Spheres Of Light

Beltane at Berry

November 4, 2006

Spheres Of Light is pleased to present
2006 Beltane Gathering At Berry

Saturday, November 4th, 2006 at 6:00pm - 10:00pm
Berry Showground Hall under the Grandstand

The Wheel turns and brings us to the warm and merry time of Beltane. Life and Light are strong at this time of year. Let us partake of both while we may. Come and join us to celebrate the Sabbat with mirth and reverence. Be a part of our family as we come together to play, to talk, to laugh, to dance, to worship, and simply to be who we are: the children of the God & the Goddess.

Admission is by donation and please bring a plate of food and drink for supper. Please note that this is a non-alcoholic event but you are welcome to join us at Berry Hotel for a few drinks after the event.

To make enquiries or to confirm attendance
email spheresoflight@hotmail.com or
contact Janine on 0408 025 268

Click on the photos below to see a larger version. You can also read the Beltane Ritual.

(29) Photographs by Trevor
Setting up the hall (1)
Setting up the hall (2)
Trevor and Samantha
Janine and Sam
Ray and Sam
Ray and Alana
Charlene and Andy
The Maiden, Alana, leading everyone into the circle.
Entering the Circle (1)
Entering the Circle (2)
Entering the Circle (3)
High Priestess Janine welcoming the sacred flame.
Calling the Western Quarter
The Lord and Lady (Ray and Bev)
Lord and Lady (2)
Charlene and Chris - handfasting.
The two couples receiving wreaths and being anointed for handfasting.
Sam and Trev jump the besom.
Jen's (Jenwytch) besom.
The handfasted couples about to lead everyone in a spiral dance.
Preparing for the Maypole Dance.
The Maypole Dance.
The top of the Maypole as the weaving begins.
Untying the weaving for another dance.
Janine - waiting for the second Maypole dance.
...still waiting...
...after the dance.
Jen and "friend" ...hehe
The party continued at the pub...
Jenny, Cham, Sam, Rache & Janine
(12) Photographs by Ray
Beverley and Raymond
Drumming and Dancing (1)
Drumming and Dancing (2)
Drumming and Dancing (3)
Samantha & Trevor - Handfasting
Charlene & Chris - Handfasting
Jenny and Gaye
Samantha and Charlene

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