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FULL MOON CIRCLE (August 28th 2004)
(Ritual written by Gwyneira Morgana)

As we gather, those who were present can remember last month, when we initiated a journey, a mythic quest, beginning the story of Psyche - working in particular with the dynamic between Her and Pan, the Earth God.
Both those who were present, and those who were not, can expect indeed over the last month to have been propelled forward on a journey - the laws of synchronicity bringing here tonight those who have been undergoing such initiation. People may have experienced a sense of loss, of sadness, of a spiraling inwards that has at a deep, almost unknowable level, connected each of us with our centre. This indeed has been reflected by the planets, with the asteroids Pan & Psyche interacting with a retrograde Mercury, a retrograde Uranus, and various other planetary phenomena.
Tonight then, we seek to interact with the next stage of this journey, to actively connect with processes that otherwise would still unfold, but with greater randomness. Indeed, we seek to
engage with our personal quest, utilising the cumulative power of the group to activate a personal understanding of the task at hand.
We will use as our primary tool ritual & rhythm - the drum, the clapping stick, the handclap, to connect us with the elders and with their wisdom. We will use song to hold our focus, our intent, and we will then use candle scrying - one at a time to seek out the guidance of the Goddesses & the Gods.
After our story then, we will drum, and sing. As each is moved we will move clockwise, spiraling inwards, one at a time approaching the centre where each will have revealed either their task, or that which they need to discover their task.
This task may take days, weeks, months or even years to fulfill, and is private and sacred to each one. Indeed, each task is assured of eventual fulfillment, for within each assignment lies the gift that will ensure its accomplishment.
All that is truly required, is that we



After smudging, each person enters circle, walking deosil,
We are a circle
A living circle
With no beginning
And never ending

Together, all honour the land in song:
Honour this land in song:
Gundrah A oo noo Nungeenah tya
Gundrah Lah oo oo noo
Yahma koora, yahma koora
Nungeena tya
Yahma koora


Spirits that dwell in the East
That rise with the Sun over the ocean,
Spirits of the water.
Guide & guard this place,
Guide & guard our hearts.
We Welcome you
So Mote It Be


Spirits that dwell in the North
That stand tall with the Sun over the mountains, the earth,
Spirits of the Earth.
Guide & guard this place,
Guide & guard our bodies.
We Welcome you
So Mote It Be


Spirits that dwell in the West
That set with the Sun over the desert,
Spirits of the Fire.
Guide & guard this place,
Guide & guard our desires.
We Welcome you
So Mote It Be


Spirits that dwell in the South
That reign while the Sun sleeps,
Spirits of the Air.
Guide & guard this place,
Guard our minds.
We Welcome you
So Mote It Be

We find then Psyche, with renewed resolve. She has, for all intents and purposes, lost Eros, the great love of her life. She has reached her lowest point - considering even ending her own life, and has found hope once more in the words of Pan - the guardian of the Earth.And so She takes up her journey, but, as with so many journeys, must face first She who initiated her sorrows - the Mother of Her love - Aphrodite.  She only, as the one who condemned her to never knowing human love, She who by doing so brought Eros into her life, She who even now would undoubtedly be nursing Her precious sons wound, She who, without doubt alone held that which Psyche needed to re-win her loves heart.  And so, with the fear only those who have had to face their deepest fears can know, She traveled to the temple of AphroditeNow Aphrodite had hoped never to hear again the name of this thorn in Her side. Psyche, who had allowed talk of Her beauty to rival even that of the Goddess, she who had lured her son into a secret affair, she who had betrayed his trust, so injuring his beautiful visage. So when this still beautiful Psyche appeared within Her sacred place - Her own temple, She determined to be rid of Her. Giving then the appearance of preparedness to have Psyche win her Son back, Aphrodite set her a task. Sending Psyche to a small barn not far from Her temple, She instructed her to sort the seeds that she would find there - in a single night.Though Psyche was at first full of hope, upon seeing the task, her heart fell, for this was not a few seeds, this was a mountain of seeds. And these were not large seeds, but small and difficult to discern - like mustard seeds, and poppy seeds and such like  In her despair there appeared however an ant, who gathered together an army - and in no time had the task fulfilled When then Psyche returned to the temple - the task completed, Aphrodite determined to set her a yet more impossible task - to retrieve fleece from the golden sheep. These though were no ordinary sheep - not only did they possess fleece of the finest gold, but indeed were strong and  ferocious beyond imagining. Psyche however , determined to win back her love set out to where they grazed  The Sun climbing in the sky, their fleece glistened and shone, as the strongest of the rams fought each other, displaying their strength and courage. Again, Psyches heart fell - she knew herself to be no match for these wild beasts. Yet, as she sat disheartened by the river, it spoke to her - gently and quietly -   telling her that though the sheep were indeed strong and ferocious, they tired when each day the Sun reached its highest - and that, at this time she could safely approach, and gather the wool that was caught on the
briars. And so she did, and took the precious fleece back to the temple    Again, Aphrodite determined that she would find the task that would break Psyches spirit, and remove her for always from her Sons life. So She instructed her, to go to the spring that, from its place high in the mountains, fed a stream that flowed deep into the underworld. From this spring, she was to fill a jug with its dark waters, and bring it back. Once again, Psyche set out to fulfill her task, and once again her heart fell, as, upon her approach to the mountain she found the way guarded by nothing less than a mighty dragon. Again, almost without hope, she sat, disconsolate not knowing what should, or even could be done. Again, in her moment of deepest despair, there appeared a helper, a creature of the earth - this time an eagle, who, taking the jug, flew easily over the dragon, swooping down and filling the jug with ease.
Again, Psyche returned - the task fulfilled. Aphrodite was beyond words, each time She set a task more impossible than the last, and yet, each time, the earth,the creatures of the earth,  those that called Pan Lord, came to Psyches aid - thwarting Aphrodites plans. So She decided, this time, She would set her a task that would send her beyond the veils of this world, beyond Pans help, requiring her to take beauty ointment to Persephone in the underworld. At this, Psyche knew she was defeated - that the only way to fulfill her task was to enter the underworld  herself, and so, unable to see her way forward, yet unable to go back, she climbed to the top of a tower, and prepared to throw herself off. Again however, the earth would not allow such defeat, the very rocks of the tower calling out to her - telling her how she might find an entrance to the underworld, without abandoning her own life. Do not however, they warned, open the box. And so Psyche found the way that the rocks had told of, and followed the instructions that she may fulfill her task. As she walked, she could not help but feel her task was almost done, and that, this time, Aphrodite would be compelled to reunite her with Eros. Her thoughts recalled her love, and she thought how marvelous it would be, if she could make herself beautiful for Him before they were re-united.Her thoughts turned to the ointment that she carried. Of course she reasoned Aphrodite would not want her to use any - she had been out to get her all along. Surely, if this ointment was able to increase the beauty of such a beautiful Goddess as Persephone, then just a little should make her radiant for her love.
As she carefully opened it, a deep sleep came over her. Indeed, Aphrodite had known all along that curiosity was the weakness that had lost Eros to Psyche in the first place, and so, as a guarantee of failure had not sent beauty ointment, but rather the sleep of the dark night of the Underworld.

