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Samhain Ball 2008

Must be over 18 years of age.

The 2008 Samhain Ball Committee

2008 Samhain Ball committee
L to R: Samantha, Charlene & Rache

A big thank you to our Samhain Ball Committee for 2008! All their hard work paid off and everyone had a fantastic night! The decorations and special little touches made everyone feel like they really were at Hogwarts, and the activities and prizes added to the fun.

Some photos taken on the night are shown below. Just click on each one to see a larger view.

(30) Photos by Jenny (Jenwytch)
Hufflepuff ...guests were seated at house tables in The Great Hall.
The Sorting Hat in front of the DJ's table
"The Room of Requirement"
Prof. Serverus Snape & a Red Witch
(aka Ray & Janine)
The Leaky Cauldron
One of the barmaids
Delicious self serve banquet ...the House Elves had the night off :-)
...well ...um ...this is where the food WAS before we ate it all, LOL.
Eolande Drake (a Fairy Witch) & Prof. Snape (aka Bev & Ray) and Andrew.
Charlene & Janine
Simon & Samantha
Ravenclaw house table
Hufflepuff house table
Voting for "Best Costume" awards
Ravenclaw guests
Gryffindor house table
Sybill Trelawney (aka Samantha)
Counting the beans for "Bertie Botts Bean Guessing Competition"
A few of the prizes
Tallying the votes for "Best Costume" awards.
Dancing to music provided by Ben, our DJ for the night
...on the dance floor
Dancing the night away...
Taking a break...
...still going strong!
A hair-raising experience!
Trev decorating the skeleton (a new "tradition" started at last year's Ball)
Ta daaa! ...the completed "work of art". Hmmm... wonder what next year's skeleton will look like? LOL
(27) Photos by Janine
Rubeus Hagrid & Madame Olympe Maxime (aka Charlene & Chris)
Dionne & Maria
The Ball Committee
...a Witch, Hagrid & Sibyll Trelawney
Madame Olympe Maxime (aka Chris)
Ravenclaw table
Professor Snape (aka Ray)
Fairy Witch & Member of Ministry of Magick (Dept. of Magical Creatures) Eolande Drake (aka Bev)
Jan & co.
Andy & co.
Andrew & Suzanne
The gang
Erin & co.
Jeff & co.
Simon & Sam
Jenny taking a picture of Janine taking a picture of Jenny
...the flip side of the previous pic :-D
Cake: "2nd Annual Samhain Ball 2008"
Bev & Ray
The Skeleton

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