Spheres Of Light

Calling Avalon's Children

Ritual written* and led by Gwyneira Morgana
(May 2005 ~ 1st Full Moon Circle at the Southern Highlands)

After smudging, each person enters the circle, finding a place that is  comfortable. After grounding and centering, the circle is cast first with incense, and then with salt  water.
Then all together honour this land in song

Gundrah A oo noo Nungeenah tya
Gundrah Lah oo oo noo,
Yahma koora, yahma koora
Nungeena tya,
Yahma koora


Goddess of The Earth,
Initiator, Provider, Mother & Crone.
Guard this the place of darkness, draw all
negativity into your mighty cauldron
That we May have Transformation,           
Restoration and Rebirth.
We Welcome You,
So Mote It Be

Lord of Magic, Bardic Seer,
Shape Shifter, Poet, Magician.
Guard this the place of the Sunrise,
May all that enters the cauldron rise in beauty.
That we may learn, heal and communicate,
With love & power.  We welcome you,  So Mote It Be

Long Armed Lugh,
Shining One, Hero, Skillful Sage.
Guard this the place of Noon,
May all that has risen in beauty grow in strength
That we may have power, courage
& purity of intent.  We welcome you, So Mote It Be.

Sea Witch, Priestess of the Waters, Mage.
Guard this the place of the sunset,
May all that has grown in strength give birth to wisdom,
That we may enter into the place of Magic.
We Welcome You,  So Mote It Be.


Mighty Vivienne,
Priestess of the Deep, Teacher, Healer,  Guide.
We ask your presence to rise up within this place,
I open myself to you now.
Bring together that which we have called,
That the cone of power may be raised,
That magic may be known and made.
We welcome you, So Mote It Be.

Mighty Merlin,
Priest of Light, Magician, Shape-shifter, Seer,
We ask your presence to descend into this place,
I open myself to you now,
Activate that which we have called,
That the cone of power may be raised,         
That magic may be known and made,
We welcome you, So Mote It Be


While some may realise it, and some may not, all peoples in all places at all times, are conditioned by their family, their environment, their culture, even by the knowledge that is available to them, and that which is withheld. For all,this results in a particular world view - this being in a general sense unique to various groups, and in a  particular sense unique to each person. All of us then are likely to share a common world view - one that assumes that the world is a reasonably fair place, that it is one in which all may with practical effort achieve material comfort, and that it is a place where such achievement is the innate desire of every individual . While some of us may have also developed an awareness of differing views, and indeed a few may even have adopted one or two alternate philosophies, it is in truth difficult to inherently change the way in which we see the world. Yet many have come to believe that change we must, suspecting that while our world view has facilitated great success, it has come at too great a cost - inequality, environmental degradation, the collapse of community all ugly shadows of the cult of comfort.   

Many of us have then begun a  journey, one that seeks a different vision, one that demands equality, respect for all life forms, and the redevelopment of community.  This is not however the first time in the evolution of humanity that such issues have arisen, and indeed those who are here gathered are likely to have in common a resonance with another time in history when inequality, the destruction of the environment and the shifting sands of familial and communal allegiances were on the move.  This was a time when magic washed across the land in much the same way that television waves, radio waves and other electronic signals today ebb and flow across this land.  This was an era when parallel universes and multidimensional realities were no mystery, but the commonplace understanding of all who worshipped beings who lived in a place outside of space and a time outside of time.  This was an era when "as above, so below" was not a curious theme for esoteric study, but the common sense logic of all who observed the  movements of the heavens, sowing and reaping in harmony with the timetable of the universe.

These were the days of Avalon, a place where the valued skills of the day - healing, seership and the channelling of divinity were taught. These skills not merely being taught  for the benefit of the individual, but for the service of the families and communities with whom these individuals were connected, and beyond that for the benefit and protection of the natural world.   There were also however then, as today, those who possessed a different agenda - to have, to own, to exercise power over othersand so, invasions came and went, slowly driving Avalon and its teachings underground. Armies came and armies went, castles, monuments and institutions were built, lived and died, none coming closer than the inquisition to finally destroying the knowledge of the old ways, and the  practices that precluded greed, avarice and perverse forms of power.  Today, despite the passing of many years, despite the revival of the old ways, we face new armies. Vast corporations and industries who, just as the armies of old seek to have, to own, to exercise power over others.   Today, humanity needs the experience of divinity and the guidance of those who know the gentleness of the old ways.  Today then, those who have gone before, those who have completed their journey as incarnate beings seek to stir the hearts, minds and souls of those who, though still walking this earth, have walked with them in lives past.  

Vivienne, former High Priestess of Avalon and teacher of the old ways is one of those who now draws near, planting in the hearts of those who allow it the desire to do so again. And so many are to be found who crave the ancient knowledge, many are found  who yearn for the communal experience of spirit that abandons hierarchical self interest in favour of unity consciousness, many are they who seek magic. Some of you who are so called are here gathered, and so, this night, let us put out a call, for Avalon's children to once again gather, and for the blessings of the old ones to be upon us. This night, let us raise energy, let the cone of power be formed, that we may open a channel through which knowledge, experience and magic may flow.

All allow then the energy that is even now flowing into the circle through the 4 quarters to gently move in an anti clockwise direction while singing:

Earth my body, Water my blood,
Air my breath and fire my spirit,
Air moves us, Fire transforms us,
Water shapes us, Earth heals us,
And the magical wheel goes around and around,
The magical wheel goes around

Open to the uniting and activating forces that Vivienne and  Merlin offer, all join in spiralling, allowing the circular movement of energy to become a spiralling cone of power that both ascends (eventually forming a point above) and descends (reaching deep into  the earth) while singing:

Spiralling the power within,
Drawing deep on creations desire,
Spiralling the power within,
To raise the cone of power.

Once the cone has been raised, Caroline will speak this blessing:

I call today on the strength of heaven
Light of Sun! Radiance of Moon!
Splendour of Fire! Speed of Lightening!
Swiftness of Wind! Depth of Sea!
Stability of Earth! Firmness of Stone!
That the Children Of Avalon may again gather,
And become a doorway through which the  
knowledge of the old ways,  the experience of unity,  and the practice of magic may flow.
This is my will, So Mote It Be

All then in openness allow the energy thus raised to flow as all sing:

We are opening, We are opening,
We are opening up in sweet surrender to the
luminous love light of the One,


Mighty Merlin
we thank you for your
Light and activating power,
Hail & Farewell

Mighty Vivienne,
we thank you for your
Guidance and unifying power,
Hail & Farewell

 Morgan, Priestess of the Sea
We thank you for guarding  this place of sunset,
We thank you for your wisdom
Hail & Farewell.

Lugh, Shining one,
We thank you for guarding this place of noon,
We thank you for your strength
Hail & Farwell

Taliesin, Greatest Bard
We thank you for guarding this place of sunrise,
We thank you for your beauty
Hail & Farwell

Cerridwen, Goddess of the Earth
We thank you for guarding this place of darkness,
We thank you for your transformation,
Hail & Farwell.

May the Circle be open, but unbroken,
May the peace of the Goddess be ever in our hearts.
Merry meet, Merry part & Merry meet again.

* This ritual is a combination of the author's original ideas and information obtained from various books and/or internet sources.

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