training. This is a difficult thing to do, since some techniques take years to master, and squashing it into a fixed amount of time, or a fixed course with a fixed price, can provide incomplete training. Those who state they are at a certain 'degree' in their training, may have had exposure to incomplete degrees of time-frames to master their techniques. So degrees in shamanism can be very misleading.

For anyone who wants to practice or learn shamanism, it's important to remember that you don't have to pay anyone any money to become a shamanist or shaman, unless you want to. It's always your choice, and not a required part of the path. The only things in shamanism that I have paid money for are some of my shamanic tools, my art supplies (I do shamanic totem artwork), and the causes that I feel would benefit my spiritual path if I contribute to them.

So, as a shamanist, am I aiming towards being a shaman? I don't know. When I first started, years ago, I was attracted to the magic, mystery and accomplished air of many indigenous shamans. But as I continued on the path and encountered failures and successes, and understood the spirits working with me, I found myself becoming more realistic about what being a shaman is.

These days I feel my path depends on what the spirits want, and what the people around me want, and what I want. And all I want right now in my spirituality is to be a practicing shamanist, always learning and growing within my path. In the meantime, I will keep happily plodding along, working with spirits, the land, and trying to become a healthier person on my path.

Harner, M. (1982). The Way of the Shaman: A guide to power and healing. New York, Bantam Books.
Wallis, R. (2003). Shamans/Neo-Shamans: ecstasy, alternative archaeologies and contemporary Pagans. New York, Routledge.
Walsh, R. (2007). The World of Shamanism: New Views of an Ancient Tradition. Minnesota, Llewellyn.
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The Medicine Drum

by Janine Donnellan

The medicine drum is one of the main tools of the Shaman; the drum enables the Shaman to call spirits by means of sounds. The drum is not just a musical instrument; it is the symbol of the universe and encompasses the essence of the Shaman. The drum is considered a helper of the Shaman and it also incorporates the Shaman's strength.

It is believed that the new drum initially has no powers, and should not be used for religious rites until an initiation or animation has been conducted so that the drum can become alive. An important step in the initiation of the drum is the singing of the Shaman's song and when performed for the first time within a ritual it symbolizes the joining and becoming a part of the powers of nature. This ritual activity is also associated with the idea of prosperity of the clan, life, success, and the fecundity of humans and animals.

In 2006 I decided that I needed to make my own medicine drum with my own hands and as fate would have it I attended a fantastic drum making workshop which was conducted by Jan Nash.

During the workshop I discovered that making my own drum was a very meditative and hands on experience, in fact the whole process was a truly emotional, challenging and gratifying journey.

After I finished and initiated my drum I had a dream where the drum spoke to me and told me that it was a water drum. This drum's sound is special and unique to me and it speaks in different voices which it gathers from the wind in the air and the energy from the earth.

In July I will be making another drum at the workshop at Waterfall, the drum has already spoken to me in my dreams and I know that this one will be a fire drum.

Spirit Eagle ~ A personal Experience

by Amethyst

I'm a Northern Hemisphere born, but reared in the Southern Hemisphere person. As I've spent 95% of my life here in Oz that should influence my shamanism, and to some extent it does. In meditations I've been, a dingo, a sulphur-crested cockatoo, but I've also been a wolf. Recently my teachers on my magickal path have moved me forward in a big leap; and in order to handle that leap, I have tried meditation on my own, with not much change.

The other day while I was cooking, my husband decided to put a Native American Indian guided meditation on, and it sounded interesting. As soon as my cooking would allow I joined in the meditation, and surprise, surprise the Tribal Elders knew of my situation. They commenced to teach me some of what I needed to know. They took me hunting and I caught a spirit eagle. The spirit eagle landed on my arm, and because I found it to be such a beautiful creature I didn't want to kill it, so I freed it. It then walked up my arm to behind my head, opened up its wings and settled itself leaning on my head. I then proceeded to see as it sees.

Here is what Eagle means...

