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FULL MOON CIRCLE ( March 2005)
(Ritual written by Gwyneira Morgana)

This Full Moon we sees the Aries/Libra polarity drawing us to work with our inner relationships in order to initiate a new experience of our true selves. Unique to this Full Moon, we also see retrograde planets bringing old, often hidden beliefs, attitudes and ideas into review.
This then is an ideal time to confront our shadow - that part of ourselves that dwells within our subconscious,  like an ignored ill favoured twin, harbouring our deepest fears, guilts, etc. This shadow fights to be acknowledged and honoured, creating situations that demonstrate the beliefs that it holds until finally it is recognised.
This simple act of recognition creates a moment of spontaneous integration that naturally invites a revitalized expression of the True Self.

After smudging, each person enters the circle, finding a place that is  comfortable. After grounding and centering, the salt, water, incense and candle are blessed by those who are calling the corresponding quarters. After then all has been blessed, the circle is cast first with incense, and then with salt  water. Then all together honour this land in song...


Guardians of the Underworld,
Of the watery places,
Of subterranean depths,
We call for you.
Guide us through your world,
Protect our inner worlds
We welcome you,
So Mote It Be

Guardians of the Middle World
Of the earthy plains, Of life & love
We call for you.
Guide us to and from this world,
Protect our lives and flesh
We welcome you, So Mote It Be

Guardians of Fire,  Of energy,
That mediate between the worlds
We call for you.  Guide us as we journey,
Protect us in all realms
We welcome you, So Mote It Be

Guardians of the Sky,
Of the airy realms, Of mind,
We call for you. Guide us from above,
Draw us upward when our journey’s done,
We welcome you, So Mote It Be 


I am the daughter of the Ancient Mother,
I am the child of the Mother of the World.
I am your daughter O Ancient Mother,
I am your child O Mother of the World.
O Inanna! O Inanna! O Inanna!
It is you who teaches us to die, 
to be reborn and then to rise again.
Tonight, let us die, be reborn, and arise!
We call for you mighty Inanna,
We welcome you,  Queen of heaven.
So Mote It Be.


Lords Of Light,
Lovers of Beauty,
Saviors of the Dead,
We call for you.
Reach to us this night,
And lift us we pray,
From the depths
To the heights,
That we may take up rulership of our lives.
Lords of Light,
We call for you,
We welcome you,
So Mote It Be

We gather then to follow in the footsteps of the Great Goddess Inanna. To take Her journey, to descend into the depths and  thus be initiated into a new reality. Each of us however is at their own point in their journey, and at varying points of readiness for such a journey. While then all of us will seek to make the journey, for some it will become a preparation for a later journey, while for others it may be the journey itself. We have asked for guidance and protection, so each of us can know that we will have the experience that is relevant.
Each of us will then in a moment list the 7 parts of ourselves that we consider essential. These may be personal characteristics, circumstances , qualities or whatever seems right for you. To help us move into an awareness of our various aspects, we will sing:


Earth my body, Water my blood
Air my breath And fire my spirit,
And the circle of the year  goes around and around
The circle of the year goes around.

Once you have as many (up to 7) essential parts of self listed, imagine them as armor that you put on while we sing:
    I    .
Woman am I ,Spirit am I
I am the all within my soul
I have no start and I have no end
All this I am.
So armored, we can envision ourselves within a cave. If indeed we are ready to take our  journey, a guide will appear to whom we must give the first layer of our armor.  If we are ready, this will happen through all 7 layers, until, naked, we arrive and meet our shadow. Our shadow at this point is in control, and will maintain control until a Lord of Light returns to redeem us. While we experience this journey, we will sing while drumming/rattling a fast rhythm.:

We all come from Goddess,
And to Her we shall return,
Like a drop of rain, Flowing to the ocean.
Hoof & Horn, Hoof & Horn
All that dies shall be reborn.
Corn & Grain, Corn & Grain,
All that falls shall rise again.


Mighty Lords of Light
we thank you for your
presence and power,
Hail & Farewell

Mighty Inanna,
we thank you for your
Guidance and leadership,
Hail & Farewell

Star Spirits of the Sky,
We thank you for guiding and
guarding us,
Hail & Farewell.

Star Spirits of the Fire,
We thank you for guiding and
guarding  us,
Hail & Farewell.

Star Spirits of the Middle Earth,
We thank you for guiding and
guarding us,
Hail & Farewell.

Star Spirits of the Underworld,
We thank you for guiding and
guarding us,
Hail & Farewell.

May the Circle be open, but unbroken,
May the peace of the Goddess be ever in our hearts.
Merry meet, Merry part & Merry meet again.

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