Spheres Of Light

Full Moon Circle (July 3rd 2004)


(Ritual written by Gwyneira Morgana) 



As each of us seeks to deepen our understanding and experience of ourselves, our lives and the world in which we live, releasing the old, the negative, the unsupportive, and increasing the new, the positive, the supportive becomes a part of our regular practice in life. This ongoing process of renewal is but part of the pathway to evolution, service also being an important factor. This is seen by some to be an old fashioned, or less relevant concept, yet all of us every day are in the service of something or someone. Some serve their families, some their employers, some serve their mortgage, others their hopes, dreams or even fears. Beyond though the physical, emotional and mental aspects of service that we enact can in fact be perceived service to particular deities, archetypes, or patterns. Someone for example who is primarily serving their family may indeed be serving a Mother or Wife deity, someone who is serving their fears may be serving a destroyer deity etc

While this is in and of itself part of the natural order of things, becoming aware of who and what we are serving, whether we are serving to the best of our ability, and through our awareness establishing choice as to who and what we serve enables us to progress and evolve with greater speed, choice and effectiveness.

Our intent for this full Moon is then


This we will achieve through the raising of the "Cone of Power". This is generally used to externalise energy, resulting in outward change. We will however be inverting this Cone of Power once formed, this allowing us to internalise the energy raised, to examine inward matters. Once this is formed, we will travel through it, meeting eventually the one that we serve.

It is of great importance that once we arrive at that place where we meet with deity - a point of great light, that none go into that light, as that is not the purpose of this journey. It is also of great importance once we have finished, that we release those with whom we have met back into the light.

Good Luck in Your Journey

Blessed Be


After smudging all together honour local spirits in song:

Gundrah A oo noo Nungeenah tya
Gundrah Lah oo oo noo
Yahma koora, yahma koora
Nungeena tya
Yahma koora

And then the circle is cast using the following words:

May all unwelcome influence be
Cleansed and purified
May all unwelcome presence be
Cleansed and purified.
May this be a place where the worlds of the divine
And the worlds of men may meet as one in love and trust.
So Mote it be.


Lord of Magic, Bardic Seer,
Shape Shifter, Poet, Magician.
Guard this the place of the Sunrise,
That we may learn, heal and communicate,
With love & power.
We welcome you,
So Mote It Be

Lord of Nature, of Power,
Fertility & Success.
Guard this the place of Noon,
That we may have power, Courage
& Purity of Intent.
We welcome you,
So Mote It Be.

Priestess of the Deep,
Teacher, Healer, Guide.
Guard this the place of the sunset,
That we may enter into the place
Of Magic.
We Welcome You,
So Mote It Be.

Goddess of The Earth,
Initiator, Provider, Mother & Crone.
Guard this the place of darkness,
That we May have Strength, Transformation, Rebirth.
We Welcome You
So Mote It Be


Mighty Morgan
Queen of the Night
Goddess of Fate
We offer ourselves to you,
To the extent that each is ready,
To honour, serve and learn.
We ask that your presence rise up
In acceptance of our offering.
We welcome You,
So Mote It Be

Mighty Lugh,
Shining One,
Hero, skillful sage.
We call upon your light,
To the extent that each is ready,
To guide, initiate and direct.
We Welcome You,
So Mote It Be.


Re ground and centre, drawing deep on the fires of the earth and the fires of the sky.
As energy builds, allow it to focus into your base chakra. As you sing the chant below, allow this energy to spiral in a clockwise direction around the circle, gradually drawing this energy up through your central column to your third eye. As it reaches your third eye,  project it out, spiraling clockwise around the circle as a violet light. As this cone of power ascends, from our base chakras, to 3rd eye chakras and beyond, see it becoming white, eventually enclosing an infinitely small, infinitely dark point of light in the infinite distance above.

Keep intent focussed by all singing:

The fire within
Drawing deep on creations desire.
The fire within
To raise the cone of power.

Once the cone of power is raised, a bell will be sounded. At this point all is to be silenced, and attention completely focused on the apex of the cone. Allow this focus to become as a line of force which, as the second bell is sounded can begin to draw this cone of power towards the earth. Feel it become increasingly dense until it sits as a flat disk held between our 3rd eyes and the earth. See it then pass through to become a descending cone of power. As it passes through the earth, see its colour also invert from white to black, though still connected to everyone's 3rd eye by a violet hue. See this black light descend to enclose an infinitely small, infinitely light point in the infinite distance.
When the third bell is rung, all sit in silence as our meditation begins

Finding yourself then at the edge of eternity, - a boundless night stretched before you, darkness, blackness, eternal void. A great ocean of night silent and still, stretching beyond space and time. And you, upon its edge, seeing, hearing, feeling, knowing.
And you, as you place your foot into this void, this blackness, this stillness, this infinite night.
And you, surprised, to find, that, your step, is solid, secure.
Feeling the strength of  infinite night
beneath your infinite feet, feeling its sureness, its secureness, its warmth, you begin to walk in its way.
Step by step into the deep, the hidden, the secret abyss.
Ancient pathway, stretching into night, arcane truths, upon which your feet tread, everything as nothing, nothing as everything, and yet in the distance a point. Light visible, breathtaking, life giving, that somehow gives measure to never.
Step by step deeper into night, light bright, giving sight, deep in darkness lives the white, drawing nearer ever clearer end of night in sight.
Reaching now the edge of light,
standing still in shadows rite, now aware of wisdoms plight ready now to know, waiting, waiting, waiting.
And, behold as you now stand,
revelation ere at hand, full prepared to hear and see, the One that leads your way.
So prepare to hear the words that will call the one you serve, so to know this very day the nature of the fray.
In the name of Vivian, Priestess of Avalon
In the name of Cerridwen, womb of twice born.
In the name of Morgan, weaver of Fate,
I call now upon the Holy Ones.
I call upon those that we serve,
to reveal  themselves, to step into the shadows,
That we may know them,
That they may know us,
That awareness may increase.
Seeing then the bright light stir, as now moves the one you serve, stepping forward so to meet in shades
between the worlds.

While a form begins to show,
outlined in the light you know, to bow your head for light explodes, as deity steps forth.
So, at first you see the feet of the one you’ve come to seek, slowly taking in the view of whom you seek to know.
And so we now in endless time, find the space to talk and find, those things that need be heard
And said within this the shadow realm.

Now as our time draws to an end, that you may  always find this friend,
exchange a word, a sign, a gift that you may ever know. The way to swiftly here return, if the need arises soon, or indeed in times delay, if ever come what may.

And thanking deeply, letting go, as to the light this one now goes, and you prepare to walk the way back to the world you know.
And so now turning from the light, walking back through endless night, seeking out the violet glow - the edge of time that flows.
Seeing now that purple hue, stepping near the edge of you, and in an instant flowing through,
the eye of
inner view.
Pouring down the central path, of your bodies spinal shaft, even through into your toes as deep your breathe unfolds.
Finding now full comfort in, the confines of your earthly skin, breathing deeply, filling in any space or void.


Mighty Morgan
We thank you for your presence & power
Hail & Farewell.

Mighty Lugh,
We thank you for your presence & power,
Hail & Farewell.


We thank you for your presence and power
Hail & Farewell.


We thank you for your presence & power
Hail & Farwell


We thank you for your presence & power
Hail & Farewell.


We thank you for your presence & power,
Hail & Farewell

May the Circle be open, but unbroken,
May the peace of the Goddess be ever in our hearts.
Merry meet, Merry part & Merry meet again.

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