Eagle ~ Spirit

(Scott Alexander King)

Eagle offers strength, bravery and discipline to reach ever-greater heights, while reminding us to remain humble and to never be over-confident to the point where we become blind to our original intent.

As a Totem it embodies our innate strengths, gifts, purpose and where our personal power might lie. The power of the animal is shared, affording us greater understanding of the world around us. We are able to perceive life through the eyes of the animal. We are able to interact with the Earth on a deeper level. Our senses are heightened; our relationships enhanced and spiritual awareness is more easily integrated into our physical lives.

The Eagle (wo-ha'-li)

The Eagle is the great sacred bird of the Cherokee Indians and of nearly all native tribes. Eagle figures prominently in their ceremonial rituals. Each Tribal group has its own stories and legends concerning the Eagle. Only the greatest warriors and the Medicine Man wore feathers of the eagle.

Eagle medicine is the power of the Great Spirit, the connection to the Devine. It is the ability to live in the realm of spirit, and yet remain connected and balanced within the realm of earth.

If someone dreamed of an eagle or eagle feathers, the town organized an Eagle Dance as soon as possible. This could only be done in late fall or winter as the songs sung during the dance angered the rattlesnakes.

The eagle could only be killed by a professional Eagle Killer who knew the proper ceremonies for turning aside vengeance by the eagle's spirit. There were only certain times when the eagle could be killed, usually only when an Eagle Dance was held.

Images from:
Native American Indians
Child friendly site about American and Canadian Indians. 1400+ legends, 400+ agreements and treaties, 10,000+ pictures, free clipart, Pueblo pottery, American Indian jewelry, Native American Flutes and more.

Teapot Pagans

by Craig PhoenixWolf

I am a Solitary Pagan living in country New South Wales about an hour north of Canberra and two and a half hours south of Sydney. I have been a pagan for many years and one of the things I found, as a Solitary, was that there were times when I wanted nothing more than to connect with others of similar beliefs. I have written about the experiences of the AWC in 2008 on the Gold Coast and the Autumn Festival held in Canberra. I had the pleasure of attending Pagan Initiative's Autumn Retreat in Katoomba and it was there a group that had formed in Canberra was given its name.

The Teapot Pagans is a group of Solitaries who have come together with the goal of helping pagans in Canberra and the surrounding area to connect and learn more about events in the region.

Why Teapot Pagans?

Well it not what you might think, though we do love a good cup of tea; I will have mine black and two thanks. Bubble, bubble, boil and bubble, kettle boil on the double. Okay this is getting too Shakespearean even for me. The name comes from The Power of Three - TPOT. The Power of Three often refers to the Triple Goddess, and yes to TV's Charmed witches. Love them or hate then, the Charmed Ones made The Power of Three a household saying. And even Shakespeare, though he rolled in his grave with my plagiarism, knows of the power of three women to make things happen. In this case though it was the name taken on by three women in Canberra who set about putting together the Autumn Festival held at the Gold Creek Village. The festival was a huge success and was a credit to the determination of the three women. Toni, Kimi and Lilitu put together and coordinated the day in a matter of weeks.

Teapot Pagans was born after the original trio were joined by others who wanted to get more activities going in Canberra. At this stage though, they really did not have a name ...not until Pagan Initiative's Autumn Retreat. There the discussion of naming came up again and playing with the TPOT, TPOT became T-POT and then Teapot. Teapot Pagans came into being and things seemed to confirm it as at the end of the retreat we partook in an old English High Tea. What more fitting endorsement could you get?

Teapot Pagans' goal is to promote pagan and alternative events, not only in Canberra and surrounding parts of New South Wales, but across the country through the website. It is also the goal of the Teapot Pagans to work with groups and individuals who wish to promote events and workshops. Teapot Pagans are not a coven. It is an organisation of friends who wish to promote the positive aspects of paganism and develop associations with other members of the pagan community.

This process began with the construction of the website where you can find information and reviews. The site is going to continue to grow and offers links to other useful sites and suppliers including Axis Mundi and the National Pagan Directory. Reviews will be written by members of the Teapot Pagans for publication on their site as an informative and sometimes humorous look at books, activities and events.

