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The Seven Spheres Of Man ~ Traditional Astrology

by Jenni Muscat

This month's article relates to the more ancient interpretation of Astrology, according to the various ages of humans and planetary rulership. Before the more recent discoveries of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, Astrology consisted of seven planets - the seven that were easily seen to the naked eye.

The first planet with which we associate our earliest and deepest connections to life is the Moon. Ruling over the zodiac sign Cancer, with its glyph of the crab, the Moon is connected to the oceans and tides. The cycle recurs every month and is associated with the female monthly cycle. The sidereal cycle of the moon is every 27 days, making it 13 lunar months to a year. When synchronised with the Sun, the synodic cycle is every 29 days, coinciding with our calendar of 12 months.

From birth, the first person we make connections with is our mother. She nurtures and nourishes, protects and teaches. She bathes and clothes, cares for her ill baby and restores to health. The baby begins to see, smile, laugh and cry. Our most basic instincts are expressed so that our needs and wants are met. Babies are helpless and learn to bond with the person nearest to them. This is the ego, in its rawest and purist form. The baby becomes a toddler, walks and talks, is familiar with the immediate surroundings of home. The early beginnings shape us so we learn and develop. Be it positive or negative, these early anchors of our childhood set the tone for the rest of our lives.

The next stage is associated with the planet Mercury. Ruling over both Gemini and Virgo, with their glyphs of the twins and the virgin, Mercury is known for swift movement, mischief and thievery, education and learning, processing of information, memory and critical analysis. It is at this juncture, when the child is around four or five, that he (I will simplify matters and refer to the child as he, though of course we relate to both he and she) is attending pre-school and/or school. The child is out of his home environment for a period of time each day, so he receives schooling. He also learns about meeting new people, including his teachers, other students who will become playmates, along with those parents. Short distance travels are also a part of this development as the child walks home or rides on a bus, visit friends after school or run errands to the shops. This stage of development is pertinent to learning about the immediate community and neighbourhood.

The formative years at school are a wondrous and exciting time. The child learns to read and write. He also learns about the big wide world of which he is a part. The school routines are established and he learns under the watchful guidance of the teaching staff. These times can also be awkward and traumatic. The child learns quickly how the more sneaky and devious attributes of Mercury come into play. An example of this can be when a child's pen or pencil is stolen. The child doesn't understand why people set out to behave this way. This is a period of learning for him that not everybody is nice and he endeavours to learn the social nuances that carry him through his school years and beyond.

The next planet out which brings about significant change is Venus. Venus resides over both Taurus and Libra, with their glyphs of the bull's horns and the scales. Venus depicts love and harmony, diplomacy, the finer things in life and creature comforts. The child has moved out of primary school and is proceeding into the rollercoaster ride that is adolescence and high school. This is the time when the social mores between the teenager and his peers become fine-tuned, and it is also emphasised in how he furthers his education. Home economics and other forms of crafting are taught for a period of time.

Another issue that has a greater emphasis on his development is the onset of puberty and adolescence. It is at this stage that there is a deeper interest in forming friendships and relationships. Social networking is more commonplace as the teenager spends an increasing amount of time away from the home environment.

He learns about the awkward processes of love and sex, acceptance and rejection; all these facets of learning are perfectly normal and he is able to perceive who he wants in his life and who he doesn't. The group mentality and peer pressure also comes into play, wanting to feel like he is part of a group and generally accepted. This is also normal, until he has learned how to think and act responsibly for himself.

The next planet of importance is the Sun. Ruling over the sign of Leo with its glyph of the lion, the Sun is about expansion and growth, the more generous aspects of our personality, as opposed to the receptive personality that comes from the Moon. If the Moon is representative as the female persona of our ego, then the Sun is its male counterpart, of the father. He who was once a child has now left school, taken on a job and entered the adult world. The man has come of age, and this brings a new set of responsibilities.

In the adult world, which is a big and often daunting place, the man embarks on learning his place in the scheme of things. This period of his life carries him through to the early onset of middle age. He learns about going to work and earning a regular income, being a team player within a working and/or sporting environment. He may be sowing his wild oats before settling down to married life and domesticity. The seeds here are sown for a more emotional maturity and stability associated with making commitments and cementing plans for the future. Whether it's just for himself or with an established family, he has left the more carefree days of his youth behind.

