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Lughnasadh 2012

Ritual written* and led by Gabriel
(Friday 3 February 2012)

Lughnasadh is the celebration of the first fruits of the harvest. It is considered a time of Thanksgiving and the first of three Pagan Harvest Festivals, when the plants of Spring wither and drop their fruits or seeds for our use as well as to ensure future crops. The first fruits and grains of the Earth are cut and stored for the dark Winter months. The Sun King, now Dark Lord, gives his energy to the crops to ensure life while the Mother prepares to give way to her aspect as the Crone.

Lughnasadh is the celebration and a way to rejoice over the fruits of your labour. It is a time to consider whether your result has equalled your efforts. It is the time to teach what you have learned, to share the fruits of your achievements with the world. It is time to pause and open oneself to the change of the Season and new possibilities.

The ideals of Leo and Aquarius come into their fullest expression at the Full Moon. As an individual, how fully are you expressing your life purpose?

This upcoming full moon brings to a climax the events that have been swirling around in our lives recently. Times of change are upon us and we must adapt as best we can. Old habits are often difficult to break, but when we do, our lives get unstuck and begin to progress.


Brigid is a Triple Goddess. The Bridgets were sisters and the distinctions between them were based on their domains of responsibility. Brigid, the 'Fire of the Hearth', was the goddess of fertility, family, childbirth and healing. Brigid, the 'Fire of the Forge', was like the Greek goddess Athena, a patroness of the crafts (especially weaving, embroidery, and metal smithing), and a goddess who was concerned with justice and law and order. Brigid, the 'Fire of Inspiration', was the muse of poetry, song, history, and the protector of all cultural learning.


The name Lugh means "light". He is the Child of the Sun. Lugh is also the God of grain harvests, of crafting, metallurgy, grains & breads, looms, and fire. Lugh is known as a defender of the people, especially those who may be threatened by the forces of Nature. Lugh's Spear is the flash of Light which pierces the Darkness. He is Energy. He is a Sun God and God of the Sky and of Lightening, as well as God of Death and Rebirth. He is Mage, Alchemist and Sorcerer. Lugh teaches us not to fight battles out of anger, but to fight for causes that are just and right. He teaches us to honour our promises and our oaths.

The Ritual

We enter the sacred space as a group drumming, dancing, rattling.

We go around the altar widdershins - antisunwise, reflecting upon and contemplating on the fruits of our labour, and ritually letting go of the past with ease. As we pace forward we name and shout aloud our good fortune in gratitude and joy. Our words have power and coupled with the music we build a cone of power.

Cast the circle – By the power of the Dragons may this circle be blessed, cleansed and sanctified.


Hail to the Dragons of the East
Ancient Masters of the Air
Into this circle we summon you
That you may join us in celebration
May your Divine breath carry us
Inspire our contemplation
Hail and Welcome


Hail to the Dragons of the North
Ancient Masters of Fire
Into this circle we summon you
That you may join us in celebration
May your vitality ignite, inspire
Lead and link us to divine desire
Hail and Welcome


Hail to the Dragons of the west
Ancient Masters of Water
Into this circle we summon you
That you may join us in celebration
May streams of pristine wetness cleanse us
Quench outmoded thoughts, refresh us
Hail and Welcome


Hail to the Dragons of the South
Ancient Masters of Earth
Into this circle we summon you
That you may join us in celebration
With steady clarity you guide our purpose
Into this moment you ground our focus
Hail and Welcome

Invocation to Brigid

(The 3 Brigids Together)

Holy water, Sacred flame
Brigit we invoke your name
Bless our minds and bless our hearts
Source of healing, song and arts.
On this full moon night we draw near
Your eternal words we long to hear
Lady Brigid, may we ever seek your ways.

Invocation to Lugh

Fearless and wise warrior
Lugh we invoke your name
Lord of lightning, fire, Sun,
Defender and protector of the fields and grain
In humility and honour we succumb to thee
May you always guard and light the way

All Together

We stand in unity,
And in our power,
In perfect love and perfect trust
We surrender our hearts this witching hour
So mote it Be!

All sit

The Three Brigids to the altar

We are Brigid Three in one
Shining power of the sun
In this hour we bring forth
Rest and beauty - healing all
As your hearts have drawn you near
Now is the time - release your fears
By the power of creation
The Divine Eternal flame
I hereby accept these fruits of labour
Be blessed, Be blessed, I say
It is time
I now bring forth
Inspiration, beauty, love to all
Within my power lays the law
I say - be free my kin, Be free
Go forth empowered
So mote it Be

The Three Brigids go around the circle and share the Blessed cider, fruits, nuts and charms.

. . . . . . . . . . . . Meditation . . . . . . . . . . . .


By the Holy rays of the Sun,
We thank you for guiding our hands
Enlightening our Thoughts and Will
Hail and farewell


By the Holy water and Sacred flame,
We thank you for your blessing and healing
Hail and farewell


Dragons of the South
Masters of Earth
Thank you for joining us in celebration
For grounding our thoughts
And guiding our purpose
Hail and farewell


Dragons of the West
Masters of Water
Thank you for joining us in celebration
For pristine waters that have cleansed
Quenched outmoded thoughts, refreshed us
Hail and farewell


Dragons of the North
Masters of Fire
Thank you for joining us in celebration
For the vitality that has linked and inspired us
With your Divine desire
Hail and farewell


Dragons of the East
Masters of the Air
Thank you for joining us in celebration
For your guiding breath
That brought us to this moment
And inspired our contemplation
Hail and farewell

May this circle be open but unbroken
May the peace of the Goddess be ever in our hearts.
Merry Meet and Merry Part
And Merry Meet again.

* This ritual is a combination of the author's original ideas and information obtained from various books and/or internet sources.

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