So what is ahead for the Teapot Pagans? At present there are workshops being run in Canberra that offer people the chance to learn about things, from organic gardening to Native American Flute playing. They are working on another single day festival for the warmer weather on the same style as the one day festival they hosted at the beginning of Autumn and what is really exciting is that there is, in the works, a gathering to be held in Canberra in the spring. Planning is well on its way and expressions of interest are currently being sought from members of the pagan community who wish to be a part of this event. The event is expected to run from Friday to Sunday and be a weekend of friendship, feasting, learning and ritual. One of the highlights will be a Bardic Circle. The fire will crackle in the night as tales are told and songs are sung. All to the ever present beat of the drums. It is shaping up to be a good weekend and announcements will be made soon, once details are finalised both on Facebook and the Teapot Pagans' website.

For more information please email us at or visit us at our website or find our group on Facebook... Teapot Pagans Facebook Group (join the group) and Teapot Pagans Facebook Page (become a fan).

Crystals ~ Merlinite

by Rayvensclaw

This year has been very strange in a number of ways, one of which is that Merlin keeps popping up either through meditations, tarot or visions. Last Friday at Full Moon circle we did a ritual involving a meditation, which had nothing to do with Merlin, but Merlin came to me at the end of the meditation. A number of us tend to see Merlin at different ages and different circumstances, but I find him a teacher/guidance character (character being the true sense of the word). The other day when I was going through a couple of crystal books he popped up again in the form of the crystal MERLINITE.

For the scientific person in us all: (some more than others). It is a naturally occurring combination of Quartz (silicon dioxide) and Psilomelane (manganese oxide).
Hardness of 6 to 7.
Only known source – New Mexico, USA and becoming more readily available.

Mix of two colours, pearly white and black. A lot of confusion surrounds the name of this stone. Merlinite is actually a made-up name for Dendritic Opal. Sometimes the name is also applied to Dendritic Agate, and other times to a black mineral called Psilomelane. (I have also read that it is a form of Opal with dendritic inclusions, which are iron silicates, deposited in cracks in the Opal, sometimes shaped like trees.) The name Merlinite is not a mineral term, but coined by metaphysical users as a word alluding to its energies.

For the spiritual person in us all: Merlinite is a magical stone that holds the imprint of the combined knowledge of shamans, alchemists, magician/priests and other workers of magick. Said to represent the coming together of spiritual and earthly vibrations. It is a storm element and connects to all the other elemental forces; air, water, fire and earth. Can be used for past life recalls, evokes dreams and imagination. Tends to activate Arthurian era past lives, but also gives an insight on how to live life in the future. Merlinite with Moldavite (dark green energy invoker) raises vibrations, and connects with Obsidian for work in magick and scrying. Great care should be taken when using these crystals together. Amethyst and Sugilite can provide an extra element of purification and psychic protection, when working with Merlinite. It balances yin and yang, and masculine and feminine energies. Can be worn around the neck or behind the ears to access past lives. Works with the Solar Plexus and Third Eye Chakras.

For the medical person in us all: Merlinite has been used in the treatment of skeletal structures and disorders of the veins and arteries. It is also said to promote physical growth and to facilitate the flow of blood through the body. It is a cleansing mineral for the body and one which can enhance lymph flow and excretion. It also helps with both the effects of colds and the effects of smoking too.

I have looked on ebay both here and USA and most of the stones I have seen have been a black colour with small traces of white/cream. I think ideally the right stone would be an equal mix of colours if possible, but again if the stone feels right for you and comfortable with you, use it.

