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Click on the photos below to see a larger version. You can also read the Beltane Ritual.

Mask-making at Beltane

(Photos by Jenny/Jenwytch)
Making clay masks on the Friday night
Waiting for the clay to dry
A work in progress
Simon attempting to mould the mask to his face
Saturday morning - painting
Painting and decorating the masks
The whole collection
Fox by Jenny
Kiwi by Charlene
Full Moon by Samantha
Mask by Chris
Owl by Bev
Raven by Ray
Mask by Simon
Raven by Nicole
Mask by Maria
Mask by Andrew
Raven & Lorikeet by Jenni
Water Dragon by Janine
Fox by Suzanne
Discs, medallions and sculptures by everyone

The Beltane Ritual

(Photos by Chris)
Friday afternoon - waiting for the rest of the group to arrive
Saturday - all dressed and painted, ready for the ritual
The God and Goddess select 2 lines to be led into the circle
Drumming and entering the circle
Drumming while the God & Goddess walk the circle twice more
The God & the Goddess enter the circle
Calling the Eastern Quarter (followed by North, West then South)
Invoking the Goddess
Invoking the God
The Great Rite symbolically re-enacted by the God & the Goddess
Receiving herbs from the God
Dropping herbs into the balefire
Jumping the balefire (1)
Jumping the balefire (2)
Jumping the balefire (3)
The balefire
Receiving herbs from the Goddess
Adding herbs to the fire
Chanting & raising energy
Releasing the energy
Closing the circle & drumming

Maypole Dancing & the final day

(Photos by Janine)
Getting ready...
...for some fun
...the ribbons get shorter
...and shorter
Sunday morning - waiting for the rest of the gang to arrive for the final meditation
One last photo before we head home

...more photos

(Photos by Simon)
Dancing the Maypole
The maypole ribbons
Tiggles - Simon's cat
An altar by the Blessed BBQ
Andrew cooks breakfast Yummmmmm!!!

...more photos

(Photos by Ray & Bev)
Beverley working on her staff
Sam setting up the circle
Andrew, Suzanne & the maypole
All the masks
Little whatnots
The masked gang

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Spheres Of Light (SOL) is an Australian Pagan group (eg. Witches, Wiccans, Heathens, Shamans, Magicians, Occultists etc) meeting in the Sutherland Shire,
Southern Sydney, the Illawarra & surrounding regions of NSW. SOL conducts Full Moon & Dark Moon circles, workshops, classes, meditations & healing circles,
with a strong emphasis on modern shamanic practices & eclectic witchcraft.

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