Spheres Of Light

Herbs and their Magical Associations

Acacia - exorcism, banishing, money, love
Adam and Eve Roots - attract love, happiness
Adder's Tongue - healing
African Violet - protection, promote spirituality
Agaric - (TOXIC) encourage fertility
Agrimony - protection, banish negative energy/entities, reverse spells, break hexes
Ague Root - protection, break hexes
Alfalfa - abundance, prosperity, money
Alkanet - repel negativity, attract prosperity
Allspice - money, luck, healing
Almond - prosperity, success in business ventures
Aloe - protection, luck, money, repel evil
Althea - protection, psychic power, attract good spirits
Alyssum - protection, calm anger
Amaranth - healing, protection
Anemone - health, protection, healing
Angelica - protection, exorcism, remove curses and hexes, healing, visions
Anise - sleep, protection, repel evil, purification, call in good spirits
Apple - love, healing, garden blessing
Apricot - love
Arabic Gum - purification, spirituality
Arbutus - exorcism, protection
Asafoetida - purification, protection, exorcism
Ash - prosperity, protection, healing, love
Aspen - protection
Aster - love
Avens - exorcism, love, purification
Avocado - beauty, love, lust

Bachelor's Buttons - love
Balm of Gilead - protection, healing, love
Bamboo - protection, luck, break hexes, wishes
Banana - prosperity, fertility, potency
Banyan - luck, happiness
Barley - healing, protection, love
Basil - exorcism, love, protection, prosperity, wealth
Bay - psychic powers, protection, healing, purification, strength
Bean - love, protection, exorcism
Beech - creativity, wishes
Beet - love
Belladonna - (TOXIC) visions, astral protection
Benzoin - purification, prosperity
Be-Still - (TOXIC) luck
Birch - purification, protection, exorcism
Bistort - fertility, psychic powers
Bittersweet - (TOXIC) protection, healing
Black Cohosh - courage, love, protection, potency
Black Hellebore - (TOXIC) invisibility, exorcism, astral projection
Black Snakeroot - love, lust, money
Blackberry - healing, protection, prosperity, money
Bladderwrack - psychic powers, protection, money
Bleeding Heart - love
Blessed Thistle - protection, animal healing
Bloodroot - (TOXIC) love, purification, protection
Bluebell - luck, truth
Blueberry - protection
Blue Flag - (TOXIC) money, wealth, success in business
Bodhi - wisdom, fertility, protection, meditation
Boneset - protection, exorcism
Borage - courage, psychic powers
Bracken - protection, healing, fertility, prophetic dreams
Brazil Nut - love
Briony - protection, money
Bromeliad - protection, money
Broom - (TOXIC) protection, purification, divination
Buchu - prophetic dreams, psychic powers
Buckeye - luck, divination, money, wealth, prosperity
Buckthorn - protection, exorcism, wishes, legal matters
Buckwheat - protection, money
Burdock - protection, healing

Cabbage - luck
Cactus - protection
Calamus - (TOXIC) luck, protection, healing, money
Camellia - prosperity, wealth, luxury
Camphor - healing, divination
Caper - lust, love, potency
Caraway - protection, lust, healing, mental powers, repel negativity
Cardamon - lust, love
Carnation - protection, strength, healing
Carob - protection, health
Carrot - fertility, lust
Cascara Sagrada - protection, money, legal matters
Cashew - prosperity, money
Castor - (TOXIC) protection, repel negativity
Catnip - love, beauty, happiness, power, courage
Cat Tail - lust
Cedar - healing, purification, money, protection
Celandine - joy, protection, happiness, escape, legal matters
Celery - lust, psychic powers, mental clarity, concentration
Chamomile - purification, tranquility, money, sleep, love, luck, meditation
Cherry - love, divination
Chestnut - love
Chickweed - love, fidelity
Chicory - favors, frugality, remove obstacles
Chili Pepper - fidelity, love, break hexes
China Berry - (TOXIC) luck
Chrysanthemum - protection
Cinchona - protection, luck
Cinnamon - prosperity, success, spirituality, healing, lust, protection, love, psychic powers, passion
Cinquefoil - money, protection, sleep, prophetic dreams
Citron - healing, psychic powers
Cloth-of-Gold - animal communication
Clove - protection, exorcism, purification, love, money, mental clarity
Clover - success, protection, money, exorcism, love, fidelity, consecration
Club Moss - protection, power
Coconut - purification, protection
Coltsfoot - love, psychic visions, healing, wealth, prosperity
Columbine - courage, love
Comfrey - healing, safe travel, money
Copal - love, purification
Coriander - love, health, healing
Corn - divination, protection, luck
Cotton - luck, healing, protection
Cowslip - youth, healing
Crocus - love, visions
Cubeb - love
Cuckoo-Flower - love, fertility
Cucumber - healing, fertility
Cumin - exorcism, protection
Curry - protection, exorcism
Cyclamen - fertility, protection, happiness, lust
Cypress - healing, protection, comfort, longevity