The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

Herbs ~ Hyssop

by Amethyst

Botanical:  Hyssopus officinalis
Planetary associations:  Jupiter
Zodiac associations:  Cancer, Sagittarius
Element:  Fire
Gender:  Masculine
Tarot:  Chariot, Kings
Magickal classifications:  Countermagick Herbe … Herbe of Consecration … Herbe of Protection … Herbe of Purification
Part Used:  Flowers, leaves, stems
Synonyms:  Hyssop Herb, Isopo, Ysopo, Yssop


Hyssop comes from the Hebrew name AEsob, and from the Greek hysoppus which is believed to have originated in southern Europe and adjoining regions of Asia.  Hyssop is a name of Greek origin.  The Hyssops of Dioscorides was named from azob (a holy herb), because it was used for cleaning sacred places.  It amends and cherishes the native colour of the body spoiled by the yellow jaundice.  In A Modern Herbal, Grieve tells us it is alluded to in the scriptures:  “Purge me with Hyssop, and I shall be clean.”  In the New Testament, a sponge soaked in sour wine or vinegar was stuck on a branch of hyssop and offered to Jesus of Nazareth on the cross just before he died.  Hyssop is one of many herbes which Solomon is said to have gathered and made into his aspurger for ritual work.  Some believe that small bunches of hyssop were used by the Hebrew people to paint their portals with blood, protecting their children until Moses could lead then safely away.

In The White Goddess, Robert Graves writes that the ancient (pagan) Hebrews considered hyssop a herbe of the Winter Solstice.

Probably because of the strong aroma released by hyssop, it has mainly been used for respiratory ailments.  Even Hippocrates went so far as to recommend the use of hyssop for bronchitis and other inflammations of the chest and lungs.  Hyssop preparations were widely prescribed for bad cough by herbalists in the mediaeval era.  The oil released from the crushed leaves has been used for cuts and bruises.  Infusion of the leaves has been applied topically to cure pain caused by rheumatism.

Excessively use of hyssop can cause seizures.  The herb should be discontinued after two weeks of constant use.  People who suffer from fits, epilepsy and high blood pressure are advised to keep away from hyssop.  Pregnant women would also do well to keep away from the herb.

Japanese research published in 2003 in the Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology suggests that hyssop teas can help lower the sharp increase in blood sugars after eating common to people who have or who are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.


One of the best herbes for cleansing and purification, hyssop should be gathered; bound into small bunches and dried.  These bunches may be used to protect your temple or home by handing them at the windows, doors and any other portals.

Hyssop is believed to keep away all negative energies.  Some cultures also believe that hyssop will protect your property against burglars and trespassers when hung as above.

Hyssop is a most useful herbe.  The extracted oil may be used for all forms of spiritual healing, particularly work such as Therapeutic Touch.  As well as imparting healing to the patient, it protects the healer.

This holy herbe may be used to consecrate any magickal tools or heirlooms, which are made of tin.  It has an affinity for amethyst and for lapis lazuli.  Either of these stones (not both) could be stored in your hyssop jar.  The herbal oil can be used for cleansing either of these stones when set in jewellery.  The oil may be rubbed into the hands for aura cleansing and healing by laying on of hands.

There is probably no herbe better suited for the physical cleansing and washing of the temple, ritual tools or even ritual robes.  The easiest method is to add some liquid extract to your cleaning water.  Hyssop also makes a superior bathing herbe, bringing purification to the spiritual, emotional and physical selves.

Hyssop is very good for people who feel stuck in their lives and yearn for more freedom - freedom of self-expression but also very practically, freedom of movement in the body as well as in its deepest metaphorical sense.  Thus Hyssop is also helpful for goal setting, planning, and to discover strategies that get you from where you are to where you want to be.  Hyssop may also be used in personal growth to produce clarity of thought, to induce a state of humility, it may also be used to help clear the type of shame that keeps one from accepting the gifts that will allow growth to one's full potential i.e.:  "I release the shame that holds me back."

Fun Facts:

“Ring-a-ring o´roses A pocket full of posies Atishoo, atishoo, we all fall down.”
This popular children's nursery rhyme dates back to 1664 - the year of the Great Plague of London.  The posies were the "magic" herbs which were carried in the pocket and were thought to ward off the virus.  The herbs included hyssop, rosemary, thyme and southernwood.  They were also used to disguise the unpleasant smells of the plague.

