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The beginning of a circle is also its end. Not I, but the world says it: all is one. And yet everything comes in season.
- Heraklietos of Ephesos

From the Editor...

2009 - A Year of Transformation

It has been said that in a world of order, chaos reigns. This year has certainly been a year of instability on all fronts! 2009 has definitely been a year of contrasts, a year of transformation. Actually, it has been like a roller-coaster ride. I can't recall a year for quite sometime where such exuberant highs and gut-wrenching lows were contained within such a short period of time.

What I have seen during 2009 is more and more people seeking answers to life's questions, and some are waking up from the deep sleep of illusion. 2009 added up to a Universal 11 Master number in numerology, and metaphorically, the number 11 symbolizes a point in our journey where we've reached a fork in the road and a decision resulted where we must choose either the path to the right or the path to the left. One of these paths will ensure positive change and upward growth, while the other portends stagnation and a loss of initiative, purpose and direction.

This year seems to have instigated a great process of clearing, when you clear something out of the way; you make room for something more ideal to come in. Moving something, clearing it up, throwing it away, all leads to clarity in some way. One of the main benefits of this year of transformation has been gaining clarity and insight. So my challenge to you is to start the momentum happening, start to build, start to make room for something that will serve you better in 2010.

As we approach the new year there is great expectation that the vital energy and positive thrust of life will be replenished and born anew, providing each of us a renewed hope for a brighter more satisfying future.

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of Spheres of Light to wish you all peace, joy and harmony for the New Year and have a safe and happy holiday season.

"Life is filled with so many exciting twists and turns. Hop off the straight and narrow whenever you can and take the winding paths. Experience the exhilaration of the view from the edge. Because the moments spent there, that take your breath away, are what make you feel truly alive." ~ Stacey Charter

Janine Donnellan

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SOL's Scrying Weekend Workshop
~ 27th-29th November, 2009

We went on a magical journey to rediscover the ancient rite of Scrying - the mantic art of gazing on reflective surfaces, allowing the inner psychic eyes to see through the mist and receive desired visions or information.

Through the process of ritual, meditation and observation we were guided through the various tools and techniques of Scrying. During the weekend we experienced a deep connection to the elemental forces as they opened us to a heightened awareness of their presence as we gaze into the sacred waters at sunrise and in the evening under the numinous glow of the moon.

The Magic of Undines - A Personal Encounter

by Janine Donnellan

Sunset is a magical time to connect to elemental and nature spirits. On the Saturday afternoon of the scrying weekend, I ventured down to the pond with my camera. In that mystical between time I gazed into the glassy surface of the water and perceived the reflection of the moon. I could also see small golden balls of light within the water that I immediately assumed were the reflections of the stars. When I looked to the skies I realized the stars were absent from view. Peering through the viewfinder of the camera I could see the golden balls of light moving under the surface of the water, I then had that excited moment of realization that what I was looking at were actually undines of the elemental kingdom.

The term Undine comes from the Latin root unda, which means "wave." Etheric in nature, they exist within the water itself and this is why they rarely can be seen with the normal physical vision. As they are entities united with water, Undines are also governed by the Moon and are associated with the directional domain of the West.

The undines work with the vital essences and liquids of plants, animals, and human beings. The ruler of the undines is called Necksa.


SOL's Full Moon Circles

Friday 27th November (at the Scrying Weekend)
and 4th December, 2009

by Amethyst

Well, I have been busy or greedy perhaps, doing two rituals since the last Axis Mundi. The first one was on the Friday of the Scrying Weekend, but that one was in the pipeline for quite a few months, and the second one (an extra for those that weren't able to attend the Scrying Weekend) was on the following Friday.

Celtic Amerindian Ritual ~ 27/11/09

Very early this year I found a meditation CD that I thought might be interesting to do, so I bought it and put it away. Sometime later Rayvensclaw found it and decided to do the meditation, I joined him and both found the meditation interesting. I thought at the time that the meditation would be nice to base a ritual on, but I had no idea where to start - silly me! Sometime later I was thinking on where I should even start about the ritual and suddenly spirit provided. I was told exactly what the quarters were and in what order and that I was to research and write about them.

I have to say that this ritual took a long time for me to write, since just before June this year actually. I started to wonder if I'd ever see the end of it. I knew what and who were to be in it, but also knew that I had to write about the quarters first. Spirit did give me the order that that was to happen, but for me it seemed to take ages. I also needed to keep the dragons in there somewhere and so in the circle casting I brought in the Dragons of the Sea (past), Land (present) and Sky (future). The circle was cast in the usual southern hemisphere direction, but then the quarters were invoked in the opposite direction. This was because that is how Spirit dictated to me as how to incorporate both southern and northern aspects in the one ritual.

It was easy and cheap for me to find representations for Wolf and Eagle, but Bear and Salmon took ages to find and in the end I made them out of air-dried clay. Rayvensclaw painted them in Celtic-Indian fashion. Also there needed to be a representation for the God and Goddess and that was a globe comprising the bottom half Earth and the top half Sky. It was made by paper-mache over a balloon, after it had dried and the balloon removed; it was cut open in a zigzag pattern and painted by Rayvensclaw in the appropriate (as suggested by me) colours inside as well as out.