Moving on to the next phase of his life, we have Mars, ruling planet of Aries and Scorpio with the glyphs of the Ram and Scorpion. Mars is about having energy to burn, new beginnings, the art and strategy of war, impulsive and reckless behaviour and yet the opposite of this behaviour is a sense of discipline and order. Mars can be impatient and wanting to achieve his purposes yesterday. Whereas Venus is about love, peace and harmony, Mars would gain his ends through sex and violence. He is a man of action and the time is now.

This period of a man's life would be relevant to the time of what we commonly refer to as the "Midlife Crisis". All of a sudden, his life will turn upside down and he may be dissatisfied with his lot. It's not unusual at this stage of life for an extramarital affair to take place, chuck in his job that he's no longer happy with for something else. Sometimes, circumstances can occur beyond his control, such as the death of a parent or relative, a loss of income or even a marital split. When such incidents occur in his life he will re-evaluate everything that he has ever known about.

Longstanding friendships may also come undone and there is that process of making sweeping changes to be rid of whatever's no longer beneficial in his life. This is also a time in his life which allows him to move out of his comfort zone as he dares to try on new experiences and set himself off on a new adventure in an effort to learn more about himself and the world around him.

There is an understanding that as his life is becoming shorter and he has a reality check with mortality, he wants to make the best of the rest of the time that's left to him.

Moving on to the later aspects of middle age he moves into the more philosophical and community minded age of Jupiter. Residing over Sagittarius and Pisces with the glyph of the archer's bow and two fish swimming away from each other, Jupiter is the benefactor on a group minded level and looks to the longer term of projects and ideals. Here he looks at his community and how he feels he can make a contribution to it. The question of philosophy and religion may arise. If there is a time for questioning whether his religion (if he practises one) is beneficial for him any longer, it may be at this stage of his life.

Whether it's through reading, travelling extensively or seeking to network with those of like mind, the man wishes to put into practise what he has already learned, while continuing to broaden his horizons.

In the sense of broadening his horizons, it can include the literal term of travelling to far off places that he may have always dreamed of going to. He may have an idea of becoming a mentor or benefactor to somebody who he feels would benefit from his knowledge and practical experience.

The last planet that is related to the seven spheres is Saturn. Having rulership over Capricorn and Aquarius, with the glyphs of the sea goat and waves, Saturn is about form and structure, rules and authority, restrictions and limitations. The man who has reached the final stages of his life can look back on everything he has achieved, the lessons he has learned, and enjoy the fruits of his labour. He has reached the age of retirement when work is no longer the emphasis on his life that it once was. He owns his home, he has scrimped and saved so that he may now enjoy the more leisurely pursuits as he has more time on his hands. His children have grown up and left the nest, with family of their own.

There is a deeper sense of appreciation with his achievements, he can watch the world go by, smell the roses and take it all in stride. He is aware that his life his drawing to a close and there is that sense of not feeling hurried. Life is no longer at the frenetic pace it once was. If he has grandchildren, he will enjoy the time he spends with them and regain a sense of the simple pleasures life can bring through the eyes of children. He has become the elder of his community who has earned the respect of his peers and the young.

We began with the Moon, who is the cradle, and we end with Saturn, who we call Old Father Time, and therefore is the grave. It is a simple, and yet, insightful observation in regards to how the ancients viewed life and death. As I see it, not an awful lot has changed. And that is in spite of the world continuously changing.

Till next month, fare thee well.

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Jenni lives south of Sydney with her three children and menagerie of pets. Her passion for Astrology has been utilised at great length for the last ten years. Along with self-learning, she has studied at the Sirius School of Astrology under the guidance of Ed Tamplin and Sherrynne Dalby. Jenni's other interests include Reiki, Feng Shui & intuitive alignment of the land and home, Heathenism, Shamanism, Crystals, Metaphysical Healing, Paranormal investigations (conducted through the SOuL Searchers team of Spheres Of Light) Tarot and Angel readings, along with gardening, walking, family & friends. Jenni has various creative endeavours including making candles, soaps and runes for sale, along with selling crystals and other trinkets.

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