It would be good to utilize the value of hyssop at Yule/Midwinter.
a compendium of HERBAL MAGICK by Paul Beyerl, 1998

Talismans, Sigils & Squares

by Janine Donnellan

The Talisman is an object marked with magic signs or symbols which by the nature of its vibration, energy and intent brings about a change in circumstances. Talismans are usually objects or inscriptions of great power and positive energy which is duly passed to its possessor. The Talisman contains symbols & sigils that represent beliefs, perceptions, and concepts formed in the human mind but engineered by universal & cosmic laws. A mystical symbol is therefore a thought form of the cosmic law itself. Mystical symbols have been used for hundreds if not thousands of years and have energy, they have a specific vibration, and they remain forever intact because they are based on incorruptible laws of the universe.

A sigil is a symbol created for a specific magical purpose. A sigil is usually made up of a complex combination of specific symbols or geometric figures each with a specific meaning or intent. The sigil can be as a simple process of combining key letters of the alphabet or can be a combination of ancient symbols and sacred geometry. The sigil can be a stand alone power icon or can be incorporated in a Talisman or amulet to add power and intent.

The term sigil derives from the Latin sigilum meaning "seal," though it may also be related to the Hebrew segulah (meaning "word, action or item of spiritual effect"). A sigil may have an abstract, pictorial or semi-abstract form. It may appear in any medium -- physical, virtual, or mental. Visual symbols are the most popular form, but the use of aural and tactile symbols in magic is not unheard of.

Sigil magic is a common form of magical work among practitioners; symbols and signs have always been a tool of magicians and alchemists. In modern uses, the concept was mostly popularised by Austin Osman Spare, who published a method by which the words of a statement of intent are reduced into an abstract design; the sigil is then charged with the will of the creator.

Sigils have many potential uses. Spiritual protection is a common one; as well it can be used during healing and magical work. It can also be used to accomplish a desired end, such as writing down a result in symbolic form, and then burning it. A sigil can even be created as a personal glyph for an individual magician.

In a post-modern context, businesses may use logos as their sigils and invest them with a comparable degree of prestige or power. The idea that these symbols are consciously used as magical tools is a popular idea among some occultists.

The pentacle is the most powerful sigil used in Neo-pagan witchcraft and by many occultists. Individuals can adopt their personal sigils by selecting a letter from the rune or Theban alphabets. They have personal, secret meaning and are often inscribed on magical tools used in occult practices and ceremonies. Sigils also serve as amulets, talismans, or meditation tools.

Sigils designs are derived from geometric shapes, astrological signs, or symbols used in alchemy. They may be of various signs, such as crosses, associated with different deities. Some of the best sigils are attained through intuition and inspiration. Many come through meditation and the practice of scrying; when a certain pattern seems to appear upon the object which the individual is gazing at.

There are several types of sigils. Word sigils are the most common and are made by taking a statement of your intention and reducing it to key letters. Those letters are then combined to make a symbol to be used in magic, charms or ritual.

The best way to create sigils is just to play around, like a child in art class. These are specific symbols of power for you; no one else needs to be able to recognize your intentions for these symbols so don't worry about perfection. There is no right or wrong system. As with all magic the most important ingredient is intent.

Magic squares can also be incorporated into your Talisman or can be used separately for protection or for healing or creating wealth. During ancient times in China, India and Arabia magic squares were used in practices of occult, magic and astrology. They have been and still are worn as amulets for protection.

In present times some mathematicians have discovered mathematical properties in the magical squares, especially those of larger configurations. Magic squares work by utilizing a number or letter, supposedly having magical properties, is assigned to a square, the squares are divided into parts with each part becoming a square within the larger square and when read horizontally, vertically or diagonally the same sums or words are produced.

The Sator Square is an ancient charm of great power and mystery. The earliest example was discovered scratched on a wall in the buried city of Pompeii and dated back to the first century AD. Although used by early Christian Mystics as a magical charm the square has surfaced in cultures and religions all over the world. The square was originally thought to be of Christian design, because of the hidden anagram Pater Noster, but there is now strong evidence that it predates Christianity and refers to the ancient God, Mithras. The Sator Square has numerous magical properties and is a powerful charm to protect the bearer from evil as well as bring strength and power.

