Spheres Of Light


Reflection Meditation

Written by Amethyst for Ritual of Reflection 4/12/2009

Sit in a comfortable position, feet firmly on the ground and your hands resting gently in your lap. Take a deep breath and then exhale, breathing out all the tension in your body. Feel all of your muscles relax.

Now feel that your feet have roots and that those roots are burrowing deep down into the soil. See those roots reach deeper and deeper into the warm golden light that is the centre of the earth. Feel that warmth penetrate your roots. Feel this warm energy rise up through your legs, up through your body and on up through your head. Feel this energy spill out of the top of your head and cascade back to the earth in a never-ending cycle.

You find yourself walking along a misty trail and as you walk along you can see a large rock in the middle of the path. As you get closer you realise it's a large dragon. The dragon looks at you, saying "climb on my back, I'm your transport tonight and you don't want to be late for your past". You climb up on the dragon's back and it takes off into the mist. You feel the power and strength of the dragon and you gain strength from this feeling.

Soon you can see below you the misty outlines of a tower & you hear the dragon say "that's where we're going tonight, the Tower of Avalon". The dragon back-wings & lands near a dark opening at the base of the tower. There is an unlit torch near the opening, which the dragon lights with its fiery breath. As you take the torch and start up the stairs, the dragon says that it will wait for you to come back.

You climb stairs to the dimly lit doorway at the top, bypassing several dark openings along the way, and enter inside. You hear a voice telling you "place the torch in the bracket on the table". At first you don't see who has spoken, but then you see that while there are many arches around the room, two are glowing. Two people enter the room, they are Merlin and Rhiannon. They say to you "we are going to see how we saw this past year of yours, and see what you have learnt."

One of them comes over to you and takes you by the hand. They lead you to a mirror on the wall & as they remove its covering, they say "let us go back to the beginning of this year and progress to the present."

I will leave you know to go over this past year with either Merlin or Rhiannon and receive guidance from them. When it is time I will call you back.


Merlin and Rhiannon take you by the hand and say "you have seen the past and that is yours to hold, learn from it. The future is not yours yet, use you knowledge to make the future count. Take one step at a time".

It is now time to begin the journey back. Merlin and Rhiannon bid you farewell for now and you take the torch and walk down the stairs to your waiting dragon.

You climb upon the dragon and it takes off. Before you get too far, you hear it say, "we are taking a small detour which I think you'll like," and with that it lands and you get off. You and the dragon say goodbye to each other.

You hear running water up ahead and walk towards it. You find a pool with a waterfall flowing into it. You hear a voice say "come for a swim and refresh yourself, and if you need to, wash away your troubles under the waterfall".

Enjoy the water for a little while. Feel its cleansing, cooling flow, washing away any troubles you have or troubles you think you have.

Something disturbs you, and you see on the other side of the pool a figure wreathed in mist standing on a pathway, beckoning you & you leave the pool to investigate. While you can't quite make out the figure, it says "I am the spirit of 2010 & I offer you a drink & a wish for the future". You take the cup offered, make a wish and take a drink. The spirit moves off the path & says "walk on now back to your future".

You walk along the path through the cool white mist and soon you are back into this room, you are back into your body, feeling your fingers and toes and stretching your arms feeling refreshed and invigorated, and when you are ready open your eyes.

Meditation on Arthur

Written by Janine Donnellan for Alban Arthan - The Light of Arthur Ritual 13/06/2008

You find yourself in a fog bank as you move through it you feel yourself going through a shift in time. You hear muffled in the distance war cries and a clash of swords. As the fog dissipates you find Merlin standing there leaning against his staff. "There you are, I was wondering if you were going to miss the event. Follow me". You trail behind Merlin who leads you up a pathway out onto a rock face overlooking a lake. In the centre of this lake there is a small island, a mist rises from the water and as it moves apart you can see the reflection of the moon leaving a silvery trail of rippled light. Watch intently Merlin says - you will see an end of an era and a beginning of another.

As you gaze upon the waters you notice a barge moving slowly towards the island. A man lays on a platform and three women hover over him attending to his needs. It is the fallen Arthur and the three women are Vivien, The lady of the Lake, Morgaine & Brigid. This is the last journey of the dying King who is moving from this world to the other world Avalon. As the barge moves closer to the island the clouds begin to cover the illumination of the moon. It feels as if the light of the world is slowly expiring. Vivienne looks up towards the rock face seeking Merlin and your eyes meet. You feel within her eyes her anguish, as she realizes that those of the Fey and the old religion are receding into the darkness. The light of Arthur and the dragon line have been vanquished. A lonely horn heralds Arthur's passing and the warrior's sword Excalibur lies now in the murky depths of the lake where it had first been forged.

The sadness of Arthur's passing encompasses you, tears well within your eyes. All is transient Merlin murmurs. Gone from this world but lives within another; nothing is truly lost only forgotten. Camelot was a time of great hope, of great battles and the search for the purity of spirit. Don't despair; it still lives within the hearts & souls of those who thirst for knowledge & truth.

