Spheres Of Light

Full Moon in Taurus

Ritual written* and led by Janine Donnellan


The Taurus Full Moon provides the opportunity to consider the purpose and direction of our life. Decisions that are ever expanding and deepening, that brings clear life changes within us, which eventually leads to transformation, an expansion of your consciousness and a changing of your focus from one level to another level.

On this night we are connecting to Quetzalcoatl, called Lord of the face of the sun, and associated with the Sunbird. This feathered or plumed serpent represents the kundalini which is the movement of energy from the Earth to the base of the spine through to the crown chakra. This serpent/fire represents transcendence.

Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent is the Fire Bird, who wields fiery torches, and sits on the cross (tree) of the four winds. This concept symbolizes the rise of the Phoenix and the emergence of the winged spirit of the bird from the serpent, in the persona of Quetzalcoatl. This image of the snake with the sacred bird, the quetzal, shows the duality aspect, one within the other, and one emerging from the other.

In the Mayan religion, the serpent symbolically represents the seven powers of light (chakras). The seven powers combined and awakened form a circuit of energy focused through the crown of the head to join in the Dance and Flow of energies of the Creator. The masks worn on this night will represent the shift between the mundane to the sacred and will assist in delineating the sensory path to a higher level of existence.

Goddess - Ix Chel, Mother of the world and all being, was the old Moon goddess in Mayan mythology. Ix Chel was depicted as an old woman wearing a skirt with crossed bones, and she had a serpent in her hand. Ix Chel is also the protector of weavers and women in childbirth.

All participants wore masks - see details of masks here.

All participants move from the ante room into the circle by the beat of the drum.


I call upon Mighty Dragon of Air to guard the Eastern Gate.
Come lend your energies to this circle that there may be wisdom in all that we do.
Hail and welcome


I call upon Mighty Dragon of Fire to guard the Northern Gate.
Come lend your energies to this circle that we may create great illumination in our being.
Hail and welcome


I call upon Mighty Dragon of Water to guard the Western Gate.
Come lend your energies to this circle that we may have the courage to listen to our inner voice and act as needed.
Hail and welcome


I call upon Mighty Dragon of Earth to guard the Southern Gate.
Come lend your energies to this circle that we may have the strength to accept the energies of the universe.
Hail and welcome


A circle is cast around about, spirit stay in, world stay out; a circle is cast around about, a world within a world without; the circle is cast around and around, in spirit and power we are now bound.


We call upon Ix Chel Mother of the world and all beings.
I call you this night Oh great Mother to join us
Bring forth the Sacred fire in our heart,
Bring forth the Sacred heart of the earth,
Please assist us in opening to change and the deeper levels of our divinity.
Hail and welcome


I call upon the great Feather serpent Quetzalcoatl
The bringer of the light and the truth
We stand here tonight in honour and expectation.
Help us to align ourselves with the higher vibrations so we can transcend our limitations
Oh great Feathered serpent come let us feel your presence here tonight.
Hail and Welcome

Quetzalcoatl altar


We now offer ourselves as a united channel a we align, clarify, and open to the inflow of energy. May we receive the illumination to take us to the next stage of our evolution. We all are One.

Meditation to connect with the higher vibrations
We then tone through our chakras...

Chakra Tones: Vowels & Colour
Root Chakra - uh (as in "up") Red
Sacral Chakra - ooo (as in "too") Orange
Solar Plexus Chakra - oh (as in "so") Yellow
Heart Chakra - ah (as in "saw") Green
Throat chakra - i (as in "fly") Light blue
Third Eye - Aye (as in "play") Indigo
Crown Chakra - eee (as in "see") Violet

Quetzalcoatl takes the torch from the fire dragon and the dance of the Solar Serpent begins. The serpent weaves around the circle accompanied by drums and percussion.



We thank Ix Chel Mother of the world and all beings.
Your heart beat is our heart beat
Your breath is our breath
May we be ever aware of your love & presence.
Hail & farewell


We thank the great Feathered serpent for joining us tonight.
You are the bringer of the light and the truth
May your light shine brightly from within us.
Hail & Farewell.


From the lands of the South, we thank the mighty dragon of Earth for guarding & protecting the Southern Gate. Hail and farewell.


From the lands of the West, we thank the mighty dragon of Water for guarding and protecting the Western Gate. Hail and farewell.


From the land the North, we thank the mighty dragon of Fire for guarding & protecting the Northern Gate. Hail and farewell.


From the land of the East we thank the mighty dragon of Air for guarding & protecting the Eastern Gate. Hail and farewell.

May this circle be open but unbroken
May the peace of the Goddess be ever in our hearts.
Merry Meet and Merry Part
And Merry Meet again.

Orbs in motion after the ritual ~ Photographed by Heather on an iPhone

More photos below showing orbs, by Amethyst & Rayvensclaw

* This ritual is a combination of the author's original ideas and information obtained from various books and/or internet sources.

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