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Botanical: Angelica archangelica
Planetary associations: Sun
Zodiac associations: Leo
Element: Fire
Gender: Masculine
Tarot: Strength
Magickal classifications: Countermagick Herbe, Herbe of Consecration, Herbe of Immortality, Herbe of Protection, Herbe of Purification and Visionary Herbe
Invocatory: Atlantis, Archangel Michael, Sophia
Part Used: Stalks, leaves, roots & seeds
Synonyms: Archangel, Masterwort


Grieve describes the remnants of an earlier pagan custom of Eastern Europe, in which, people from Couriand, Livonia and the low lakelands of Pomerania and East Prussia, carry the flowering stalks of angelica into the village while "chanting some ancient ditty in Lettish, so antiquated as to be unintelligible even to the singers themselves."

As seen by its name, angelica has been associated with the Archangel Michael. It comes into bloom in the northern hemisphere near his feast day and has been connected to the Christian observance of the Annunciation.

Angelica is known for its protection against evil spells. Mrs Grieve says it has been called "The Root of the Holy Ghost."

This majestic herbe is thought by some to have been grown in the gardens of the mythical Atlantis.


In The Master Book of Herbalism, it is considered that angelica is "one of the most valuable Herbes of Protection." The magickal property of angelica works in two ways. One is through establishing protection, creating a barrier against energy, which would be destructive or harmful. The other property is through filling the person with an abundance of good, radiant energy. Angelica has a pleasing flavour and may be used internally. It is also an excellent bathing herbe. The attributes of this relative of celery enhance the aura, aid in maintaining a joyful outlook on life, and assist in allowing the internal psychic self to be open and functional. Angelica may be used in ritual baths, self-blessings and in rituals of purification.

For the devotees of Atlantean myth, angelica may be integrated into mediations to help you have a sense of Atlantis, its lore and knowledge. Plato was the first to write of this legend and whether or not Atlantis ever existed in reality remains debated even today. The legends, however, have been believed by countless peoples over many centuries and there is great power within the myth. Angelica may be used to intuit other realities and the ancient civilizations of other times.

The belief in the protective and benevolent guardianship of angelic beings is a strong force in many religions. For these people, angelica is an essential herbe. For anyone desirous of better reaching their inner light, of finding inspiration and tapping into their Highest Ideals, angelica will help you embrace and embody you own spiritual essence.

Sprinkle crushed leaves around the 4 corners of a house to ward off negativity and purify the home, burn for meditation, protection, divination, exorcism, healing/health and visions. Some American Indian tribes carried a talisman of this root for luck in gambling. The leaves can be smoked in herbal "tobacco" formulas. (Oil) Use for anointing.

As a bringer of light, angelica may be used at Candlemas/Imbolc, the Feast of the Waxing Light, as the days grow brighter and our hope is rekindled.

Angelica root is widely thought to be a powerful Guardian and Healer, and to provide Strength to Women. It is used by many people for the purpose of warding off evil and bringing good luck in health and family matters.

A compendium of Herbal Magick by Paul Beyerl 1998

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