Spheres Of Light

Full Moon Circle (April 2004)
Unity Consciousness

(Ritual written by Gwyneira Morgana)


Often  as each of us walks our paths, we experience periods when we need
inspiration -a moment that shines as we search for the energy, courage  and
tenacity to keep moving forward. Over the last few months, while some have simply
enjoyed the experience of circle, others have begun to deal with the issues and blockages that prevent them from experiencing their full potential.
This Aries Full Moon is then an ideal time to invoke the assistance and inspiration of those who have walked before us. Indeed the Aries

Full Moon is recognized by many as a special festival in which those who have become masters of the physical planes pour out special

assistance to those walking the path. For us tonight we will seek that assistance through the experience of unity
consciousness -our inherent existence within  a truth that far transcends our 'normal' awareness.
Our intent is then :

To experience
inspiration, hope and revelation through the creation of
unity consciousness.

Circle Casting


Gundrah A oo noo Nungeenah tya
Gundrah Lah oo oo noo
Yahma koora, yahma koora
Nungeena tya
Yahma koora


May all unwelcome influence be
Cleansed and purified
May all unwelcome presence be
Cleansed and purified.
May this be a place where the worlds of the divine
And the worlds of men may meet as one in love and trust.
So Mote it be.



Lord Kuthumi,
Teacher of humanity
Lord of love & wisdom.
Guard this the place of mind.
Protect and guide our thoughts.
Allow our minds to be as one
In perfect love & trust.
We welcome you
So Mote it Be


Lady Nada
Bringer of peace
Mother of harmony.
Guard this the place of heart.
Protect and guide or feelings.
Allow our hearts to be as one.
In perfect love & trust.
We welcome you
So Mote it Be.


Lady Quan Yin.
She who hears,
Mother of compassion.
Guard this the place of flesh.
Protect and guide our lives
Allow our actions to be as one,
In perfect love & trust.
We welcome you,
So mote it be.


Lord Serapis
Purifier of intent
Inspirations drive
Guard this the place of power.
Protect and guide our intent
Allow our purpose to be as one,
In perfect love & trust.
We welcome you
So mote it be.



Great and beautiful Gaia
Jewel within creations play,
We offer ourselves to you.
May your presence rise up in acceptance of this offering.
We welcome you,
So Mote it Be


We call upon the light of the Christ,
To descend into this place.
To join with the Mother,
Illuminating Her with love and wisdom.
We welcome you
So Mote it Be.


Lord Racozcy, Saint Germain,
We call upon you.
Be our guide
Mediate all gathered here
To fulfill our intent.:
To experience unity consciousness,
And therein find the inspiration, drive and hope,
To continue forward as individuals and as a group.
We welcome you,
So Mote it Be.


(repeat 3 times, 1st time focusing on centering in the self, 2nd time, choosing a colour -then after each arranging according to colour, a 3rd time focusing on the colour chosen.)

I am a point of light within a greater Light
I am a strand of loving energy within the stream of love divine,
I am a point of sacrificial Fire, focused within the fiery Will of God,
And thus I stand.

I am a way by which men may achieve.
I am a source of strength, enabling them to stand
I am a beam of light, shining upon their way,
And thus I stand.

And standing thus revolve
And tread this the ways of men,
And know the ways of God
And thus I stand.


Sing together while moving energy sunwise and allowing it to blend:

From you I receive, to you I give,
together we share, from this we live.

(Once energy has blended, allow it to build, singing until cone of power is raised)

We are one in this moment
We are one in this power.
We are one in this moment
We are one in this power.
And they say that this moment will eternally resound.
And the blessings of unity will flow, yes they'll flow,
And the blessings of unity will flow.

(Once energy has peaked, allow it as a rainbow to rain upon and through each person, spend some time humming/singing as appropriate.)


We thank you Saint Germain,
Hail & Farewell.

We thank you Christ,
Hail & Farewell.

We thank you Gaia
Hail & Farewell.

We thank you Lord Serapis
Hail & Farwell.

We thank you Lady Quan Yin
Hail & Farewell

We thank you Lady Nada
Hail & Farewell

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