Merlin takes you by the hand and you feel a rush of wind around you. You arms are wide open and you realize you have morphed into a bird. Merlin has shape shifted into an owl and flies before you. You both fly high in the sky towards the other world, towards Avalon.

You both land on a branch of an apple tree near the spring well, a woman is kneeling staring into the water in quiet contemplation. Vivienne rises to greet you and you resume your normal persona. She bows her head to Merlin and then in silence she leads you to a procession of people; all moving around a stone circle. 12 stones are before you, a knight of the round table stands beside each stone. Arthur sits on a crystal throne in the centre a chalice in one hand & Excalibur in the other. A young maiden beckons you & Merlin to the centre of the circle and Merlin immediately takes his rightful place beside Arthur.

You stand before Arthur, he smiles at you. There comes a time when we must search for our inner most truth, now is such a time he says. Within this circle is someone that can aide you to find that truth. Go seek them out; they are ready to receive you. You turn and move towards the companions of Avalon. Seek out your truth and when it is time I will call you back.

The maiden beckons you back to Arthur. Come kneel before me, says Arthur, the maid brings the chalice to you and offers the contents. The maiden says - In this place and time each must face our self if we would drink from the Cup which overflows with the Light drawn from the Source of Life. You sip from the grail and you taste its nectar.

Arthur speaks. You shall be granted three wishes, one for a friend, one for the earth and one for your self. Don't waste them on foolishness. Arthur then raises Excalibur high above your head. You feel its energy & light penetrate your crown chakra. The energy rushes through your body, you feel it surge through your third eye, your throat chakra, your heart, you feel its vibrant energy in your solar plexus, your sacral chakra & then you base chakra. The energy then diffuses through out your body.

Vivienne steps forward and touches your head with the spring water. You have been given an attunement; tonight you have received the Light of Arthur. And now your quest begins. You have come to this place for a reason and now you will journey back to the place you came from. We bid you adieu. You bow to Arthur & Vivienne & the companions of Avalon. Merlin steps forward raises his staff around you and you are transported back to the rock face overlooking Avalon. Merlin bids you farewell, don't despair I am close at hand if you should need me. You turn and move through the fog bank. You notice a shift in the darkness and then a light appears and you find yourself back in this room. You see yourself sitting on the chair and you move back into your body. You feel you chest moving with each breath, you stretch your arms and you feel totally grounded and invigorated and you open you eyes.

Mother Earth and Father Sky Meditation

Written by Jenni Barnett for Mabon Ritual 29/03/2008

After sitting with our items we wish to release from ourselves, the meditation begins.

You will begin by closing your eyes and focusing on your breath. Breathing in and out, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Imagine a glowing white light coming up from below the earth, beginning from your feet and toes. Breathe in and out, allowing your body to relax. From your feet, breathe in to your ankles, moving up through your calves and your knees. The white light is glowing as you now breathe into your thighs, hips and buttocks, gently working your way through your waist, your ribs, your chest and shoulders, down through your arms and out through your fingertips. Returning through your fingertips, this glowing white light is now moving through your arms and shoulders, through your neck, your face and hair, through all of your skin, your bones and your organs, finally moving out through the crown of your head. Your body is now glowing with this brilliant white light, and you are completely relaxed.

I would like you to now stand on a path and ask your personal guides to come join you. This path is going to take you to a very special destination. As you begin to walk on this path, you may notice that it meanders as it slowly winds its way down a hill. Is there anything that you notice, perhaps on the side of the path or in front of you? Do you notice the colour of the sky? Are there clouds, or is it a clear blue? What does the air smell like? Are you aware of the different colours of the earth, the texture of the grass? Do you see animals, on the ground or flying in the sky? Do you encounter anyone or anything else? Ensure at this time that you are still on your path, as this takes you to your destination. Your path is safe and sacred to you.

Your path takes you to a meadow down in a gulley. You are surrounded by tall, stately trees, forming a perfect circle. In the middle of the meadow, you are met by a guide who asks you to walk into a sacred circle that is etched into the earth. You sit down on the soft, rich earth, and wait with rising anticipation - for it is here that you meet your special deity relating to Mother Earth and Father Sky. It is now time for you to commune with these beings. Feel free to ask questions relevant to what is happening to you at this time, talk to them, or just simply enjoy this moment in their company. I'll be silent now while you share this time.

It is now time for you to wind up your time with Mother and Father. In exchange for your offering, they would like to give you something to help you on your current journey. Know that as you say goodbye, you can come back to this place again. As you leave this space, the guide sees you out safely as you make your way back onto the path that heads back up the hill and from where you started. On your way back up, you will recall everything which has just occurred. You thank your personal guides for joining you as you come back now to normal awareness. The glowing white light that is with you can now be released back into the earth, starting down from your crown, down through your head and neck, shoulders, arms and fingertips, down through your torso, hips and buttocks, down through your legs, ankles, feet and toes, finally returning to the rich soil of earth. Give thanks to our mother, and start moving and stretching your body, wriggling your fingers and toes. When you are ready, you may open your eyes.