Versions of the Sator Square also are found in other Roman archaeological sites, notably a third-century inscription at the military barracks of Dura-Europos (in modern-day Syria) as well as other examples in Britain and Hungary.

Medieval European culture preserved the formula in magical grimoires as a powerful written cipher and all-purpose protective charm. It was employed to keep women safe in childbirth, for protection of buildings against fire, and for the cure of insanity or fever. The most famous artistic reference to the Sator square occurs in an Albrecht Durer etching of "melancholia." In the nineteenth century, the Pennsylvania Dutch used the Sator Square to protect cattle from bewitchment.


As you can see, the magic square reads the same way in all directions: Sator Arepo Tenet Opera Rotas. The words are Latin, and literally they translate as "The Sower Arepo holds the wheels with care." However, the form of the magic square is far more important than its meaning, and there is no scholarly consensus about the precise significance of the words, if any. The very ambiguity of the words, and the power of the palindrome form, historically has allowed the magic square to be appropriated to many different ends.

One must always be aware that when constructing components for magical purposes, the creator of such a magical object whether it be a Talisman, Amulet or a spell carries the burden of responsibility and the intent of the magic should be used with clear motives.


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SOuL Searchers is Spheres of Light's paranormal investigations subgroup. One of the many things you will find unique about the SOuL Searchers team, unlike the majority of other paranormal investigators, is that we undertake our investigations from a shamanic perspective.

New Articles

Some new articles have been added to the section about Psychopomps or Death Walkers...

SOL Holistic Centre
The Spheres Of Light Holistic Centre has within its members practitioners who can provide Spiritual Healing in a variety of natural healing modalities. Each modality is designed to heal all levels of the body; the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Working with ancient universal energies, healing works to restore balance, bring inner harmony and peace, to re-energise the body, to stimulate the body's own immune system and so aid recovery, as well as inducing deep relaxation. Healing is excellent for relieving modern day stresses and providing support during difficult times in your life.

If you want to know about current topics check out the forum pages. This is a place where you can discuss ideas and catch up on general news. So if you want to participate please become a member as we would love to hear from you.
... plus much, much more!

National Pagan Directory
The National Pagan Directory is a Spheres Of Light initiative to help Australian Pagans connect with each other in their local area. It is a FREE listing & provides links to information about covens, groups, classes, workshops, retreats & other special Pagan events, plus Aussie Pagan businesses & services. If you would like your coven, group, regular meet-up or special event to be listed in the NPD please send us your details. We also invite Celebrants in the Pagan community to promote their services in the NPD. For further information & contact details click on the banner above.


SOL Full Moon Circle
Friday July 3, 2009

Full Moon circles
Click here for more information...

Spheres Of Light holds regular Full Moon Circles near Engadine (Southern Sydney, Australia) on the Friday before each Full Moon. These Full Moon gatherings are Open Circles, meaning that all Pagans are welcome to come along any time and experience a Full Moon circle with us. Details here...

SOL Meditation in the Royal National Park
Sunday June 21, then
Sunday August 16, 2009

Click here for more information...
Come join us for meditation in the beautiful surrounds of The Royal National Park. Our meditations will be conducted every third Sunday of the month. Please email for times and meet up details.
(Due to our Drum Making Weekend there will not be a meditation at the Royal National Park on July 19th.)

SOL Drum Making Weekend
July 17 - 19, 2009

Drum Making weekend
Click here for more information...
Booking and deposit of $130 required before Friday 19th June.
(Please Note: you must be over 18 years of age to attend any SOL gatherings, events, classes & workshops.)


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Oak & Mistletoe Shop

Enchanted Emerald Forest

Fable Blades


Pagan Deities Wordsearch
Click on the image above to download a copy of the wordsearch so you can print it and have some fun finding all the Pagan deities. (395KB pdf)


Please email us the details of any pagan or community events, classes, workshops or regular meetings that you'd like to see promoted here in this free listing & in the National Pagan Directory.

