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Ingress Astrology - Part 4

by Jenni Muscat

Was Hael, and welcome to the final instalment of Ingress Astrology. We now approach the final ingress by way of the Sun moving into Capricorn - thus marking the Summer Solstice and the Sun moving to its most southerly point on the Tropic of Capricorn before moving northward towards the equator once more.

At the time of this particular solstice, we see the Sun rising from the southeast and setting in the southwest, bringing with it longer days and more leisure time. The Sun's arc has crossed at its widest point and will come to a standstill on 22nd December when it goes into 0 degrees of Capricorn, marking the longest day of the year in terms of daylight hours.

We are fortunate in this part of the world to have roughly 15 hours of daylight by the time the Sun has reached this mark. The washing will dry in next to no time on a clothes line, lawns mowed at an earlier or later time of day, days spent at a beach or by a pool to cool off. This is the time of year to enjoy the fruits of our labour, take time off from work and go on holidays over the school's summer break, and perhaps catch up on some other loose ends that need to be tied up.

For this final ingress point, we come to the last of the Cardinal and Earth signs in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn. Saturn is representative of rules and restrictions, boundaries, the law and justice. Saturn is also called "Old Father Time" because in traditional Astrology, he rules the later stages of a person's life - a time when retirement is imminent and we are more aware of our mortality. We have this huge road to look back on in terms of life's experiences and the path to our journey's end isn't far off. We could find ourselves alone in old age, but there is also a chance to enjoy those things in life that we otherwise didn't have time for in our youth.

For those born under this sign, they can be perceived as being quite serious and ambitious, recognition for their achievements is important - as well as their chosen career! These people tend to be very patient, if a little dour at times, because they will take the time to put everything into place from the ground up. The laying down of solid foundations - be it in work, friendships or relationships (especially the latter) - is crucial for these people. They are also some of the most logical thinkers and doers of the zodiac. Their motto could be along the lines of, "If it can't be proven, then why should I believe it?" However, don't think for a moment that they are dull and boring, because they are not. The saturnian nature just makes them more happy when they know that all the pieces of their puzzle are in the right places - then they can relax and enjoy themselves!

The first square that comes around from Capricorn happens to be Aries, ruled by Mars - yes that hot-headed warrior who can act first and ask questions later. Feeling restricted in this fashion (and at this time of year) can produce feelings of being overwhelmed and blocked up - their way is barred, and frustration may set in. Yet there may be valid reasons for this to occur. Saturn will provide those important lessons for us to stop and think about what we're doing, where we're going and why we want to do anything at that moment.

Squares are among the most challenging aspects in the horoscope, but once these issues are addressed, they are also the most liberating to conquer. As we know, without challenges, we don't learn from our experiences and we most certainly wouldn't have any fears, trials and tribulations to overcome and perhaps master.

For myself, being an Aries, this time of year is a very challenging one for me. I enjoy the slower pace that the summer holidays bring, but I also champ at the bit because I know there is much work that I otherwise wouldn't have time for, which needs to be done. Saturn is showing me the true nature of my path as I get older and (perhaps) wiser, there are more important things in life to take care of besides the more trivial matters.

The Capricorn person dealing with Martians might not enjoy the otherwise "In your face" attitude that the Aries person would bring to them. One thing's for sure though. Life is never boring, and everyone could loosen up to enjoy that childlike quality that comes from Mars - curious about the world around them, and having fun in the moment.

Moving from Aries, we come to the opposition placement of Cancer, ruled by the Moon - she of the watery depths who governs the tides, monthly cycles, the more nurturing and receptive sides of our psyche. Oppositions are also challenging, but in a different way to the square. Those born under Cancer (along with their Capricornian counterpart) are in that situation which will bring people of opposing - and yet harmonious - backgrounds to them. The lessons to be learned here are of accepting that despite the seemingly obvious differences, similar paths and experiences are shared and you are able to find more common ground. The trick is to be more open-minded about it.

The final square around the zodiac is in the sign of Libra, ruled by Venus. Since Venus rules both Taurus and Libra, she takes on differing roles. In the case of Libra, she values peace and harmony, marriage and relationships, social settings and diplomacy. People born under Libra seek the balance at all costs, often at the expense of possible fence-sitting. It is a credit to these people that they can see all sides of any debates and crises that arise, but it is hard to rely on them for any hard and fast decisions! The Capricorn individual might want to strike a particular deal while they feel the iron is hot, but unfortunately for them, the Libran individual will still want to weigh up the pros and cons - such is their nature. The lesson in this instance is to find something in the way of a happy medium, as both parties could be right in their manner of thinking.

As I said, this is the final instalment of the Ingress series. Writing these articles has allowed me to look back on an incredible journey that this year has brought - with the promise of more interesting times to come! Astrology is an amazing tool, and used properly, will provide the querent with insightful information that is pertinent to either themselves or those around them. Aside from the usual note of caution that any form of knowledge should never be abused for one's personal gain, you might also find that such studies can be addictive!

As we approach the Solstice, let us take the time to relax and enjoy our spoils - as well as reflecting on what the year has brought for us. Depending on your religion, you would give thanks to the Sun King, before relinquishing his power to his brother the Holly King. In some cultures, the solar deity is female and thanks given to her before her brother of the night takes over the reins.

In the Southern Hemisphere, the tradition of Christmas is also celebrated in keeping with our Northern Hemisphere cousins. So whichever tradition you choose to acknowledge (both, if we have young children who know of Santa Claus!), I give you a hearty thanks for spending this time with me. I hope you have gained much insight into your spiritual journey, along with that of those around you.

Hael and farewell until next year!


Jenni Barnett is a practising Heathen of the Celtic and Norse pantheons. She also studies Astrology through the Sirius School of Astrology.

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