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Beltane Weekend 2018 ~ Seeking Your Inner Shaman

SOL Beltane 2018

Beltane is a celebration of the reawakening of the earth, at this Beltane weekend we will be going through a process of regeneration by connecting to our inner shaman through ritual, workshops, pathworking, craft making and drumming.

Where: At a private property in the Sutherland Shire, Sydney (full details will be sent to you via email once you have made your booking).
Dress: Casual
Friday – Sunday: $180 (includes accommodation and meals)
Saturday – Sunday: $145 (includes accommodation and meals)
Not sleeping over: $110 (includes meals)

Please note that this weekend is limited to 18 people. Bookings for the weekend must be confirmed by 26th October 2018. For further information or to make a booking please send an email to inquiries@spheresoflight.com.au

Beltane Weekend Schedule 2-4 November 2018

5.00pm – Arrival
7.00pm – Greet & Meet/ Dinner
8.00pm - Intro to spiral ritual
8:30pm – Opening Ritual
Relax around the campfire

8.00 – Meditation Ritual
8:30 – Breakfast
10:00 – Workshop – What do Shamans Do – Gabriel
11:30 – Workshop – Shamanic Extraction Healing – Janine
1:00 – Lunch
2:00 – Workshop - Labyrinths and Spirals – Samantha
3:00 –Workshop – My Place: The Witches Body – Angelica
4:30 – Craft – Making Medicine pouch
6:30 – Dinner
8:30 - Ritual
Relax around the campfire

8:00am – Meditation Ritual
8:30 - Breakfast
10.00 – Workshop Shapeshifting and connecting to your personal animal totem - Lisa
11:30 – Craft – Finishing Medicine Pouch
1:00 - Lunch
2.00 – Discussion on weekend experiences & Closing Ceremony
3.00 – Good byes

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Spheres Of Light (SOL) is an Australian Pagan group (eg. Witches, Wiccans, Heathens, Shamans, Magicians, Occultists etc) meeting in the Sutherland Shire,
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with a strong emphasis on modern shamanic practices & eclectic witchcraft.

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