Spheres Of Light

Gemini Full Moon (May 2004)

(Ritual written by Gwyneira Morgana)

Circle Casting


Gundrah A oo noo Nungeenah tya
Gundrah Lah oo oo noo
Yahma koora, yahma koora
Nungeena tya
Yahma koora


I call upon the sacred architect
The divider of space and time
Set this circle apart
Outside of time, outside of space
That this may be a sacred place
A sacred time
Where divinity and mortals
May be as one.


All Hail Heru  the bright one
Divine child who sits rightly upon His throne.
All Hail  Heru the beautiful one.
You are the illumination of the sun.
Protect and guard this, the place of dawn
We welcome you
So Mote It Be


All Hail Hathor
The beauty of your face glitters when you rise
Oh come in peace.
One is drunk at your beautiful face
O Gold Hathor
Protect and Guard this place of fire
We welcome you
So Mote It Be


All hail Osiris
Lord of the Black Land and Foremost of the Westerners
Thou who bears the Crook and Flail crossed upon thy breast
Osiris, Slain and Risen! Eternal living god
Ruler of the Duat and Lord of Resurrection
Protect and guard the waters
We Welcome You
So Mote It Be


All Hail Isis of the Moon
You are all that was and is and will be
Come veiled Queen of the Night
Come as the scent of sacred lotus
Come as the comforter of my soul
Protect and guard this , the place of Earth
We Welcome you
So Mote It Be.



Above the gemmed azure is
The naked splendour of Nuit.
She bends  in ecstasy to kiss
The secrets of Hadit
By my breast
By the wise
I weave my spell
Show us your starry splendor
Bide with us this night


God of the Earth
In the Earth
And under the Earth
Great Cackler
Father of all
By my flesh
By my bones
I weave my spell
Show us your  fertile strength
Bide with us this night.

As the Sky meets the Earth
As the Earth meets the Sky
Be as One


As we gather to celebrate the Full Moon of Gemini, we can remember that Gemini is associated with partnership, and with the Tarot card the Lovers.
We can also remember that we are currently approaching a Venus eclipse of the Sun - a rare and meaningful event in itself.  Those who have been to circle previously will also be aware that there are those who have recently been working hard on
Themselves, confronting issues and slaying monsters. This Full Moon then, we gather together the various contributing factors under the banner of love. Love for self, for others, for spirit, for matter.
We will then tonight be raising energy toward this end, with this energy being formed and used to Energise bath crystals. Everyone then will be able to take some of these home, and, on the Full Moon (June 3rd), the eclipse (June 8th), and/or some other appropriate time soak in and absorb the energies of Love.


Holding an awareness of our intent, get a sense of energy as it flows through your being.  Notice in particular the energy of love within the spectrum of energy. In noticing this, focus upon that energy, and see it if you like as a pink rose within a green seven pointed star.  See the pink and green flowing through your being, and as you do sing:

Love Love Love Love
All of us are made of love
Love for others
And our selves
For we are one

As you sing, allow this energy to build, through your body, and though your energy field until you are glowing with the light of love. If you need to move to build this energy, then simply walk clockwise around the circle, clap if  like, but allow the energy to build to bursting point.
When you hear a clap stop, channel all the energy along your arms and through the palms of your hands towards the centre of the circle, where it will be gathered and shaped into a thought form.

I call upon The Goddess
I call upon Her now
As Hathor
As Isis
As Nuit.
Pour out your love,
Pure, undivided and strong.
Complete within itself.

I call upon The God.
I call upon Him now
As Horus
As Osiris
As Geb
Open our lives
Our selves inner and outer
For this love to dwell and grow.
So As Above
So Too Below
And Harming None
It Mote Be So


Mighty Nuit,  we thank you for your presence & power
Hail & Farewell.
Mighty Geb, we thank you for your presence & power,
Hail & Farewell.

Isis, we thank you for your presence and power
Hail & Farewell.
Osiris, we thank you for your presence & power
Hail & Farwell
Hathor, we thank you for your presence & power
Hail & Farewell.
Heru , we thank you for your presence & power,
Hail & Farewell

May the Circle be open, but unbroken,
May the peace of the Goddess be ever in our hearts.
Merry meet, Merry part & Merry meet again.

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