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Crystals ~ Carnelian

by Maria

Carnelian colours range from brownish red to orange, translucent to opaque. The colouring agent is iron, and through heating the colour can be enhanced. Some sources note that, the colour may improve if placed out in the sun. I must admit that on sunnier days, the colour of my bracelet (see above) becomes more vibrant and deeper.

It has a hardness of 7 making it a crystal that is able to withstand normal wear.

The colour of this crystal relates to the Sun, representing vitality, life force, power and glory.

Carnelian aligns to the sacral chakra. This chakra governs change, creativity and passion for life.

Carnelian is classified under the element of fire. Fire relates to ambition, achievement, inspiration, all creative and artistic ventures, but it is also potent in destroying what is no longer needed.

Carnelian is truly a power stone

  • Inspires us in being more creative in any form
  • Promotes passion for life
  • Ambition in any thing that you set your mind to
  • Vitality, a bit like a boost of Vitamin B
  • Protection from negative thoughts and emotions
  • Uplifting, assisting in dispelling fears and depression
  • Courage, in making positive life choices
  • Harmonious and calming thus encouraging deeper concentration

It is truly a stone to awaken you. In times of low energy I find carnelian gives me the strength to continue. It’s elevating in so many ways. The personal power cupped with a boost of confidence gives me the ultimate lift but it still keeps me, grounded.

Physically carnelian eliminates discomfort from the abdominal area. When this energy centre is restricted I find carnelian brings it back into balance. I tend to wear a piece of jewellery or use a carnelian pendulum to bring it back to normal. Another way to receive the energy of this crystal is to place a piece in a water bottle.


The Egyptians used Carnelian to symbolize the love of Isis. Medallions of Carnelian were made for the deceased to assure her support in the afterlife.

If you seek the power of Isis, and the power of the Sun to build your self confidence and find ways to achieve your potential, wear a carnelian.

Carnelian is also perfect for devotions to Ceridwen, the Welsh Mother, and Knowledge Goddess.

Magical Use:

  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Strengthening identity
  • Establishing personal boundaries between self and others
  • Independence
  • Balance and negotiations
  • For fertility, both physical and mental
  • Creativity, artistic or otherwise
  • Abundance of all kinds
  • Protective against fire, storm and malevolence of all kinds
  • As a shield from attempted psychic intrusion into your thoughts
  • Guards against accident, home/building renovations and kitchen mishaps
  • Love and sex rites

Fire magic is more effective if you circle a red candle with carnelians.

To rekindle the passion in your relationship place a carnelian under each corner of the mattress

Wear carnelian jewellery to; a halt anger, jealousy, envy and hatred from all sources including self, also good in overcoming shyness when speaking in public it gives your voice strength.

Place a carnelian in charm bag for courage, self-esteem, confidence, creativity and independence.

Wear to bed or place a piece under your pillow to strengthen astral vision and prevent nightmares.

Place a piece near the front door to invoke protection and invite abundance into the home. The carnelian may be engraved or fashioned into an image of a warrior to guard the home, as practiced in Renaissance magic.

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