Daffodil - love, luck, fertility
Daisy - love, lust
Damiana - divination, love, lust, sex magick, dreams, visions, psychic powers
Dandelion - purification, divination, wishes, calling spirits
Date Palm - potency, fertility
Datura - (TOXIC) protection, sleep, break hexes
Deerstongue - lust, psychic powers
Devil's Bit - love, protection, luck, exorcism
Devil's Shoestring - protection, luck, gambling, power, employment
Dill - protection, money, love, lust
Dittany of Crete - manifestations, astral projection
Dock - money, healing, fertility
Dodder - love divination, knot magic
Dogbane - love
Dogwood - protection, wishes
Dragon's Blood - power, protection, exorcism, potency, love
Dulse - harmony, lust
Dutchman's Breeches - love

Ebony - protection, power
Echinacea - strengthening spells, health
Elder - protection, exorcism, healing, prosperity, sleep
Elecampane - love, protection, psychic powers
Elm - protection, love
Endive - love, lust
Eryngo - peace, love, lust, traveler's luck
Eucalyptus - healing, protection
Euphorbia - (TOXIC) protection, purification
Eyebright - joy, psychic powers, mental clarity

Fennel - protection, exorcism, healing, purification, virility
Fenugreek - prosperity, wealth, money
Fern - protection, luck, riches, health, exorcism
Feverfew - protection
Fig - divination, fertility, love
Figwort - protection, health
Flax - luck, money, protection, purification, beauty, psychic powers, healing, health
Fleabane - exorcism, protection
Foxglove - (TOXIC) protection
Fragrant Bedstraw - love
Frankincense - exorcism, purification, protection, spirituality
Fumitory - money, exorcism
Fuzzy Weed - love

Galangal - protection, legal matters, lust, health, money, psychic powers, break hexes
Gardenia - love, peace, healing, spirituality
Garlic - protection, healing, health, exorcism, lust
Gentian - power, love, break hexes
Geranium - health, love, protection, fertility
Giant Vetch - fidelity
Ginger - love, money, success, power
Ginseng - longevity, sexual potency, protection, healing, love, lust, wishes, beauty
Goat's Rue - healing, health
Goldenrod - prosperity, money, divination
Goldenseal - money, healing
Gorse - protection, money
Gotu Kola - meditation
Gourd - protection
Grain - protection
Grains of Paradise - love, lust, luck, money, wishes
Grape - mental clarity, money, fertility
Grass - psychic powers, protection
Ground Ivy - divination
Groundsel - health, healing

Hawthorn - happiness, fertility
Hazel - luck, fertility, protection, wishes
Heather - luck, protection
Heliotrope - (TOXIC) exorcism, prophetic dreams, healing, wealth
Hemlock - (TOXIC) astral projection, diminish libido, power, purification
Hemp - healing, love, visions, meditation
Henbane - (TOXIC) love
Henna - healing, health, love
Hibiscus - love, lust, divination
Hickory - legal matters
High John the Conqueror - (TOXIC) strength, confidence, health, love, money, success, happiness, break hexes
Holy Thistle - purification, break hexes
Holly - protection, luck, dream magic
Honesty - money, protection
Honeysuckle - protection, money, psychic powers
Hops - healing, sleep
Horehound - exorcism, healing, purification, protection, mental clarity, balance
Horse Chestnut - (TOXIC) healing, money
Horseradish - exorcism, purification
Horsetail - fertility
Houseleek - love, luck, protection
Huckleberry - protection, luck, dream magic, break hexes
Hyacinth - love, protection, happiness
Hydrangea - break hexes
Hyssop - healing, protection, purification

Indian Paint Brush - love
Iris - purification, wisdom
Irish Moss - luck, money, protection
Ivy - protection, healing