Full Moon in Virgo - Osiris Rising (21/2/2008) and
Total Lunar Eclipse & Star Alignment of Bellatrix in Orion

Download: 13.5mb mp3 file of Bellatrix
Running time 15 minutes
Written, performed and produced by Janine Donnellan
Copyright © 2008 Janine Donnellan


On Thursday 21st February 2008 during the Virgo full moon/lunar eclipse, a star alignment will occur with Bellatrix, 'the Conqueror' which is in the constellation of Orion. Orion has a very strong connection with Earth and to the Ancient Egyptians was the star system the eternal pharaoh returned to. Osiris the Pharaoh/God, who was tricked by Seth and cut into parts that were then gathered back again by Isis/Sirius his sister/wife and unified.

A meditation has been created in the Healing Room to assist you into connecting with the cosmic energies of this full moon and eclipse. This eclipse will be a time of completion. The Egyptian God Osiris shall guide you in an attunement of gathering our fragmented parts and unify ourselves in soul retrieval. In the process of gathering our fragments we will be embracing all dark and light within us in divine love. This process will bring about a healing and a new understanding of our unified divinity.

During the meditation allow yourself to travel through space, through the void and let the music carry you to the powerful rays of the blue star Bellatrix. Allow the rays to penetrate your being at a cellular level igniting the flame within your heart chakra. Osiris will then gather your soul fragments and will attune you to the new cosmic energy which will bring about a universal healing.

Photos of Orion's belt, to view while meditating, can be found here and here.

Lunar Eclipse (August 28, 2007) and
Solar Eclipse (11th September, 2007)

Download: 12.8mb mp3 file of Inanna
Running time 14 minutes
Written, performed and produced by Janine Donnellan
Copyright © 2007 Janine Donnellan

The music from SOL's Inanna ritual (24/8/07) has been included here for anyone who wants to meditate on the energies coming through from the lunar eclipse on Tuesday 28th August and also leading up to the solar eclipse on the 11th September.

This total eclipse of the Full Moon illuminates what's been hidden in the subconscious so dont be surprised if you are feeling overly emotional and weepy. These hidden aspects are being brought to the surface so you can go through a process of healing and so for some this may a very difficult time.

The Healing Room

Download: 20.9 MB mp3 file of The Healing Room
Guided meditation with music, running time 23 minutes
Written, performed and produced by Janine Donnellan
Copyright © 2007 Janine Donnellan

Fire the Grid

After seeing many references to Fire The Grid on the internet, Spheres Of Light members were encouraged to meditate at the specified time (9:11PM AEST on July 17, 2007) to add their energies to this project.

The intent is to pulse healing energy into the center of the Earth and regenerate the core, or the heart of the planet. The time has been set for 11:11 am Greenwich Mean Time. Be sure to adjust for your time zone. The idea is to simply sit and pray or meditate for one hour during that time. Hopefully, with your help, we will amass a union of humans, such as the world has never seen. Loving humans with one intention - to heal our planet and awaken our souls to our true purpose... to become one with our Source of Light.

Please read the amazing story of how this project came about, here. Of course one can only assume the details of the story to be true, but even if they're not, the idea of trying to get a large mass of people worldwide, simultaneously praying/meditating for healing of our beautiful planet is certainly well intentioned.

Shelley Yates, the instigator of Fire the Grid, also tells her story on YouTube (just follow the links on the YouTube page to parts 2 to 8).

Healing the Grid

Written by Janine Donnellan for July 17, 2007

Download: 16.5mb mp3 file of Healing the Grid
Guided meditation with music, running time 18 minutes
Written, performed and produced by Janine Donnellan
Copyright © 2007 Janine Donnellan

Sit in a comfortable position, feet firmly on the ground, hands resting on your lap. Take a deep breath and then exhale. Feel all the muscles in your body relax - just completely relax. Visualise a white light entering the top of your head and then moving down your spinal column. Feel it move down to the base of your spine and then visualise it moving up through your chakras and opening and cleansing and then aligning each of the chakras. See the energy move into the base chakra, visualise a red spinning wheel. Feel the energy move through this wheel opening it up and cleansing it of all blockages. See the energy move up to the next chakra visualise an orange spinning wheel. Feel the energy move through this wheel opening it up and cleansing it of all blockages and aligning the chakra with the base. See the energy move up to the solar plexus chakra visualise a yellow spinning wheel. Feel the energy move through this wheel opening it up and cleansing it of all blockages and aligning the chakra with the sacral. See the energy move up to the heart chakra visualise a green spinning wheel. Feel the energy move through this wheel opening it up and cleansing it of all blockages and aligning the chakra with the solar plexus. See the energy move up to the throat chakra visualise a pale blue spinning wheel. Feel the energy move through this wheel opening it up and cleansing it of all blockages and aligning the chakra with the heart chakra. See the energy move up to the third eye chakra visualise an indigo spinning wheel. Feel the energy move through this wheel opening it up and cleansing it of all blockages and aligning the chakra with the throat chakra. See the energy move up to the crown chakra visualise a violet spinning wheel. Feel the energy move through this wheel opening it up and cleansing it of all blockages and aligning the chakra with the third eye. Visualise all chakras, opened cleansed and aligned and feeling grounded and centred.

