Spheres Of Light

RA Light - February 2005

(Ritual written by Janine Donnellan)

Mandalas by Soluntra King © 1995-2001

The RA Light that illuminates from the Second Sun is activating humanity into their higher dimensional aspects and divinity. It illuminates the Life Force, the serpent spirals and doorways within humanity; the chakras, kundalini, DNA with the coding of Creation. The RA Light clears the holograms of separation and unifies the illusion of density into Divine Light. It opens the pathway to the New Earth.

The last time the RA Light was able to infuse this planet was in Ancient Egypt with the Temples of RA and the DNA transmission that happened at that time as the beings from other Star systems mixed their genetic makeup with Earthlings to create a shift in consciousness. This is happening again, the blood of RA, the higher frequency life force of the Creator God/Goddesses, now in unity to create the next Root Race. RA speaks: "RA is what you may call the Greater, Greater, Greater Central Sun, just to give you some understanding of RA's intensity and magnitude of illumination. RA is not the Prime Creator of all Creation but one of the Founder God/Goddesses. RA is instrumental now in this great shift, as your Earth's Solar System is about to unite back with its Creator Central Sun as that Central Sun unites with the Greater Central Sun and so on to Source, Prime Creator. Because of the creative energy RA works with it holds the Goddess energy that is flowing onto the Earth plane now to balance with the God, God/Goddess are One.
This transmission is from the RA Light of the Second Sun, in relation to the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun; the Twin Sun is a Greater Central Sun that is now awakening humanities consciousness. It is here now to assist in the great shift and has literally appeared into the material world to be seen as it is now time to make the shift. It has always been here but in other dimensions that are of lighter frequency light waves not perceived by humanity. Only able to be perceived when we are able to move beyond dark and light, duality and into our Hearts in unity. This then gives us the clarity to be the divine essence of our true self while on Earth, by doing this we assist the shift for Earth and all creation as the Earth becomes fifth dimensional and beyond, and we create Heaven on Earth. The Liquid Light Transmission activates the DNA strands to 84 with the use of the mandala and sound for those who have not awakened before now. And for those who are activating it assists to awaken more and more strands at the level you are able to cope with as you heighten your frequencies.
The two strands keep humanity as slaves and into the belief of death, struggle and survival. At 12 strands the physical vehicle is getting healthy, at 64 strands activated the Etheric Blueprint which holds all the patterns and fear that manifest as illness or block the flow are transmuted. We operate at the level of the Blue Light Body. At 5,000 strands activated the emotional and mental bodies are clear and we become fifth dimensional at the level of the Violet Light Body. At 15,000 strands we become our Divine White Light Body and master of our self, at 40,000 strands we become our Solar Self and are one with the Central Sun.

For more on the DNA and the Light Body see Soluntra's Books "Light Body Awakening", "Handbook of RA". The mandala of the Liquid Light Transmission of DNA will keep assisting in the activation process of the higher octaves of your true self to the level of the Central Sun.
The Mandala and Sounds assists the integration process of the unification of light and dark, and all aspects of duality which are fears that have been held in the cells and DNA for eons of time. This DNA is not just the physical and physical body fears of death, the unknown, survival, co-dependence and being in a body. But the fears that have attachments to all the other devas, demi gods and ones that have been feeding off you from your ignorance and belief in separation. As they to have believed in separation and feed off your pain, guilt, anger, grief, terror, rage, jealousy, possessiveness, anxiety, doubt and the myriad of conditions you have accepted into your being. So as you love all these in yourself so the DNA on all levels clears, for you have always had many more than two strands. But the other strands were under the control of these other entities that held on to feed, because of their own fears of not existing anymore also. But for them also it is time to shift into wholeness and let go, the shift we are undertaking in this Solar System and Greater Solar Systems is so great as to create a transmutation into Unity of all life that has held duality and fear as their belief, not just the physical beings.
1. After you have done some inner healing with Love and Acceptance it would be recommended to look at the mandala and make the sounds eleven times.
2. The mandala can be used separately any time by anyone to assist them to activate.

Open the Quarters

Oh mighty Thoth with you breath awaken us
Let us feel it flow through our being.
Let it bring us to a new consciousness.
Oh mighty Thoth I call for you
So mote it be.

Oh mighty Isis with your Fire transforms us
Let the fire empowers us
Let it reveal our true essence
Oh mighty Isis I call for you
So Mote it be.

Oh mighty Osiris with your ebb &flow of life shift us
Connect to us
With your fluidity bring forth our intuition.
Oh mighty Osiris I call for you
So mote it be.

Oh mighty Anubis with the darkness grounds us
Let the Earth regenerates us,
Let it take the substance of our being and makes us new.
Oh mighty Anubis I call for you
So Mote it be


Oh Mighty Nuit
You are the sky, you are the stars
You are the eternal stellar flame that lives within
We offer ourselves to you.
May your presence rise
In acceptance of this offering
So mote it be.


Mighty RA
The divine illumination
We call for you.
May your light descend and fill our hearts and minds.
Activate and unite us with the one.
May this place and all herein be manifest potential.
So mote it be.

Mandala to be said 11 times - a bell will ring at the end of each mandala

Sacred Toning



We thank you great Goddess Nuit
For your divine presence
Hail and farewell


We thank you almighty RA
For your divine presence,
Hail and farewell.
May love and peace reside in all our hearts.

Anubis Mighty God of Earth
We thank you and honour you
Hail and Farewell.

Osiris, Mighty God of Water
We thank you and honour you
Hail and Farewell.

Isis, Mighty Goddess of Fire
We thank you and honour you
Hail and Farewell.

Thoth, Mighty God of Air
We thank you and honour you
Hail and Farewell.

May the circle be open but unbroken
May the peace of the Goddess be ever in our hearts
Merry meet and Merry part
and Merry meet again.

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