Axis Mundi
The beginning of a circle is also its end. Not I, but the world says it: all is one. And yet everything comes in season.
- Heraklietos of Ephesos

Spring Workshop Meditation, "Imagination" ~ A Personal Experience

by Jenwytch

At the SOL "Working with the Seasons" Spring workshop, we meditated while listening to music specially composed by Janine for the day. After the meditation we all shared our experiences and it was really quite amazing how the music had evoked similar thoughts and images for so many of us. My meditation also reminded me of a couple of drawings I'd done many years ago, so I thought I'd use them to illustrate my story. They're not necessarily my best drawings, but they suit the occasion. They were drawn purely in the spirit of fun and fantasy and even have a childlike quality to their style, which of course is all in keeping with the Spring season.

During my meditation I found myself as a child again running happily and chasing butterflies across a bright, sun drenched field of long grass and beautiful brightly coloured spring flowers. There was a cool breeze blowing and as it lifted me up into the air I suddenly realized I had fairy wings - double wings like those of a dragonfly. I flew over mountain tops, diving and swooping in the warm sunlight with the sylphs who were darting in and out, all around me, appearing as bright flashes and streaks of silvery light. I flew down into a valley and glided into a dark, cool forest. As I walked through the lush greenery I noticed a couple of butterflies flitting about. I saw images of various happy childhood scenes from my life, before a white rabbit popped out from behind a tree and beckoned to me to follow it. I ran towards the rabbit, but lost sight of it. Suddenly the rabbit appeared in a different place, and again I ran after it. It continued to hide and reappear, leading me deeper and deeper into the forest.

"Spring Fantasy"

I thought about my childhood and felt sad for an instant that it was over now, and then realized that I had also lost sight of the white rabbit and that the forest around me had become completely dark. I saw an orange glow up ahead and walked towards it. It was a huge bonfire with a column of orange sparks swirling up into the night sky and disappearing into the cosmos. I became one of the sparks and flew upwards into the air, beyond the earth and up into space. The planets and stars were shining all around me; the stars appeared as tiny points of white light and the planets as large coloured spheres, all on a velvety black backdrop. Suddenly the scene changed, as if becoming the view through a film negative. The darkness of outer space had become bright white and the stars were small black dots on a white background, with the planets as large balls of the opposite colour to what they had originally been.

"Dream Portal"

The bright white background transformed into white icing and the stars and planets became "Hundreds and Thousands" and "Smarties" on top of the huge birthday cake I found myself standing on. I saw scenes of childhood birthday parties, filled with fun and laughter. I was suddenly swept off the surface of the huge cake and whisked away on a strong breeze by my fairy wings which had magically reappeared and I flew up into the sky again and back over the mountains, then down to a cool stream. The water bubbled and splashed over and around large stepping stones. I skipped across the stream, from stone to stone, in time with the pizzicato notes of the meditation music. All too soon it seemed, we were called back from our meditation to write down our experiences and then recount them to the group.

As I said in my intro paragraph, it was quite amazing how many other people had similar experiences such as being a child again, flying over mountains, seeing brightly coloured flowers and butterflies, streams and stepping stones, bonfires, ice skating, and even seeing a white rabbit and having the whole psychedelic "Alice in Wonderland" thing happening. The music certainly evoked wonderfully similar images for all of us; and I must add here that it was NOT a guided meditation so no images or scenes were being suggested to us. Janine's music was the only common factor influencing our thoughts.

Whenever we do a group meditation I'm always intrigued by the number of similar themes in different people's meditations, and in some cases the apparent interaction of group members with each other within their meditations. Are we individually tapping in to each others thoughts, our "group mind" or accessing a far greater "collective unconscious"? Strange and wonderful ...whatever it is!

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