You now visualize your self moving away from your body and you find yourself becoming transparent, you no longer are solid but made up of atoms and spaces. You feel yourself being drawn down into the earth, penetrating through the crust of the earth, seeing the various layers of earth and rocks, going deeper and deeper. You feel the warmth of the earth, you feel her emotions her thoughts going deeper and deeper until you reach the core of the earth. Instead of a molten core you see a matrix, a series of squares each representing an aspect of the earth, the rivers, the plants, the oceans, the animals, humans, the air etc. You begin to move over this matrix and immediately you can recognise the extensive damage that the earth has been dealing with. You as a spiritual being have within you the power to heal. So as you move across this matrix send love and healing energy to each square that needs attention. Take some time now in this healing process and when it is time I will call you back.

It is time now to return but before you leave send some love and healing to the square that represents you. You once again move through the various layers of the earth and then as you reach the top you find yourself floating through the atmosphere above the earth, you feel yourself moving higher and higher until you are in space looking down at the earth. You look down in wonder at the earth's beauty, the vivid blues of the oceans, the green of the trees, the browns of the deserts. What a magnificent sight is before you. While you are there hold out your dominant hand and send her green healing energy, see it circulate the earth touching the hearts and minds of mankind.

You are ready come back to your body and your feel yourself moving back into your room, you feel your body becoming solid as you move back in your body. You now gently close the chakras starting from the top of your head. The crown closing gently, the third eye closing gently, the throat, the heart, the solar plexus and the sacral all closing gently. Only the base remaining open and grounded. You wriggle your fingers and toes, stretch your arms and legs and open your eyes.

Earth Day Meditation

Written by Alana for April 22, 2006

Sit in a comfortable position, with your eyes closed, your feet on the warm ground and your hands in your lap. From above your head you feel soft white snow flakes fall through your body, washing away any troubles you may have. Once your troubles have dissolved you feel the base of your spine grow and dig deep into the earth, you feel your body growing roots that seep into the mother earth, you feel grounded and safe.

See yourself now walking through a deep lush rainforest, feel the dirt under your feet as you walk along a track that has been specially paved for you. As you walk along this path you notice all the animals that live within the rainforest, you feel them looking at you with wonder and excitement as they know what lies ahead for you. As you look ahead on your rainforest path you see that an animal has blocked your way. You walk towards the animal and introduce yourself. It looks deep into your spirit and then presents you with a gift that represents you and the spiritual path you are undertaking. Take note of this gift and give your thanks. The animal now speaks to you in a voice unlike any you have ever heard before. "Gaia has been waiting for you". The animal's voice has put you at ease. You thank the animal and it stands aside to let you pass. As you continue on your path you notice that your clothes have changed and now represent the colours in your aura. Take note of the colours and style of the clothing you are now wearing.

Standing off into the distance you notice there is a woman waiting for you. As you reach her she takes your hand and says, "I have been waiting for you; thank you for coming. I am Gaia; I am the earth mother, keeper and protector of the land and all that dwells upon this sacred earth. We have much to talk about you and I, this time we share together here and now will help heal the earth and heal you. For the earth is an outer representation of humanity. If humanity does not heal, the earth cannot heal. Let's start by healing you". Gaia sits down on a log and you are asked to sit with her. Spend some time now expressing to Gaia what needs healing in your life and when you feel ready thank Gaia for the healing she has provided. You start to notice that the earth's energy is lighter than before. Gaia imparts her final message to you on what you can now do to heal the earth on a daily basis.

As you say goodbye notice the colours of your clothes; have they changed with your healing or they still the same?

You walk back down the path of the rainforest and you feel light, happy and at peace. You notice the animals bidding you farewell and find yourself back in your body, back where you started. Open your eyes, write down the gift you were given by the animal that met you. What was this animal, what were the colours of your clothes, did they have a style to them? What was the final message Gaia gave you? Use all this new knowledge to heal yourself and mother earth.

