Spheres Of Light

Following the Voice that Guides

Ritual written* and led by Gwyneira Morgana
(April 2005 ~ South Coast group)


With this Full Moon highlighting our ability to provide for ourselves materially, we can understand that we intend a s result of our actions tonight to attract to ourselves that which we need materially. When however we look at the planets that describe how we may best achieve this, we see that it is not through careful planning, intense demanding or clever spells that such providence may be attained, but rather through our own ability to let go of the past and trust our intuition to guide us into our future. In order to increase our ability to do this, tonight we will align our energies with those of deep intuition. We will do this by invoking the energies of another land - one ruled by water rather than the fiery determination that Australia blesses us with., and then, within that space fill our beings with the light of our true selves. This energy we will then pour into a poppet - this becoming a tool through which we can externalize our intuitive capacities. Indeed, when in future we find ourselves asking, which way should I turn in order to attract to myself that which I need,, we can take out our doll, and, in a reflective manner, ask it. This then will unlock the energy stored within it, allowing our intuition to flow as if we are being spoken to from within. In this way, we will indeed be better enabled to: FOLLOW THE VOICE THAT GUIDES

I invoke the land of Ireland
Much-coursed be the fertile sea,
Fertile be the fruit strewn mountains,
Fruit strewn be the showery wood
Showery be the river of waterfalls,
Of waterfalls  be the lake of deep pools,
Deep pooled be the hill top well
A well of tribes be the assembly,
An assembly of kings be Tara
Tara be a hill of the tribes,
The tribes of the sons of Mil,
Of Mil of the ships, the barks,
Let the lofty bark be Ireland,
Lofty Ireland, darkly sung,
An incantation of great cunning,
The great cunning of the wives of Bres,
The wives of Bres, of Buaigne
The great lady Ireland
Eremon hath invoked her,
Ir, Eber have invoked for her,
I invoke the land of Ireland.


Having invoked sacred space around us, let us evoke sacred space within

Today we invoke our own inner sacred place,
A land fertile with creativity, A well deep with wisdom,
And a sky showery with many blessings.
Let the watch flames of Tara guard us in our work.
Let the signal fires of Tara burn to guide us through the shadows,
Let the crowning flames of Tara spark within and link us to the Gods.

(all as each light their candle)
Today I create the sacred flame of inspiration within myself,
Linking the inner spark of my soul
With that greater bonfire that manifests deity.
And indeed, we can - and should acknowledge that it is the mystery of time that only allows us to move from here to there.

The flood-wave and that of swift ebb:
What the flood-wave brings you
The ebb wave carries out of your hand.
The flood wave and that second wave which is ebb
These have come to me, so that I know and control them.

Today I acknowledge the sacred flow of time,
Beginning and ending, Flow & ebb,
The gateway which brings all things to birth.
Goddess Danu

Who is She the melodious Lady
At the base of the knoll
At the base of the wave?
Melodious Lady,
As a Goddess in loveliness.

Today I will look for the Goddess in all that I do and all that I see;
Her face in every face, Her presence in all places,
Her love surrounding me,
Embracing me and upholding me.

And if today we stood within the land of Ireland, we would look to the east, and see not only our own land, but across the waters the lands of those who would take our country, those who would lay obstacles to impede our progress to sovereign reign over our own shores.

Today I conquer that which hinders my progress through life.

(keeper  only)
The stone on which my heels stand
From it is named Inis Fal
Between two strands of a mighty flood,
All Ireland is called the plain of Fal.

Today I know and accept that I rule my life and choose my fate,
No other may hold my sacred place,
No other may reign over my spirit or the land which is my life.

The five parts of Ireland
Between sea and land
I entreat the fair candles
Of every province among them.

Today I affirm that I and the land are one.


And if today we stood within the land of Ireland, we would look to the south, and fertile fields, valleys of milk and honey, within which we can experience the fullness of life. Let us appreciate such.

Today I appreciate the fruitfulness of my life,
Giving myself the warmth of love.

And may Lugh kind-white, strong-white, red-white,
Preserve thee, protect thee, provide for thee,
With the might of his hand, with the point of his spear,
Under the shade of his shimmering shade.

Today I see and appreciate my many talents.

Thou art the sun of the heavens
Thou art the moon of the skies
Thou art the star and the path
Of the wanderers.

Today I know that I am made of the stuff of stars.

And if today we stood within the land of Ireland, we would look to the West, and see the waters , cold and exacting, We would, even from here feel the sharpness, of its chill, and  be reminded of any weakness, any injury that still ails us. Let us embrace these sharp reminders of our humanity, and in this
acknowledgement, seek healing.

Today I embrace the cold and the sharp,
I move with their bracing vigour.

A sword keen, true, Without stain, without dust,
Without smear, without flaw, Without grime, without rust.

Today I acknowledge the wounds I bear,
Yet I seek to heal those wounds.

Great wave, green wave,
Strength of sea, strength of ocean,
The nine wells of Mac Lir

Today I explore, acknowledge and appreciate my

And finally,  if today we stood within the land of Ireland, we would look to the North, and marvel as have all throughout time at the magic, and the mystery of the coloured lights that play - and as we perceive these Northern lights, we can allow their magic to flow through us.

Today I will allow the magic in life to manifest through me.

I acclaim the Cauldron of Knowledge,
Where the law of every art is set out,
Which makes prosperity, Which magnifies every artist,
Which exalts a person by means of art.

Today I see the generous nature of the universe,
And honour my obligation of hospitality.

The munificent lord of every succor,
The mountain of red gold.
The tree which wards the multitudes
Off the death-battle plain.

Today I see God in nature;
Sacred trees, holy springs,
Beauty in the cycle of the seasons

And having acknowledged, evoked and gathered such an array of energies and forces, let us allow these to flow in harmony through us all as we sing:
We Are A Circle
We are a circle, a living circle, with no beginning, and never ending.
And let us seek the fullness of blessing, not only from the landscape that we have created, but even from our inner landscape.

May the land hold us in love and strength,
And the skies light shine.
May the ancient ones draw near this night
And gather round.

And finally, let us acknowledge the fullness of our being, and by doing so, allow this fullness to flow into us, to build within us, to charge us with its power to know and to trust, that we may charge these our poppets with these qualities.

I Sacred Soul
More than a body
More than a heart
More than a mind am I.
I am the light of the One whose whole
I am sacred soul.


The flood-wave and that of swift ebb:
What the flood-wave brings you the ebb-wave carries out of your hand.
The flood-wave and that second wave which is ebb all have come to me,
So that I know and control them.

Today I acknowledge the sacred flow of time,
Ending and beginning; Ebb & flow;
The gateway that takes all things past death.

The watch-flames of Tara guarded our work
The signal fires of Tara have guided us through the shadows,
The crowning flames of Tara leap within and have linked us to the Gods.

Today I stand between the sacred flames, purified,
Prepared to meet the deities in their  own lands.

May all that have been called now return to their own time and place, those of the North, West, South & East, Danu and Bile, departing in peace.
We thank you for your blessings,
We thank you for your love,
And with our sincerest thanks we say now,
Hail & Farewell.

* This ritual is a combination of the author's original ideas and information obtained from various books and/or internet sources.

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