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Pushan, a god of wealth and fertility of cattle. His name is Sanskrit for "he who causes people to thrive". He is also associated with the sun, is the guide of travellers, and conducts the souls of the dead.

At most marriage ceremonies, Pushan is invoked to give good luck to the newlyweds on the journey of their life. He is also tied to cattle and their feeding, an important role in Hindu culture. Pushan is a protective and kind god, looking after travellers on their journeys, guarding them against both wild beasts and cruel men, and helping them find the best route to happiness.

His role as a travellers' god extends past the mortal world, and he is often described as a guide to the departed souls, as well. In this role, he leads the deceased to the afterlife, one of what are known as psychopomps.

Sometimes Pushan is described as driving the Sun in its course across the sky. His chariot is pulled by goats. In this role he represents the sun as a guardian of flocks and herds.

Offerings to Pushan are usually gruels of some sort, because he has no teeth. In the Taittriya Sahnhita, it is said that Rudra is responsible for this condition. It is said that a sacrifice was given to many of the gods, but that Rudra was not part of the list, and so was infuriated. In a rage, he shot an arrow into the sacrifice, simply as a way of venting his frustration. Not knowing this, Pushan bit into the sacrifice, and his teeth were shattered completely.

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