Spheres Of Light

Full Moon in Pisces
~ White Buffalo Calf Woman ~

Ritual written* and led by Maria
(Friday 31 August 2012)

White Buffalo Calf Woman

Once all in circle Say:

We gather here to bring peace and harmony within ourselves and to all that we meet.
Walk upon the earth with Great Spirit
We are all part of this great connection it’s in all of us.

Circle Cast:

Quarter Call:

Spirit of the east
Element of air
Tribes of the rising sun

Spirit of the north
Element of fire
Tribes of the midday sun

Spirit of the west
Element of water
Tribes of the setting sun

Spirit of the south
Element of earth
Tribes of the evening sun

Quarter Call Ending:
Come join and rejoice
In peace and harmony
Balance and prosperity
Upon this great land
In Unity of all humankind

I ask thee to attend
Hail and welcome

Goddess (White Buffalo Calf Woman) walks around the circle starting in the East, North, West, South, then back to East

Chief Stands in the West, bows to her and says: (step forward face goddess)

Great Goddess you are welcome here
In your honour
We gather together all nations
In mutual respect
For peace and unity
One family
Celebrating connection to Sacred Spirit
Honouring all aspects of Creation
Your song shall be heard by all, Great Goddess
Harmony, balance and prosperity for all

Hail and Welcome

Goddess Says: (steps forward)

Man of all colours
Man of all nations
One people
One spirit
Celebrate and honour
Your sacred connection
Upon this great land
Far and wide
Together instil harmony
To your brothers and sisters
For all to flourish and prosper
Remember: We are one with all that is.

All say:

We are one with all that is
Hail and Welcome

Dance and Drum: circle together promoting peace, chanting, dancing


Goddess says:

Each is connected to Sacred Spirit, remember
Walk the path of mutual respect, the path that honours all aspects of Creation
We are ONE with all that is.
Till we meet again
Hail and Farewell

Goddess walks around the circle, South, West, North, and East, bowing to all the quarters

Chief bows and says:

Great Goddess
I thank thee
For instilling in me
Peace and harmony

Till we meet again.
Hail and Farewell

Quarter Says:

Spirit of the South
Element of Earth
Tribes of the evening sun

Spirit of the West
Element of Water
Tribes of the setting sun

Spirit of the North
Element of Fire
Tribes of the midday sun

Spirit of the East
Element of Air
Tribes of the rising sun

Quarter Call Ending:
I thank thee for attending
Go in peace and unity
Upon this great land

Hail and Farewell

May this circle be open but unbroken
May the peace of the Goddess be ever in our hearts.
Merry Meet and Merry Part
And Merry Meet again.

* This ritual is a combination of the author's original ideas and information obtained from various books and/or internet sources.

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