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Links to other websites about weather modification.

TWM - Indigenous Weather Modification


The practice of weather modification, like weather prediction, began countless millennia before the rise of Western civilization. Traditional WM methods were utilized in many parts of the world by various Indigenous peoples and continue to be performed today...

Some interesting ideas about weatherworking plus many, many wonderful articles to read in this New Zealand based website - especially the many links on the "Index" page.

WEATHER-WORKING: An experimental, on-going ritual in cyberspace


As many indigenous peoples have long known, and modern science is now recognizing as well, we're all interconnecting, intricate webs of energies. This is the basis of the ancient art of weather-working, once familiar to countless peoples but now largely forgotten. It is the purpose of this page to make weather-working known again, but in a new way...

Shamanism and the Spirits of Weather


I journey to the Upperworld with several of my power animals, asking to meet the Spirit of Weather. I do not know why, but I feel ecstatic. We fly through a layer of storm clouds, up and up, searching until we finally are face to face with a "cloud being." ...

Weather Modification: A Long-Established, Though Secretive Reality.


You've probably heard of cloud-seeding and weather modification via conventional technological means - but what about a scientifically verifiable "life energy" named "orgone"?...

If anybody finds any weatherworking info they'd like added to this page just post the details on our Submissions Forum.

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