All of us, as we seek to engage with our personal quest, require direction, a sense of the task at hand, a means by which we may achieve, For many of us, this will mean confronting that which we fear, that which we would rather avoid, and yet, if we relinquish our tendency to analyse, and allow the earth, Pan, our sense of fun and play to come to our assistance, it will - preparing us for the final stage of our journey.
Let each of us then, seek out the guidance that we require, receiving with open hearts the task by which we may achieve.

Mighty Psyche,
She who is borne upon clouds,
She who has achieved immortality
She whose radiance is as the mind of the Gods.
Share with us your essence.
Share with us your breath
Share with us your journey
Lead us each to our own self.
We breathe you now
And welcome you,
So Mote It Be

I O Pan I O Pan I O Pan
Refresh the World.
Renew our Joy.
That woman be Woman,
and man be Man.
Not master, nor servant,
of Nature's domain.
I O Pan - aid our Strength
I O Pan - free our Hearts
I O Pan - make each One
We Welcome You
So Mote It Be


Beginning with a single drumbeat, carrying the rhythm of the heartbeat, each person synchronises with this beat, gradually taking it up with their own drum, clapping sticks or
handclapping. Once all are synchronised, all sing:

The heartbeat takes us to the centre,
Where the wisdom of the elders speak.

As each feels pulled, walk the circle clockwise no more than 3 at a time. As each again feel ready, 1 at a time, approach the centre of the circle, and either ask your question or open yourself for the guidance that you most need. Take then a candle, lighting it from the central flame, and allow it to drip into the still waters.
The symbol or image formed is your answer. Once received, walk back anti clockwise to the outside of the circle, taking up the singing once more.
If, while singing, the song needs to change, these should fit the same basic tonal pattern, allowing any of the three to be sung together:

Ancient Goddess, I hear you calling
Ancient Goddess, I hear your song.

Isis, Cerridwen, Morgana,
Magdalena, Vivian, Sophia,

Once all who wish to have completed, allow silence for a time, then anyone who wishes to share may do so before closing.



Mighty Psyche
We thank you for your presence & power
Hail & Farewell.


Mighty Pan,
We thank you for your presence & power,
Hail & Farewell.


Spirits of the South, of the winds
We thank you for guiding and protecting our minds,
Hail & Farewell.


Spirits of the West, of the Fire
We thank you for guiding and protecting our desires,
Hail & Farewell.


Spirits of the North, of Earth
We thank you for guiding and protecting our bodies,
Hail & Farewell.


Spirits of the East, of the Waters
We thank you for guiding and protecting our hearts,
Hail & Farewell.

May the Circle be open, but unbroken,
May the peace of the Goddess be ever in our hearts.
Merry meet, Merry part & Merry meet again.

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