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The first circle took place in the backyard of Gwyneira Morgana in Hurstville on October 1998. This was the first step in the evolution of a vision that continues to grow and evolve. In 1999 Janine Donnellan joined the circle and in 2001, this growing circle was finally given the name of 'Circle of Amber Light'. In 2002 we saw this circle prepare for a quantum leap in its evolution; under the leadership of Janine the Circle of Amber Light commenced its inaugural circle with the Yule festival at a hall in Yarrawarrah. Gwyneira moved to the South Coast and in 2003 the Circle of Lavender Light was launched. In the same year an alliance was formed with the Pagan Awareness Network, and in April 2003 a business arm was established with Gwyneira and Janine forming a partnership, creating a new dimension and naming this growing network the Spheres Of Light (SOL). In 2005 a 3rd Circle was formed in the Southern Highlands. In February 2006 Gwyneira decided to leave the partnership of Spheres Of Light to pursue academic studies and Janine took over the sole management of this organization. The Sydney Circle has run continuously since the group's inception, but eventually the South Coast and Southern Highlands circles closed. On 22nd March 2013 the first circle was held for the newly formed Nowra Circle, led by Samantha.

When Spheres Of Light first came into being it was primarily a wicca/witchcraft circle but over the years it has evolved and has become an association of individuals from a variety of Pagan paths. We now have within our ranks a combination of pagans, wiccans, witches, heathens, shamans etc who come together to share experiences, understandings and teachings. There is no emphasis on any particular pantheon for our full moon gatherings within this organisation. We have been most fortunate over the years to experience different rituals utilizing the energies from a wide variety of systems. We have conducted Egyptian based rituals, Celtic, Nordic, Fairy, Dragon circles and the list goes on; and we have all benefited and grown from these experiences.

The following information contains the basic guidelines for conduct at circle. This will allow you to be aware of what appropriate behaviour is, and what is not. This is not only for the smooth running of the circle, but also for your personal comfort and safety at all levels.

Janine has tried to develop an organisation based on friendly and open communication, where everyone's belief system is respected and valued. It does not matter what pantheon that you work with because each person within that path will have their own unique experiences based on their own perceptions and relationship to spirit. These unique experiences and knowledge become valuable resources that we can share with each other.

In Circles/Covens, open communication can become quite complex, as several perspectives may co-exist in the group about 'appropriate behaviour.' Ground rules have therefore been established for SOL members which are offered to assist in developing open and friendlier communication.

The fundamental statement of identity, statement of purpose and statement of ethics also steers our goals, and allow us all to be considered accountable, regardless of position within the circle.

Mission Statement

Spheres Of Light is a pagan organisation that is committed to providing support to the pagan community through education and by conducting gatherings and events that will inspire and empower people in their journey to realise their own inner truths and potential. Spheres Of Light will endeavour through its various programs and activities to develop and promote strong and positive relationships between Pagan groups and businesses and individuals throughout Australia.

Statement of Identity

All of Spheres Of Light’s programs, activities & websites are coordinated and contributed by volunteers who donate their time and energy to support the organisation's objectives as well as fostering paganism within the community. Spheres Of Light is run as a not for profit organisation with the money collected through gatherings and events used for venue rental costs, notes, ritual materials and ancillary running costs.

Spheres Of Light is an association of individuals from a variety of Pagan paths who seek to share experiences, understandings and teachings and who come together to celebrate and to connect with the cycles of the Earth through Lunar and Solar gatherings.

Spheres Of Light sees all life as sacred and interconnected, we therefore honour the natural world as the embodiment of divinity, immanent as well as transcendent. We celebrate the circles of life and the seasons through ritual, and we experience the divine as both feminine and masculine.

We are dedicated to the development our own unique philosophy and practice which incorporates the honouring of ancient shamanic forces, as well as the integration and adaptation of ancient mysteries from other traditional and ancestral Pagan cultures. To this end, we seek to draw upon this accumulated knowledge to further develop and deepen our own understanding and practice of evolutionary witchcraft.