I wrapped up in spare paper from the altar colours, enough dream catchers so that everyone at the ritual got one; these were placed inside the globe (interestingly enough I bought these from the UK, thought that was rather appropriate considering the Celtic connection). Also Rayvensclaw made a type of Medicine Wheel for each quarter caller to wear. They were made using embroidery hoops and kangaroo rawhide; he painted them with images I suggested but decorated them himself with feathers and beads. They were given to quarter callers to keep.

The ritual itself went very well, but the meditation was rather long (29 mins) and unfortunately there was a disruption in the meditation that some people found hard to overcome.

Ritual of Reflection ~ 4/12/09

This has been an eventful year (who ever blessed us with "may you live in interesting times" please desist thank you) and Rayvensclaw thought that a good ending to the year would be a cleansing ritual (I think he was only speaking aloud, but I took it from there).

Originally I was going to use Guinevere as the goddess, but had a last minute change to Rhiannon, after asking Spirit's advice (saw 3 wild horses immediately after asking) and of course we couldn't be without Merlin as the god. For the quarters the Dragons were asked to provide and in the meditation Rhiannon or Merlin had a look at how 2009 went as far as they were concerned. You were then given the chance to have a refreshing swim before meeting the Spirit of 2010 and being offered a drink for the future. I had originally been going to do the part of the goddess, but had a cold that week and my voice was fluctuating, so I read the meditation and cast the circle instead. We enjoyed the company in this ritual of some people we had never met before and hope they enjoyed themselves, but for the rest of us it was a nice ending for SOL's last Full Moon Circle of 2009.

Rayvensclaw read the meditation to me earlier that afternoon, and I rode on the back of a copper coloured lava dragon - that is I could see flowing copper coloured lava inside his skin. What surprised me was that it was Rhiannon that had a look at my year, not Merlin who I have worked with before.

More information regarding these rituals can be found on the SOL website at "Celtic Amerindian Ritual" and "Ritual of Reflection". Previous circles can be found in our Book Of Shadows. Our next Full Moon Circle will be held near Engadine on Friday, January 29, 2010. Please contact us for further details if you would like to attend.

We Wish You a Pagan Christmas

by Craig PhoenixWolf

I have been giving the idea of what Christmas means to us as Pagans some thought lately. We, like most of the western world, give out Christmas gifts to family and friends. As a Pagan does it have a meaning for us beyond the giving of gifts, especially here in Australia where the traditional meanings of Yule are not relevant to us at this time of year? Not when we are far removed from snow covered pine trees and the idea of wearing a heavy red suit makes us feel hot just looking at it. In the beginning, the origins of Christmas brought many of the Pagan Yule celebrations into Christianity. Look in any Christian home. You will see a decorated tree. Yule Logs are still used. Celebrations of the Sun God have become a celebration of the Son of God.

Pagans in Australia, in the days before Christmas, celebrate the Summer Solstice. The Summer Solstice (also known as Litha) is one of the four Lesser Sabbats which are the Equinoxes and Solstices of the Year. To me I don't like referring to it as a Lesser Sabbat. The Summer Solstice marks the height of the power of The God. To me, images of the Horned God hunting the great forests come to mind. He is strong. Powerful. Wise now because he is fully matured. The Horned God moves with the grace of a skilled hunter. Experienced foot steps and strong muscles carry him through the woodlands.

Soon his power will begin to wane but for now we are in the height of summer. His season.

For a Pagan this is a celebration of the Sun. Why not? We are a Sun burnt country after all. Not that I like the idea of being sun burned. I admit, I am not a fan of the heat. A fellow witch once said that is because I am reminded of the burning times. That may be so. I honestly do not know. What I do know is we as Australians celebrate the Sun at this time and while the traditional symbology of the Holiday may not be valid, the spirit of the holiday is.

As a child I had a book. It is still in the house, put away. One of those books you buy where your name is written into the story. In this one, I was sent on a mission to help Santa discover the meaning of Christmas. I had to visit different parts of the world and get something from the various forms of Santa. I had to visit Babbo Natale in Italy, Sinter Klaas in Holland, Father Christmas, Pare Noel and Ded Moroz of Russia. All up, five different forms of Santa. Much like the God and Goddess, there are many faces to Santa. In each part of the world there is some form of tale where someone goes about giving out gifts. For my childhood story I travelled and met with them and was given a gift; each gift, part of a secret. One which in the end, revealed the true meaning of Christmas was not the fights over who got the better toy, not the chase through the shops to buy the right gift.

No, the true meaning was peace.

Even in the past, wars have stopped for the day of Christmas. A temporary peace. One that in World War One saw the truce, began with German troops decorating their trenches. Both German and British troops sang Christmas Carols. They even met, in the area known as No Mans Land to share gifts, drink together and some even exchanged contact details and stayed in touch after the war.

This year there has been a lot of strife in the world, internationally and locally.

As we go into this years holiday as Pagans. Lets take with us the lessons of the past. Let us offer those around us peace.

Merry Christmas and Blessed Litha to you all.

