Spheres Of Light

Mabon 2012
The Second Harvest

Ritual written* and led by Tidal Wolf
(Friday 30 March 2012)

We gather here tonight to honour the spirits of nature, our ancestors and the gods and goddess to whom we pray. We honour the Earth, for it is she who sustains us. As the land begins to die, the earth turns cold. The soil becomes stagnant and the world descends into darkness. It is Mabon again; the time to rest and reflect on what the warmer months have taught us and to revisit the joys we shared, for they will keep us warm in the cold of the dark season. Mabon is traditionally one of the two times of the year we celebrate the balance in the universe; the dark and the light, the good and the bad, joy and sorrow. We also honour the darker aspects of the goddess, focusing on the aspects of our lives which are without light. We have gathered the second harvest and it was bountiful, we are ready for the darkness.


By the powers of the Earth, Sky and Sea may this circle be blessed, cleansed and sanctified.

We here tonight call out to the spirits of nature. Hear us! We wish to thank you for your presence over the months gone by, we thank you for your role in the great circle and offer you our prayers of safety through the coming darkness. Blessed are the great spirits of the wild woods.


We ask the goddess Macha (maax-ah) to come here tonight. Great queen of phantoms, mother of life and death, Queen of Emania land of the moon where the dead reside. Come dark goddess, help us to see and understand that all our troubles are but simply lessons. We ask her to help us feel that the problems we will face during the coming darkness need only a small time of dwelling upon. We will see why they arose and what should be learned so that we can move on and be stronger. (Light the candle of darkness)


We ask the great god Lugh (loo) to come here tonight. The shining one, Great sun god, our hero god. Lord it is time for you to travel. Before you go, visit here one more time, fill us with your love and burning light grant us patience and understanding for we will need it this winter. Keep your spear in hand and stay ready to protect us if we so need you. (Light the candle of light)

A balance of light and darkness
Balance is sought for our souls
Black candle burn and represent our Darkness
All the things we wish to destroy from our lives
White candle burn and represent our Light
Bring forth joy and love
A balance of light and darkness

Tonight we have found balance and harmony on the earth, so too will we have balance and harmony in our lives.

We call our ancestors to come here and honour us with their presence; those who lived with our blood in their veins of memories past, whose blood still flows within us, remind us of who we are and give further meaning to our lives.

Having given our prayers and energy to the great spirits we have called let us now meditate and open ourselves up to receive the powers, advice and encouragement they offer.

The wise and powerful ones have blessed us. With love in our hearts let us remember what we have learned and take the energy from this sacred grove we now sit upon and return to the world of logic and reason.

We thank our ancestors who have come here tonight and who have whispered in our ears of what is right or wrong. We thank you for moulding us into who we are. With love in our hearts we bid you farewell. All that we are and all that we will be is because you live within us.

We give a fond farewell to the animals who have gone deep into the earth for the winters sleep. We give a fond farewell to the birds who fly away to wherever they go when the cold sets in. We give a fond farewell to the trees and flowers which now go to sleep until Beltaine when we next shall meet.


Great lord of the sun, the shining one, we thank you for joining us here tonight and give you a fond farewell.



Great Queen of battle, Dark Crow of death we thank you for joining us here tonight and give you a fond farewell.


Close circle. Then Feast…

May this circle be open but unbroken
May the peace of the Goddess be ever in our hearts.
Merry Meet and Merry Part
And Merry Meet again.

* This ritual is a combination of the author's original ideas and information obtained from various books and/or internet sources.

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