Jasmine - divination, love, money, prophetic dreams
Job's Tears - luck, wishes, healing
Joe-Pye Weed - love, respect
Juniper - protection, love, exorcism, health

Kava Kava - lust, protection while traveling, astral projection, visions, luck
Knotweed - health, binding spells, protection

Lady's Mantle - love
Lady's Slipper - protection
Larch - protection
Larkspur - protection, health
Lavender - protection, call in good spirits, love, sleep, longevity, purification, happiness, peace, healing
Leek - exorcism, love, protection
Lemon - purification, love, friendship, longevity
Lemon Balm - love, success, healing
Lemon Verbena - protection, purification, love, power
Lemongrass - psychic powers, mental clarity, lust
Lettuce - love divination, sleep, protection
Licorice - love, lust, fidelity
Life-Everlasting - health, healing, longevity
Lilac - exorcism, protection, purification
Lily - protection, exorcism, repel negativity, truth, break love spells
Lily of the Valley - (TOXIC) mental clarity, happiness
Lime - healing, love, protection
Linden - healing, protection, luck, love, sleep
Liquidamber - protection
Liverwort - love
Lobelia - (TOXIC) healing, love
Loosestrife - peace, protection
Lotus - protection, spirituality
Lovage - love, attraction
Love Seed - love, friendship
Lucky Hand - protection, luck, money, travel, employment

Mace - psychic powers, mental clarity
Maguey - lust
Magnolia - fidelity
Maidenhair - beauty, love
Male Fern - luck, love
Mallow - love, protection, exorcism
Mandrake - (TOXIC) potency, exorcism, protection, fertility, money, love, health
Maple - money, longevity, love
Marigold - prophetic dreams, protection, legal matters, psychic powers
Marjoram - protection, love, happiness, health, money
Masterwort - protection, strength, courage
Mastic - psychic powers, lust
May Apple - (TOXIC) money
Meadow Rue - love, divination
Meadowsweet - love, divination, peace, happiness
Mesquite - healing
Mimosa - love, protection, prophetic dreams, purification
Mint - exorcism, protection, money, lust, healing, travel
Mistletoe - (TOXIC) healing, protection, love, fertility, health, exorcism
Molukka - protection
Moonwort - love, money
Morning Glory - (TOXIC) peace, happiness
Moss - luck, money
Mugwort - astral projection, strength, psychic powers, protection, prophetic dreams, healing
Mulberry - protection, strength
Mullein - exorcism, health, protection, courage, love divination, calling spirits
Mustard - fertility, protection, mental clarity
Myrrh - spirituality, purification, protection, healing, exorcism
Myrtle - peace, money, love, youth, fertility

Nettle - exorcism, protection, healing, lust
Nutmeg - protection, money, health, luck, fidelity, break hexes
Nuts - fertility, prosperity, love, luck

Oak - protection, health, money, healing, potency, fertility, luck
Oats - money
Oleander - (TOXIC) love
Olive - healing, peace, fertility, potency, protection, lust
Onion - exorcism, healing, protection, purification, money, prophetic dreams, lust
Orange - love, divination, luck, money
Orange Bergamot - prosperity, success
Orchid - love, psychic powers
Oregon Grape - money
Orris - divination, protection, love, prosperity, money

Pansy - love, divination
Papaya - protection, love, wishes
Papyrus - protection
Parsley - purification, protection, lust
Passion Flower - peace, sleep, friendships prosperity, increase libido
Patchouly - money, fertility, lust, break hexes
Pea - money, love
Peach - exorcism, love, fertility, wishes, longevity
Pear - love, lust
Pecan - money, employment
Pennyroyal - exorcism, consecration, strength, protection, peace
Peony - exorcism, protection, purification
Pepper - exorcism, protection
Peppermint - purification, sleep, love, healing, psychic powers
Pepper Tree - protection, purification, healing
Periwinkle - (TOXIC) protection, money, love, lust, mental clarity
Persimmon - healing, luck
Pilot Weed - protection
Pimento - love
Pimpernel - protection, health
Pine - protection, exorcism, money, healing, fertility
Pineapple - luck, money
Pipsissewa - money, calling in good spirits
Pistachio - breaking love spells
Plaintain - protection, healing, strength
Plum - protection, love
Plumeria - (TOXIC) love
Poke - (TOXIC) courage, break hexes
Pomegranate - divination, luck, wealth, wishes, fertility
Poplar - money, astral projection
Poppy - fertility, love, sleep, money, luck
Potato - healing
Prickly Ash - love
Primrose - protection, love
Purslane - protection, love, happiness, luck, sleep

