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Drum Making Weekend Workshop - July 2009

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Photos below by Jenwytch...

Day 1 - Trimming the skins, cutting the lacings and making the beaters.

Skins and rims laid out waiting to be chosen.

Choices made... loin cloth or drum skin?

Preparing to meditate.

Positioning the rims on the skins.

Simon marking out his drum skin.

Maggie measuring & marking her drum skin.

Drum skin cut out and remaining skin cut into a thin strip for the lacings.

Sanding the rims (while the skins and lacings are soaking in water overnight).

Maria making a drum beater.

Andy helping with binding Maria's beater.

Jenni plaiting leather strips to decorate her drum beater.

Charlene with her finished beater.

Simon holding his very large donger beater.

Janine with her beater.

All the finished drum beaters.

Day 2 - Lacing the Drums.

"Where the f@%#@$ @#!%$% is the end? It has to be in here somewhere!"

Charlene finally found the end & began the lacing.

Ray & Bev making their drum together.

Maggie (left) & Maria (right).


All finished ...YAY!

...showing the drum skin.

...and the lacings.

21/08/2009 All the drums (minus 1) at our drum consecration ceremony.

Jenny's Drum - Step by Step.

Rim on skin showing outer circle marked for cutting.

Circle for drum has been cut out and remaining skin cut into a thin strip for the lacings.

The soaked skin & lacings, still pegged together, straight out of the water.

Soaked drum skin (with holes punched around edge) and lacings ...ready to go.

The lacing is started.

All the laces have been tightened & the first two groups have been wrapped together.

One more to go...

The finished drum - pegs left in place until laces dry hard and can't accidentally unwrap.

Edge of drum showing decorative twisted cord wrapped around rim.

1 day later...

Masking tape was applied to the partially dried skin to keep the edges folded flat against rim.

2 days later...

The skin has dried and hardened enough for the masking tape to be removed.

...showing the outside edge, now neatly folded.

...and the inside.

Read more about Jenny's drum at My Medicine Drum ~ A Personal Journey

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