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Crystals ~ Fire Agate

by Maria

I wasn't sure what crystal to write about this month. I was lacking in energy and direction not to mention tired, I was burning out. One day at work I was just cutting cards and not really thinking of anything when my mind cleared and I received a name, Goddess Pele.

In looking up information on Goddess Pele it became evident that the crystal I needed to write about had to relate to the goddess. Many sites credited her with Lava, understandably, others stones were also mentioned, among them Fire Agate.

It's interesting, the correlation between Goddess Pele and Fire Agate. Encounters like these never cease to amaze me.

The two link creativity, energy, vitality, protection, strength, courage, life changes, rebuilding and aligning self to bring forth your true potential.

In honour of Goddess Pele I choose to write about Fire Agate. The piece I currently have will be cut and polished into a piece of jewelry that I can wear as a reminder of the Goddess and her assistance in my time of need.

Fire Agate

Agates range in colours and are generally banded. They are often dyed to give it a livelier colour. Trade name of above agate variety is Fire Agate. Fire Agate is an opaque layered stone. Its layered structure allows light play hence the name fire.

Fire Agate as the name suggests is classified under the element of fire. The element of fire is associated with; ambition, achievement, inspiration and all creative/artistic pursuits. But one must also remember that it can also destroy what is no longer needed.

If balance and action are required in your endeavours use a fire element stone.

Fire Agate relates to the Base, Sacral and Solar chakras. The combination of colours presented in this stone reflects that connection. But we can see that other chakra colours are also present. In the above picture the colour green shines through. In certain light, the one that I have shows a slight tinge of blue.

Fire Agate brings about an emotional, physical and intellectual balance. Its energy is calming and grounding.

Fire Agate stabilises the aura by building a protective shield around the body. It deflects harm and negativity.

Its soothing and comforting energies assist in overcoming fear, anger, addictions and destructive behaviours. It raises our consciousness, builds self-confidence and encourages positive action towards resolving inner struggles while instilling a deep sense of security. It fosters love, truthfulness and courage.

It offers strength of will and personal power. It assists in endeavours of creative expression stimulating all levels of creativity. Health-wise it heals the stomach, the nerves, endocrine system and reduces hot flushes by removing heat from the body.

One particular night I was so tired that I went to bed forgetting to turn the fan on. It has been rather humid lately; well it is summer after all. Half way through the night woke up feeling cold, in spite of the hot weather. That morning I realised that I had placed my Fire Agate on the bedside table. I am giving one to my mother.

It alleviates eye problems and enhances night vision. It strengthens the physical and inner eye resulting in clear vision on all levels as a result improving perception and analytical qualities.

Fire Agate promotes and enhances energy, including meditation, ritual, and spiritual healing energies. Fire agate is often used in spells to increase skills in communication in writing and speaking. It can also heighten creative visualization.

Agates in general are a relatively inexpensive, but that is not the case for Fire Agate. The cost of Fire Agate can be as much as $50 for a piece the size of a tumbled stone. The markings on Fire Agate are very distinctive so if looking to purchase one I would recommend a little bit of investigation first.

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