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Working with the Seasons

Summer Workshop - December 14, 2008

By consciously tuning into the seasons, we can connect deeply to the cycle of life, and learn to work and flow with the energies of nature. When we open ourselves to the natural order of life everything comes of itself in the appointed time with the least resistance. Each season brings with it a spiritual insight that adds news dimensions to our journey.

Summer is a time of brightness and warmth. The power of the sun at Midsummer is at its most potent, and the earth is fertile with the bounty of growing life. The Goddess manifests as Mother Earth and God as Sun King. The Summer Solstice is a time to reflect on the growth of the season. This is the time to experience our passions and the force within, to be conscious of how we use them and the gifts they can bring and experience our own true power.

Come on a journey of discovery into the magic of summer and learn how to use its energy to enhance your own magic and spiritual work. Connect with the God Helios the "all seeing" who sheds light upon all situations.

A collection of photos* from the summer workshop and a brief outline of the day's activities...

Left: Our altar contained a collection of items representative of summer.


The solstices are characterised by a feeling of relative stillness or pause - a contrast to the rushing changes which take place in autumn or spring, preceding them. They give us a chance to stop and take stock, to assimilate all that has been rapidly developing. The solstices are gateways of consciousness, where the simple fact of our being alive becomes worthy of celebrating. At summer solstice we celebrate our individuality and our expression, our creativity and the joy of being alive in the relieving openness of summer.

The heat grows as the summer cross-quarter approaches. Nature ripens, the young grow bigger, and each individual explores the maximum possibilities inherent in her or his reach. Green moves to gold, and summer matures.

As usual we spent some time outside to sense and experience some of the summer energies and vibrations...

Left & Above: Connecting to trees, animals, the earth and the Summer sky.

Meditation 1 - "Warrior"

A warrior is someone who has taken courage to do battle with th inner enemies in order to face the truth of themselves and their world. a warrior needs to have integrity; this will include ideas such as courage, honour, loyalty etc. The way of the spiritual warrior is a path of transformation - not easy, not quick, but real. The warrior will create balance in his or her life, which means not neglecting an aspect of themselves. An unbalanced warrior is a dnager to themselves as well as their community. Make sure you have the skills (physical), understand your mind (mental) and are solid in your faith (spiritual)... because if you are not focusing on one of them, or worse ignoring it, you will not be balanced!

Meditation 2 - "Helios"

The personification of the Sun in early Greek history was Helios, sometimes referred to as Helios Panoptes, the "all seeing". Because he was all-seeing he was called to witness oaths and promises. Helios was the son of Titans Hyperion and Theia, and the brother of Selene (moon) and Eos (dawn).

Helios dwelt in a golden palace located in the river Okeanos at the eastern ends of the earth. From there he emerged each dawn driving a chariot drawn by four, fiery winged steeds and crowned with the aureole of the sun. when he reached the land of the Hesperides (Evenings) in the west he descended into a golden cup which carried him around the northern streams of Okeanos back to his rising place in the east.

A more detailed description of the day's events is also featured in the Axis Mundi (December 2008).

Talisman - Suncatcher

Talismans generate a positive force for a specific reason, desire, or a goal. The Suncatcher that we made during the workshop is a talisman to bring those goals or desires we want for the coming year. With each crystal that we placed on the wire we focussed on our intent. Once we had completed the suncatcher we empowered it with incense of cinnamon and then sent the intent up into the universe through a manifesting chant of, "Air so healing, Fire empowering, Water connecting, Earth manifesting!"

Making the suncatchers...

Empowering the suncatchers...

Above: Suncatcher talisman (made by Jenwytch).

Right & Above Right: The suncatchers were held in the smoke of the burning cinnamon incense to help empower them with our intent.

* Photos above by Jenwytch

** Photos below by Rayvensclaw

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