The Foaming Waves

Written by Karen, 23 January 2006

Ground and centre. See yourself standing on a beach, in front of the waves. Look out over the ocean; watch the movement of the waves. See the phosphorescent glow dancing on the top of the water. Listen to the sound of the water lapping the shore at your feet. You find that the waves ebb and flow in time with your breath. The waves wash in, wash out. Wash in, wash out. In, out. Over towards the horizon, you notice a glow, a large, bright light. It comes closer and as you watch, this light breaks up into many pieces. But they are not smaller; in fact, the separate balls of light grow larger, more distinct. As these lights come closer to the shore where you stand, you see that they are glowing white horses, with tossing silver manes. They are the sea-horses of Taranis, of Neptune and Poseidon. They have come to take us all on a journey, over the foaming waves. The horses have now reached the shore. One comes to stand in front of you dipping its front leg in an invitation for you to mount. The horses are eager to leave. Mount now onto the back of your chosen sea-horse. As soon as we all sit astride these magnificent animals, they wheel around, galloping over the crashing waves. You can feel the spray of the sea bathing your face, as the passing wind makes your hair stream back from your head. This ride is utterly exhilarating, the most excitement that you have had on the water. The horses are taking us far away from the shore; there is no sight of land. All you can see is the midnight blue of the ocean, the stars above in the night sky and the lights dancing atop the slowly rolling waves. Under your horse's hoofs you see fish, whales, sharks swimming, while around about us are dolphins jumping out of the water. All of a sudden, your horse dives beneath the water, but you have no problem breathing. You are now a creature of the ocean. The sea-horse takes you down, to the dark depths of the ocean. All around are more fish, of many colours, sizes and kinds. Ahead, again you see a glow of light. This light is of a rainbow hue, flickering and swimming with the movement of the ocean. As you approach, you see that this light is of an underwater city, with towers, spires and walls. The horse takes you down to the ocean floor, in front of the gates of a mother-of-pearl wall. This is the place to dismount from your horse. The gates open and merfolk come out. Some come to care for the sea-horses, some come to our group. These mermaids and mermen are our guides to the city. Go with them now, see what they have to show you, hear their messages. Enjoy, and when it is time, I will call you back.

It is now time to come back to the gates of the city. Your guide brings you here, where your sea-horse is waiting. Mount now onto your horse and ride back up through the depths of the ocean, throughs schools of fish, to the surface. You find that your horse has brought you back to near where your journey began. Your sea-horse gallops towards the shore over the foaming, crashing waves. You feel your hair and clothes drying very quickly. The horse reaches the shore, walking up onto the sand. You dismount and thank your steed for its company. The horses wheel around and gallop back over the waves, their individual glow melding together to become a single gall of light that recedes and disappears as you watch. You notice the lapping of the waves, washing in, washing out, washing in, washing out. In, out. See yourself in front of your body. You merge with your physical body again, feeling your fingers, toes, body. Open your eyes and welcome.

Go raibh maith agat.


Earth Healing Meditation/Ritual

Written by Karen

Open the circle, greet the ancestors, open the quarters.

We'll be using some herbs as we open the quarters, as follows:

East - sprinkle some thyme on the ground, saying: Hail to the East and welcome to Sairys. Please witness & guard us during this rite. So mote it be.

North - sprinkle some ginger on the ground, saying : Hail to the North & welcome to Fafnir. Please witness & guard us during this rite. So mote it be.

West - stick a myrrh incense stick in the ground, saying : Hail to the West & welcome to Naelyan. Please witness & guard us during this rite. So mote it be.

South - stick a dragonsblood incense stick in the ground, saying : Hail to the South and welcome to Grail. Please witness & guard us during this rite. So mote it be.

Sit down & start the meditation.

See yourself as a seed, or a nut, that has fallen from a tree. See your shell crack open & a small white tendril appear, reaching out, down to the ground. Then the tendril penetrates into the soil, driving deeper & deeper, becoming roots that reach down through the Earth, past rocks, into the molten core of our Mother that keeps us alive. Feel the golden energy from the core moving up through our roots, becoming brown as it moves up through the soil layers. You find that your seed has grown tendrils upwards, becoming a large tree trunk that reaches high into the sky. Your arms are the branches reaching up into the cosmos. See the white energy come down through your fingertips, down your arms & through your trunk, down to your base chakra. See your base chakra as a deep red 5 petalled flower bud, opening & clearing. Then see the white light move up to your sacral chakra, seeing it as an orange 5 petalled flower bud, opening & clearing. The light then moves up to your solar plexus chakra, seeing it as a yellow 5 petalled flower bud, opening & clearing. Then up to your heart chakra, seeing it as a green 5 petalled flower bud, opening & clearing. Then the light moves to your throat chakra, see it as a light blue 5 petalled flower bud, opening and clearing. Moving up to your third eye chakra, seeing it as an indigo 5 petalled flower bud, opening & clearing. Now the light moves up to your crown chakra, see it as a magenta 5 petalled flower bud, opening & clearing.

