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Ethics of the Modern Witch 2:

The True Tools of the Witch - Compassion and Sovereignty

by Firewolf (From Witches Voice)

After writing an article last October, I did not expect to receive such beautiful feedback from so many people, and I want extend a special thank you to all of you who so enjoyed my article. At the end of the year many people rushed me to post another article, so I sat down for a long period of time and could not think of what to write about. Later, after a long lecture with a student of mine, I finally came to a realization. It seems that many of us in the Craft have forgotten the responsibility, and at some level the self-responsibility, we take as Witches. Many of us know the physical tools of the Craft yet overlook the important mental tools-those of Compassion and Sovereignty.

A teacher of mine once spent many months trying to get my stubborn Aries mindset to understand that Compassion is the heart and soul of what a Witch does and represents. The ability to understand others, to feel the pain and sorrow they experience, is the first step. It is imperative, though no easy task, to understand and relate to the people we are surrounded by.

We surround ourselves with people of a like mind, of people who agree with our personalities, people who understand and respect who we are and where we have come from, and people who help us to grow. We do this, at least on a minute level, for selfish reasons-it gives us validation of who we are and of the choices we have made in life.

We get consumed within our own comfort zones, choosing to focus on what is good and right in our lives, overlooking the fact that our personal viewpoints and interpretations may be far from anything correct relative to the strangers and their life experiences around us.

In our own community, this idea manifests itself in the judgments we pass on each other, especially regarding others level of knowledge and years of "service" in the Craft. You find many Witches using derogatory terms such as "fluff bunny" and/or "Newiccans, " but we must ask ourselves, "Who are we to judge anyone?"

Are the Ways of our Ancestors judgment and hatred? Instead of titling those we perceive as dabblers and meddlers and dismissing them entirely, guiding them should be our true calling as Witches. When I hear others use derogatory terms judging others of the Craft, it breaks my heart to see people projecting such negativity and judgment. No one has the right to judge anyone or anything; we are made by the Gods in the manner in which they desire.

It is up to us to grow and learn every day and to experience love and light in all that we do, and also to guide those around us towards that light, as long as they truly ask for help in seeking. We recognize and respect the experiences of others - without judgment - as we desire others to recognize and respect the experiences that have shaped us into the people we are. Only then do we show Compassion for others.

As I stand surrounded by my delightful coven of intelligent women and humble men, my heart is filled with hope for our future. We all stand with Compassion in our hearts and Sovereignty sitting on our heads like a crown. Many of us go through life's chaotic experiences and ask ourselves how we can overcome them, understand them, and learn from them.

Sovereignty is the crown of our soul; with it we have the ability to practice Compassion in a correct and positive manner, aiding us in protecting ourselves and removing ourselves from that "victim" personality trait. There are so many scrupulous practitioners who claim lineage and hereditary bloodlines, overlooking the fact that in the end of all ends, that alone truly does not make one a Witch. What makes a Witch is what magick they project, what is within their heart, and their path towards doing the greater good in the name of the Goddess.

There are also many who, claiming to follow and practice the Old Ways, strive for controlling others mentally, physically and even financially. Seeking the control of another is not of the Goddess. Her path is of love and magick, not of self-disposed egos and the lack of a positive mind.

I myself have witnessed many of the Craft extorting themselves as having some outstanding hierarchy, when in fact the only hierarchy in the Craft is the Goddess and God. As it seems, their actions are the result the seeds they have planted long ago... seeds of jealousy and a lack of self-love.

Many feel that when negativity or hate is sent their way, and life's chaotic experiences cause them difficulty, that they should use the Art of Magick to send it back to the person or event that caused it. These people are overlooking the major points of life. In order to grow and respect this wonderful gift of life, we need to endure hardship at times, and to overcome life's problems, focusing on growth and happiness, not curses and hexes, helps to teach us the lessons we are supposed to learn.

Through the gaining and understanding of knowledge, we as human evolve and grow. It is blatantly understood that many do not believe in karma or follow the threefold law, which is an opinion and a belief of others that I respect. But to throw a black candle at every problem that arises in life dilutes our ability to learn and love, as well as grow.

To entirely experience life, we must learn and understand all of the hurtles on our roads, and to find love in all that occurs; this is the Witches Path. It is a time in history that we need to put our black candles down and focus on planting seeds of love and peace. Through this we can laugh and dance, and solely experience the ambrosia of life, whole-heartedly and balanced.

It is the negativity and self-disposed mindset that causes many misconceptions in the Craft, this our Elders so dearly fought against. The rights we have today seem to be unappreciated and ignored, as if they are something to be expected or taken for granted.

We again must stop focusing our intentions and magick on these simple troubles, and focus them on bettering ourselves and the world around us, and allowing time to take its course. I sit at my altar in my quaint little home lighting candles for world peace and to protect our soldiers at war. Although for many this may seem as a childish thought, but we must ask ourselves "Does this small charge of magick help?"

The answer is, of course, that it does.

The Magick of the Goddess and God infuses our every thought and wills us to push our intentions towards our own personal balance. Within that balance, we will laugh, dance, and sing in their praise.

Through Compassionate actions and Sovereign decision-making, we will guide ourselves down the spiral path towards Summerland. We need to stand strong and use Sovereignty as our armor and Compassion as our sword.

And with these tools, we will accomplish what is correct and for the good of all.

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