“We stand in our power. The spark within us is one with the eternal flame that guides and sustains us on our journey”.

Statement of Ethics

We, the Spheres Of Light, are committed to uphold and exemplify the following ethics and values:

  • Each person within the SOL community is worthy of respect, love and consideration.
  • Each person has the right to share their ideas and opinions in an appropriate manner, and an obligation to listen.
  • Each person within SOL has the right to belong, and should allow others to belong or not belong according to their own free will and choice.
  • Each person has the right to change their mind about belonging to SOL, and should show consideration to SOL members by informing them when they do so.
  • Each person has the right do as they will, without violating other person's rights, and have an obligation to take responsibility for their own actions.
  • Every person has the right to structure their lives and beliefs in the way that is appropriate for them, and to respect the structure within which they choose to operate.

Circle Etiquette

In order that circles may run smoothly we ask:

  • That alcohol is avoided prior to circle. Please note that no alcohol can be brought to circle activities conducted on council properties.
  • That if you use any mind affecting drugs you discuss this use with a circle leader prior to attendance.
  • If you suffer from any mental illness - including depression and borderline disorders that you discuss this with a circle leader prior to attendance.
  • That you have read and understood the statement of ethics and are prepared to abide by these while at circle.
  • That you contribute fairly to the circle - by paying attendance fees, contributing towards supper and by generally helping out. There is a $15 attendance fee for Full & Dark Moon Circles.
  • That you be punctual - please arrive between 7:30 and 8:00 pm. It can be difficult for others if circle runs late if we have started late. Equally, people entering and leaving circle erratically can be disturbing for others, so if you need to leave the circle at any time, please let one of the circle leaders know, so that this can be done discreetly.


We do not conduct our circles or other activities skyclad. Dress is casual and yes, you can dress up if you wish.

Workshops, Classes, & Various Gatherings

From its beginnings, Spheres Of Light has placed a strong emphasis on training across a wide spectrum of diverse topics. All of the classes and workshops are highly interactive and experiential, focusing on participation and engagement of participants. We also conduct Full Moon and Dark Moon circles that allow for a group experience of the practices and energies that we ourselves have connected with through our explorations and learning. While for those that seek a simple connection to nature & its elemental forces, informal meditation groups are conducted in various parks and places of natural beauty.

Examples of some of SOL's courses and gatherings can be found here.

Pathway of Initiation

While there will often be workshops, discussion groups or classes associated with the spiritual progress of the individual, it is our intent that as far as is possible, people who choose a path of initiation are able to discover for themselves the knowledge needed for each stage of initiation. Each person must be aware that Spirit will initiate a seeker when they are spiritually ready and that the circle initiation ritual is only a formalisation of that process. Whether one is wanting to learn for themselves, or be taught, it is highly recommended that communication with the circle organiser is maintained during preparation for initiation. Commitment to both the circle, and to service in general is a prerequisite for initiation.

Leaving the Circle

Life is a constant process of change, of people and events coming and going. Eventually, in all relationships, someone will leave and someone will be left. We must, as conscious beings, develop loving ways to connect and disconnect. Sometimes when someone decides to leave the circle they may neglect to say "good-bye", and therefore be leaving a situation that lacks a sense of completion. Many have experienced sudden abandonment and its accompanying feeling of loss. It is therefore important that long-term committed group members, should give notice to indicate their intention to leave and if reasonably possible attend a last meeting in which they and the other group members can complete and say their good-byes. Good-byes are esteemed positive expressions and allow for appropriate closure of a relationship.

Pagan Awareness Network

Finally, Spheres of Light enjoys an ongoing association with PAN - the Pagan Awareness Network Australia. PAN tirelessly works to create networks and support systems for pagans of all descriptions across Australia. Spheres Of Light is proud to be an official Affiliate Subcommittee of PAN.

We hope that this information is informative and helpful. If you have any questions, suggestions, requests, complaints or simply would like to find out more, then please feel free to contact Janine on 0408 025 268, inquiries@spheresoflight.com.au.

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