Now, ask for your guardian dragon, or any dragon that wishes to be involved in our healing rite, to share their power & assistance. Ask your dragon for permission to ride, then mount onto the neck of the dragon. See yourself as part of a circle with the rest of us here, each on their dragon. See our circle rise, flying high above the ground, flying higher until you see Australia below us, as a whole continent. Send love and healing to our country, & to all of the people who live there. Then, see the circle flying higher, seeing our planet as the lovely blue & green orb that is is. We are all surrounding our planet in a circle on our dragons. Send healing to our Mother as a deep forest green, see this green surround the planet, enveloping it. Then send unconditional love as a pink, this colour settling over the top of the green layer. Then send peace, seeing this a a white layer. See all these colours settle around our Mother as a rainbow sphere, surrounding & permeating our planet. Ask for planetary peace, health & balance, on environmental, global, country & personal levels. Stay here for a while, feeling the healing that is taking place, receiving messages from your dragon. When it is time, I will bring you back.

Now it is time to come back to our Earth, back into this time & space. See your dragon descend from space, settling back onto the ground. Thank the dragons for their time & energy. Closing down the crown chakra, seeing the flower close back into a bud, dropping a magenta seed, then close the third eye chakra, seeing the flower close back into a bud, dropping an indigo seed. Now see the throat chakra close back into a bud, dropping a blue seed, then down to the heart chakra, seeing the flower close back into a bud, dropping a green seed. Now close the solar plexus flower back into a bud, dropping a yellow seed, down to the sacral chakra, seeing the flower closing back into a bud, dropping an orange seed. We will leave the base flower open, but it still drops a red seed onto the ground. We leave these seeds to germinate & continue the healing process that we have begun here today.

Close down the quarters, thank the ancestors, and close the circle.

Morrigan Meditation

Written by Janine Donnellan

I am walking through a dark thick forest, there is a storm brewing and the winds are whipping up the leaves which form swirling whirlpools around my feet as I walk down a very narrow path. I eventually come to an open space, surrounded by forest and ringed by tall poplar trees. In the centre of this clearing is a large oblong ornately shaped iron enclosure, the type you see in a Victorian styled cemetery. There is a gate slightly opened on one side of this enclosure. I push the gate open and proceed to move into the enclosure. The wind has suddenly dropped and there is now complete and total silence. This strange enclosure is completely covered in a mass of dead leaves, and as I move across the clearing I notice a brick pathway underneath the leaves leading to the centre of this bare space. There are no gravestones in sight but I have this underlying feeling that this is a very old graveyard.

I become aware of a flock of large crows sitting in the trees high above me just watching silently. There is a slight ruffling sound behind me and I turn around to see what it is making the noise. A woman appears directly behind me, wrapped in a cloak of black feathers. Her black hair falling in short curly wisps around her face which is extremely pale, death like, and her white pallor is further exaggerated by the dark red, almost black colour of her lips. She watches me silently; her dark eyes contain a sense of sadness, but also a sense of defiance.

As I stare at this strange woman I feel there is a familiarity about her, as if I have known her some other time in another place. My thoughts quickly lead me back to a dream I had over twelve months ago prior to my overseas trip. In this dream this same woman appeared as a banshee, crying for those souls that are close to death. I can see her so clearly in my mind, standing hidden amongst the trees, waif like, singing her high pitched and soul reaching suppurate.

So here I am once again face to face with this lady of death, this time in her persona of the Morrigan. She now spreads her arms out wide; her mouth opens to a cavern of blackness and emptiness; a dark thin mist issues forth carrying a thousand war cries which echo off the trees surrounding the clearing. In this cacophony of sound I am strangely not afraid, in fact I feel drawn to her, and I step closer and closer to her until we are face to face. She draws her arms around me and holds me close to her. We stand it seems in darkness, in the void between the spaces and I feel safe in her strength and her power, and within that strange embrace I also feel totally protected. This is the moment of the ultimate connection, soul touching soul, information exchanged by mere assimilation.

We both stand in this interlock, knowing the truth of our own empowerment. The truth that is universal, the truth of being; She releases her hold of me and gestures to the gate, I immediately turn and notice the gate swinging with the wind, the leaves once again spiral around my feet and with the sound of the flutter of wings my lady of death vanishes. I stand in silence for a moment just pondering on this experience; trying to remember every thought and every feeling of this close encounter. I then hesitantly start to retrace my steps down the brick pathway to the gate, past the crows all sitting quietly watching me. I walk through the gate pausing for a moment of reflection and then turning and making my way back again through the narrow path inside the dark thick forest.

Pan Meditation

Written by Janine Donnellan

You walk through the cool mist feeling it rise around you soft and caressing. As you move through the mist you find yourself in a forest of tall trees. You smell the warm odor of damp earth, and the decay leaf litter. You notice a small meandering path in front of you and just as you begin to walk this path a magnificent stag come charging out of the forest and stands defiantly in your path looking at you, majestic, regal. You make eye contact and you bow your head in honour of his presence. He in turn bows and then turns and starts charging down the path. You quickly go after him, running faster than you have ever run before. You run with long light steps, like a young child running so swiftly without a care, always looking ahead to see which direction the stag is going. Before long you notice that you are no longer on the path but are in the depth of the woods and you stop and look around you. The stag has disappeared and you are all alone. You stand completely still looking around you and listening. The trees are large and ancient and covered in vines, every now and then you feel the presence of animals and elementals staring at you.