Yule Charity Dinner
Friday 3rd July, 2009
Glebe, NSW

Yule Charity Dinner
Click here to see Facebook Event...
Ostarian Grove would like to invite you to the Yule Charity Dinner 2009 on Friday 3rd July from 7pm onwards at Almustafa Lebanese Restaurant, 23 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe, 2037 ( $50 per person. Inc. a banquet meal and unlimited soft drink. BYO. Please RSVP to by Friday 26th June.

PAN Full Moon Public Circle
July 7, 2009 at Seven Hills, Sydney (map)

Date: Monday July 7, 2009 at 8:30pm

The circle is held on the top of Rotaract Hill on Terminus Road Seven Hills NSW, just next to the train station. Getting there is easy. If you take the train, the hill is less than five minutes walk (and easily visible from the station). If you drive, there is plenty of parking available both at the base of the hill and across Terminus Road. Full Moon info here, and Full Moon FAQ here or for other details, email Jo

Yule 2009
10 - 12 July, 2009
Waterfall, NSW

*** THURSDAY 2nd JULY ***

Yule 2009
Click here for more information...

YULE TO PROCEED! - Our Yule Gathering will go ahead - yay! Thanks to those who have supported us to reach our minimum numbers, we are still receiving bookings. Bookings are now open until July 2nd. We can now announce that we can offer day tickets as well at $65 per person (adult or child) and for Saturday 11th July, includes all workshops and all meals. Day tickets will be available via direct debit only. Please see our payments page for more info.

Women's Weekend Workshop
Aphrodite's Magic
25th-26th July 2009
Mullumbimby (Northern NSW)

Aphrodite's Magic
Click here for more information...
Celebrate and Heal Your Sexuality ~ Magic, Ritual, Dancing, Healing, Changing ~ In Aphrodite's Magic you will create a magical Girdle healing and renewing the strands of your sacred sexuality. $300 or early bird price before June 20, $250. Previously run in Glastonbury, London & Switzerland.

Contact:  Jane Meredith
Phone:  02 6684 0061

NOX Ritual Workshop
1st August 2009
Katoomba, NSW

NOX Ritual
Click here for more information...
The NOX ritual incorporates a fusion of traditional magickal techniques, including trance-dance, chanted mantra and energised ritual. In this intensive one-day workshop we will explore the use of the NOX ritual as a doorway to Self Initiation, and examine it's qabalah and the mythology of soul-journeys.

Goddess Journey to Bali
13th-19th September, 2009

Goddess Journey to Bali
Click here for more information...
(then click on "Events")
Join us on this wonderful journey to Ubud, the cultural heart of Bali, for a week of spiritual connection with yourself, each other and the local community. This island is one of the places in the world where the Goddess is part of daily life.

Australian Wiccan Conference
18th-20th September 2009
South Australia

AWC 2009
Click here for more information...

Australian Goddess Conference
30, 31 Oct & 1 Nov 2009
Gold Coast, QLD

Goddess Conference
Click here for more information...

The Druid's Dreaming Event
Saturday November 14, 2009
Adelaide, SA

The Druid's Dreaming Event
Click here for more information...

Rainbow Moon Medicine Hoop Classes

Temple of the Rainbow Moon
Click here for more information...
Eclectic teachings based on the wisdom of Spirit's Sacred Hoop of Life & the Great Dance of the Stars using the tools of the sacred Wheels of Life. These lessons are grounded in western Spiritual & Pagan teachings and Native American wisdom which assist us to walk our Path in Beauty; to develop our connection to Mother Earth and the Goddess/Great Spirit in ways which are meaningful to the individual so they are literally 'walking their truth'. Lynn also teaches folk how to 'birth' their own medicine drums. Classes held every second Wednesday from 10.00am - 2.00pm at 7 Kelly St, Eagleby. Energy exchange: $10.00 Shared 'potluck lunch'.
Contact:  Lynn Guy
Phone:  07 3382 7949
Mobile:  0421 864 909

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