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- Heraklietos of Ephesos

Crystals ~ Black Tourmaline

by Maria

Black tourmaline is known as Schorl and of the Tourmaline group of crystal Black is the most common. It is shiny and opaque identifiable by parallel ridges (striations) which run the length of the crystal.

In times past tourmaline was classed as a mineral magnet rather than a gem. The reason for this was its unique electrical energies which cause it, when rubbed or heated, to produce in each of its crystals a positive charge at one end and a negative charge at the other. Tourmaline's unique positive and negative electrical properties gave it its early name of "The mineral magnet".

Tourmaline does come in many colours: Red or Pink, Dark Blue, Brown or dark coloured Colourless, Watermelon, Green and Yellow. The energies vary depending on the colours. Tourmalines of all colours are excellent tools for chakra balancing.

General information - relates to all colours in the Tourmaline group:

  • Aids in understanding oneself and others.
  • It promotes self-confidence and diminishes fear.
  • Attracts inspiration, compassion, tolerance and prosperity.
  • It balances the right-left sides of the brain.
  • Helps treat paranoia, overcomes dyslexia and improves hand-eye coordination.
  • Tourmaline releases tension, making it helpful for spinal adjustments.
  • It balances male-female energy within the body.
  • Enhances energy and removes blockages.
  • Effective in physical cures by removing bodily pain.

Black Tourmaline:

  • Deflects and repels negative energy especially psychic attack by providing a psychic shield around your aura.

If you find that some people do drain your energy, carry a piece of Black Tourmaline with you. It will stop them in their tracks. You may even find that they no longer dump their issues on you they may even avoid you altogether. Black Tourmaline provides you with a type of an invisibility cloak.

Protection of your home from any negativity can be easily accomplished by placing a piece at the front door or within the perimeters of your property. One thing though, it may make your home invisible to visitors. Well that could be a good thing if one doesn't want any intrusions.

Place a crystal under your pillow to cleanse your etheric body while you sleep as well as the room plus providing protection from psychic attack and nightmares.

  • Protects against ill wishing, as previously noted, it provides protection stops negative energy from penetrating through.
  • Grounds spiritual energy, increases physical vitality.

Black Tourmaline relates to Base chakra. It grounds and supports our body physically. It deals with issues of survival and protection. Physically it relates to all structural systems of the body, especially the bones. Lack of energy, fatigue and exhaustion is also governed by this chakra.

Black Tourmaline assists in all these areas. If you feel lightheaded or spacey, carry or wear a piece. If meditations or energy work leave you feeling ungrounded use Black Tourmaline to bring you back to earth as such.

Physical aliments included:

  • Releases tension within the body
  • Indigestion
  • Lethargy
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Pain relief of arthritis
  • Relief of spinal problems, helpful in spinal adjustment
  • Muscular and joint problems
  • Defends against debilitating disease.

It is excellent for deflecting radiation energy. Place a piece of Black Tourmaline in the electricity box, or near any electrical items to counteract the effects.

Knotted muscles can be relieved by placing a piece near them. Neck, jaw or head tension can be eased by wearing earrings made of this stone.

Negative energy depletes us, physically and spiritually. It can manifest as pain in our body. Black Tourmaline brings it back to balance plus assists in letting go of negativity, self doubt, anxiety etc.

So to bring equilibrium into our lives, one may look at Black Tourmaline for assistance. Not only does it protect, ground, clear self doubt it also purifies and transforms dense energy into a lighter vibration.

Black tourmaline is excellent for assisting in bringing up memories hidden deep inside you in order to clear and release thought patterns of negativity that no longer serve your highest good. It also attracts inspiration, compassion, tolerance and prosperity.

The darker half of the year draws nearer and with this comes a time when one goes within. Down into our underworld in order to gain wisdom, insight, contemplate, clear and release what not longer serves our highest good.

The Gods and Goddess assist us in this process, we just need to ask. Black Tourmaline relates to the Goddess below.

Ereshkigal, the Sumerian Goddess of death and Queen of the Underworld. Ereshkigal's name, which means "lady of the great earth", and she was also known as Irkalla, which is another name for the Sumerian Underworld.

Hecate, Greek goddess of the three paths, guardian of the household, protector of everything newly born, and the goddess of witchcraft. The Greek goddess Hecate reminds us of the importance of change, helping us to release the past, especially those things that are hindering our growth, and to accept change and transitions. She sometimes asks us to let go of what is familiar, safe, and secure and to travel to the scary places of the soul. New beginnings, whether spiritual or mundane, aren't always easy. But Hecate is there to support and show you the way.

Kali is the Hindu goddess associated with eternal energy. The name Kali comes from kala, which means black, time, death, lord of death, Shiva. Kali means "the black one". Kali is considered the goddess of time and change. Although sometimes presented as dark and violent, her earliest incarnation as a figure of annihilation still has some influence. She is also revered as Bhavatarini (literally "redeemer of the universe"). Comparatively recent devotional movements largely conceive Kali as a benevolent mother goddess.

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