You become aware of music, soft gently music in the distance and you find yourself walking towards this magical sound. It's the sound of a flute, the sound bounces off the trees as you pass. Soon you find yourself at a lake a gentle mist rises from the waters. You see the stag drinking from its cool waters and you walk over to the lake and peer into its depths. You see your reflection in the water, and you realize how beautiful you look. The music gets louder and faster and you can hear laughing and singing. You turn around to see beautiful nymphs with long flowing golden hair dancing in a circle. You approach them and they hand you a garland of daisies to put on your head. You join in with their dancing, holding their hand and moving around in a circle, going faster and faster, faster and faster. You feel dizzy as you spin around in the circle and soon you loose your balance and fall to the ground laughing. The forest spins around you and soon you notice a strange creature standing before you. A creature half man and half beast; a creature with hoven feet and horns coming out from the top of his head. He has a mischievous smile and he plays his flute and dances around you and the nymphs join in laughing and singing. This wondrous creature introduces himself as Pan and he offers you his hand. You feel very drawn to him, his energy is overpowering. He is charismatic and before you realize you have fallen for his charm. Spend time now with Pan, laugh and dance and become the maiden and when it is time I will call you back.

You find yourself lying on the grass covered in flowers, Pan sits on a rock playing his flute, he smiles and tells you its time to return but you can visit this place anytime. You notice the stag standing nearby and you stand and walk over to the stag. He once again bows to you and you gently place your hand over his lichen covered antlers. Pan helps you on to the stags back and the stag starts to run through the forest, you briefly look back to see the nymphs and Pan playing on the banks of the lake and you feel yourself move through time and space and the stag flies through the forest. Soon you are back on the path and the stag stops and lets you jump off his back. He nuzzles close to you and you give him a hug. He once again bows and turns and charges back into the forest. You turn and walk back along the path until you see the white mist. You move through the cool white mist and soon you are back into this room, you are back into your bodies, feeling your fingers and toes and stretching your arms feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Arianrhod's Glass House

Written by Janine Donnellan

You walk through the cool white mist feeling its energy protecting and caressing you as you move through it. Once the mist has cleared you find yourself on a cliff high above the Atlantic Ocean. The wind blows in all directions around you. You feel the gentle spray of water from the ocean as it crashes against the sides of the cliff. It is the time of twilight and the moon is new and it appears as a silver slither in the sky. The stars begin to glimmer in the purple haze. The sun has set but its rays of burnished pink are just beginning to fade. You stand staring out into the vast ocean its waters looks dark, deep and mysterious. The white foam stands out so clear upon the crest of the waves like a battalion of charging stallions. You breathe deeply taking in the variety of aromas. The saltiness of the ocean, the ozone, the smell of heath around you; you are totally absorbed by the senses of nature all around you. As you walk near the edge of the cliff you notice a large white owl circling above you. Its cries sound like music, sounds of a long lost lullaby that seems so familiar. You turn to watch as the bird circles around, you watch as it circles high up in the sky. You move to follow this magnificent bird only to see before you a grand house made of glass. You hadn't noticed this house before when you were standing on the edge of the cliff. It is as if it has just appeared. You follow the pathway towards the house. A subtle light appears from inside, a warm gentle beckoning light. As you move through this path you notice large elaborate spider webs neatly created on the small trees that line the pathway. The webs are like beautifully crafted sculptures glistening from water drops trapped within the tendrils of the web. Oh how they glow with the lights of the twilight. They are like beacons lighting the way.

You stand now at the doorway of this unusual house. Noticing the light coming from the centre you move to open the glass door, but it opens by itself in expectation of your visit. You feel a shift in the energy as you past the threshold. You hear soft music, like the sound of a thousand bees humming harmoniously. As you walk through this house you are completely captivated by its beauty. The furnishings are of purest crystal and opulent silks. Once again you see the owl perched on the top a crimson chair staring out to sea. As you approach this chair you find that owl is no longer there and then you notice a woman sitting quietly in the chair, waiting. The woman is striking; she has long dark hair, and is wearing the sheerest silver gown, a gown that has the luminance of star light.

She speaks to you with a gentle musical voice, not looking at you but staring straight ahead looking out into the landscape. I am the Goddess Arianrhod, the Goddess of the Silver Wheel, the Keeper of past, present and future. Arianrhod then stands and turns to face you directly. Her face is pale, translucent; her eyes are dark and mysterious. You look deeply into her eyes, eyes that seem to grow larger and larger until they look like large dark deep pools. She speaks, "Stand now in the flood tide of your power, now see where all paths lead. Where you have come from, where you stand now and where next you travel." You stand there looking deeply into her eyes. Now listen to the whispered breeze that carries you a song. Hark to the still, small voice that calls and tells you, where you belong.