Quassia - love
Quince - protection, love, happiness

Radish - protection, lust
Ragweed - courage
Ragwort - protection
Raspberry - healing, visions, protection, love
Rattlesnake Root - protection, money
Rhubarb - health, protection, fidelity
Rice - protection, money, fertility
Roots - protection, divination, power
Rose - beauty, protection, purification, love, psychic powers, healing, divination, peace
Rose Hips - healing, luck, call in good spirits
Rosemary - exorcism, protection, purification, healing, love, lust, mental clarity, sleep, youth
Rowan - protection, success, psychic powers, healing, power
Rue - exorcism, protection, purification, break hexes, health, mental clarity, healing
Rye - love, fidelity

Saffron - love, lust, healing, strength, happiness, psychic powers
Sage - purification, protection, wisdom, longevity, wishes
Sagebrush - exorcism, protection, purification
St. John's Wort - (TOXIC) exorcism, protection, courage, strength, happiness, health, love divination
Sandalwood - protection, exorcism, purification, wishes, healing, spirituality
Sarsaparilla - love, money
Sassafras - money, health, healing
Scullcap - peace, love, fidelity
Senna - love
Sesame - money, success in business, lust
Shallot - purification
Skunk Cabbage - good fortune, legal matters
Sloe - exorcism, protection, banish negative energy/entities
Snakeroot - money, luck, break hexes
Snapdragon - protection, break hexes
Solomon's Seal - love, exorcism, protection
Southernwood - love, lust, protection
Spanish Moss - protection
Spearmint - healing, love, mental clarity
Spiderwort - love
Spikenard - health, fidelity
Squill - protection, money, break hexes
Star Anise - psychic powers, luck
Stillengia - psychic powers
Straw - luck
Strawberry - love, luck
Sugar Cane - love, lust
Sumbul - psychic powers, love, luck, health
Summer Savory - mental clarity and strength
Sunflower - wisdom, health, wishes, fertility, happiness
Sweetgrass - calling in good spirits
Sweetpea - strength, courage, friendship

Tamarind - love
Tamarisk - exorcism, protection
Tansy - healing, health, longevity
Tea - strength, courage, prosperity, riches
Thistle - exorcism, protection, healing, strength, break hexes
Thyme - purification, courage, healing, health, psychic powers, sleep
Ti - protection, healing
Toadflax - protection, break hexes
Tobacco - (TOXIC) healing, purification, offerings
Tomato - protection, prosperity, love
Tonka - (TOXIC) courage, love, money, wishes
Tormentil - protection, love
Trillium - love, luck, money
Tulip - protection, prosperity, love
Turmeric - purification
Turnip - protection, endings, banish negativity

Uva Ursa - (TOXIC) psychic powers

Valerian - protection, purification, love, sleep
Vanilla - love, lust, mental clarity
Venus Flytrap - protection, love
Vervain - sleep, protection, purification, love, money, peace, healing
Vetivert - love, luck, money, break hexes
Violet - protection, healing, love, lust, luck, wishes, peace

Wahoo - (TOXIC) courage, success, break hexes
Walnut - health, mental clarity, wishes
Wax Plant - protection, power
Wheat - money, fertility
White Willow Bark - healing, blessings, binding
Wild Plum - healing
Willow - protection, healing, love, divination
Wintergreen - protection, healing, break hexes
Winter's Bark - success
Witch Grass - exorcism, happiness, love, lust
Witch Hazel - protection
Wolf's Bane - (TOXIC) protection
Wood Betony - love, purification, protection
Wood Rose - luck
Wood Sorrel - healing, health
Woodruff - protection, money, victory
Wormwood - (TOXIC) exorcism, protection, love, psychic powers, calling spirits, protection while traveling

Yarrow - healing, divination, exorcism, protection, courage, love, psychic powers
Yerba Mate - love, lust, fidelity
Yerba Santa - protection, healing, psychic powers, beauty
Yew - (TOXIC) raising the dead
Yohimbe - (TOXIC) love, lust
Yucca - protection, purification, transmutation

Zinnia - love, lust, strength

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