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(Information provided by Amethyst)

Modron means 'Mother' in Old Celtic. The name Modron is used in Celtic mythology in a specific sense. It does not mean Mother as most of us think of her. Modron is Mother of the 'virgin', or maiden. Modron is the earth mother, sometimes depicted as a Black Goddess/Madonna, black being the symbolic colour of earth, the underworld and death. The Mother represents the dark or waning moon, and her daughter, the bride or virgin is the new and waxing moon. This female polarity is a more ancient division of the aspects of the Goddess than the later maiden, mother, hag.

The mother-Goddess of the Welsh Triads. Modron was Christianised into the female Welsh saint Madrun, who could have then been brought to Cornwall by Welsh incomers in the 5th & 6th Centuries.

The goddess Madron, who married Urien of Gore and gave birth to Owain and Morfudd.

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