It seems like you have been in this place now for a long time and suddenly you are aroused by the sound of the owl as flies out of the room. You turn to follow the owl and you find that a thin spiders web has been wound around you body. It feels soft and caressing. You hear some words softly spoken in the wind, "Come, leave you now, My silver web the weaving of your fate. My strands no stronger than you can bear, spun to guide, not decimate."

You turn now and leave this beautiful house filled with crystal furniture and silk. The web encased around you fades into nothing. You move out past the threshold of this magnificent house, noticing the energy shift. You move down the path that is guided by the silvery web. You notice the stars now shining so brightly in the darkened sky and you turn once again to look at the glass house only to find it has disappeared. You walk down the track that leads you away from this magical place. Hearing the sound of the waves crashing against the cliff as you leave, and soon you see the white mist that leads you home and you move through it feeling its coolness on your face. You see yourself sitting on the chair in this hall. You sit back into your body feeling your chest rise and fall with each breath. Wiggle your fingers and toes and stretch your arms and legs.

Meditation on Avalon

Written by Janine Donnellan

You have been given permission to enter the magical realms and you are now on the shores of Avalon. A glow in the darkness directs you to a small path that opens up to a small grove in the middle of the trees. And in the center of the glen is a cauldron, set on a tripod, with a crackling fire underneath. You are hungry, but the odor is an unfamiliar, feral, woodsy smell. Your hunger fades. You notice a large raven on a tree branch near the path at the border of the glen, staring at you with gleaming greenish eyes. You look around to see who tends the fire, and looking back toward the raven, you find instead, a figure shrouded in dark robes, walking slowly toward you.

The face beneath the hood is invisible, only the gleam of white hands shows within the folds of the sleeves. The figure is holding a large ladle, and walks past you to the cauldron. From a pouch at her waist, the figure pours what looks like herbs into the cauldron, then stirs with the ladle. You hear a low sultry female voice murmur in a language you have never heard.

She turns to you and throws back her hood, revealing her face. She is beautiful, with long jet black hair with a hint of red framing her pale face. She wears a black crescent shaped gem on a circlet on her brow above large emerald green eyes, reflecting the fire beneath the cauldron. She smiles at you, a bewitching smile, and you find yourself smiling back.

"I am Vivianne. In legends I am the Lady Of The Lake." She introduces herself to you, you are awed by her beauty and the power in Her deep, rich voice, which seems to reverberate through the woods. The air seems to swirl around Her, caressing Her, lifting Her hair gently around Her face. Her green eyes dance in amusement as She watches you.

She turns and scoops up a ladleful of the pungent brew from the steaming cauldron, and offers some to you. Her staring eyes reminds you of the raven, and you are compelled to take the ladle and drink.

You suddenly feel disoriented, your legs give out beneath you. You feel very light, like a breath of air. You stretch out your arms, and find yourself surrounded on both sides by huge black feathers waving in the air. On the lip of the cauldron dances the raven with gleaming green eyes. You realize that you, having drunk from the broth of the raven, have become a raven. The other bird flies off, landing on the branch of a tree, and waits for you. You try your wings. Awkwardly, you flap what was once your arms. Then powerfully, rapidly, you move your wings and take flight. Unsteady at first, you gradually learn to balance, to compensate, equalize, to direct your flight, and you follow whom you now know to be Vivianne into the night.

Listen to the night, to the sound of the wind through the trees, to the sound of your wings as you move through the evening sky, to your heart as it beats in rhythm with the universe.

See the forest of trees below you, surrounding Avalon, and the mountains beyond the forest surrounded in mist. Look up and see the distant stars above you as they move in a slow stately spiral, forming the enormous Universal Maze. Hidden somewhere in that maze is the secret of the Dark Side of the Moon. Slowly you spiral around and around inside the turning maze.

Your journey has brought you to the center of the maze, and now I will reveal Her secret to you. The Dark Side of the Moon is the Cauldron of Morrigan. It is the Black Hole in space that takes in everything and gives nothing. All light and life are sucked deeper and deeper, heavier and heavier into that cauldron of darkness. In that vast womb, life and light are gathered until She explodes, giving pulsing, radiating birth, funneling new life into the void. She is the First Mother, the Mother of All Things, Weaver of the Great Web on whose threads all the spiraling galaxies, nebulas, suns, stars, worlds and moons are caught. Through the eons, Vivianne has poured out the contents of Her cauldron and planed the universe anew, only to harvest and gather it once again, in a never ending pattern of birth, death and renewal.

You are lying on the ground, in the center of the grove. The cauldron is empty and cold, and the raven is nowhere to be seen. But on the ground next to you is a magnificent shining black raven's feather. That is Vivianne's gift to you, a reminder of your journey, for you are one of the Wise Ones now, You are now a Priest or Priestess of Avalon.

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