Australian Midsummer Flower - Christmas Bell

by Janine Donnellan

I am most fortunate to live on the edge of the Heathcote National Park and consequently I am surrounded by an abundance of beautiful native flora. One of the many flowers that are in bloom now is the Christmas Bell (Blandfordia nobilis). There are many native Australian plants in flower over the Christmas season. A number of these have become known as 'Christmas plants' in various parts of the country, including Christmas Bells, Christmas Bush and the Christmas Orchid.

Christmas Bell is an erect perennial herb, which is found in the Hawkesbury Sandstone country of NSW in the low open heaths or swamps. It grows up to 60cm high with a crowd of yellow tipped, red fused, tubed flowers at the top. Flowers resemble a large elongated drooping bell, with several flowers per stem. There are no leaves on stems. Christmas Bell's flowering time is from late December up until February.

Christmas Bell Bush Essence

Positive Outcome: helps one to manifest their desired outcome, assists one with mastery of the physical plane.

Negative Condition: lack of abundance, sense of lack, poor stewardship of one's possessions.

Ian White first made this essence over 15 years ago on his family's property in Terry Hills. While preparing this remedy he received the message that it would help one to manifest one's desired outcomes and that this remedy would be beneficial for anyone experiencing a sense of lack. There is also the synchronicity of its name, Christmas Bell, which is in flower around late December, and it is traditionally associated with the joy of giving and receiving, not only of love, but also from the realm of the material too.

Christmas Bell image attribution: / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

To Be or Not To Be a Witch?

by Rayvensclaw

What are the qualities of a Witch? Does anyone truly know this answer? I know everyone will have their own opinion on this. We are all different and our answers will be as different as we are. There really is no right or wrong answer; there are only our intentions, motives and our objectives/goals.

An important starting quality of a witch is that he or she should possess good adult life coping skills. They need to be a mature and well-balanced person, capable of dealing with the pitfalls that life places in our way. How can anyone be good at being a witch when the slightest mishap, accident or earth-shattering event turns him or her into a bubbling mess or they throw temper tantrums at everyone one in their path? How can they balance their psyches if they can't balance themselves? How can they invoke power safely when they can't deal with their own emotional intelligence or lack of it?

Sometimes life can be a pain in the base chakra but we have to deal with it. Sometimes things can change when schedules aren't adhered to, but there is a right way and a wrong way to deal with these kinds of happenings. Witches do need self-confidence, self-respect and self-esteem, which comes from knowing themselves and trusting in others to help and guide.

Integrity is also an important attribute and it requires three things:

  • It requires you to be able to determine what is right or wrong for yourself. Reflection, thought and effort.

  • To stand up for what you believe, be firm if you are right and accept it if you are wrong.

  • A promise is a promise, if given it is not to be taken lightly. If you have taken a dedication remember what this means to you and others around you.

I believe that an open, skeptical mind is very important these days. An open mind allows you to learn, investigate and explore. If we are told something and have doubts, check it out. Investigate what it means and why. We are supposed to have brains so use them. You don't have to take everything that is written down or told to you as law. It's that brain bit again.

Being Wiccan, Pagan, or whatever you call yourself within the Craft is much more than just a name, it is also about being responsible for your actions, what you can contribute to, not only get from. It is knowing who you are and why you are here.

Not too long ago I was standing next to our hire car helping our daughter get out from the back seat, when I heard a squeal of tyres and a woman scream. I pushed our daughter back into the car and stepped up onto the doorsill. A car hit the back end of our car and then my leg, spinning me forward. Finally the car door was torn from the hinges. I was left with a Holden hubcap next to my leg and a severely damaged hire car.

Now, the car was parked outside a church, the moon was coming thru the clouds and I thought how lucky I was the God/Goddess were there to save me. What is strange is that I am not sure who screamed? The car hit the back of my car just touching my leg then the driver's door was hit, but it seemed to magically go around me. Why?

Now what has this story really got to do with anything? Other than it's a good read (well I enjoyed writing it) and it is a true story. Did I avert harm because I am Pagan, or because I was outside a church with the moon above? I am basically a good bloke, I am a parent and like everyone else I have had enough bad breaks in my life. Well I believe the Goddess was looking after me that night for whatever reason, and because I believe that it does make me a better Pagan and a better person, well I hope so. Am I perfect?'ve got to be kidding. Am I still learning? bet I am.

To finish off, there is no black or white with being a witch but with life you live the best way you can and you either go forward or not at all. Please note all of the above are personal views and if you disagree, be my guest and submit your own ideas.

Qualities of a Witch, by Rhys Chisnall (

Herbs ~ Vervain

by Amethyst

Botanical: Verbena officinalis
Planetary associations: Venus
Zodiac associations: Virgo, Libra
Element: Earth
Gender: Feminine
Magickal classifications: Aphrodisiacal Herbe, Countermagick Herbe, Fertility Herbe, Herbe of Consecration, Herbe of Immortality, Herbe of Love, Herbe of Protection, Herbe of Purification, Magickal Herbe, Religious Herbe, Visionary Herbe
Invocatory: Diana, Hermes, Medea, Aradia, Bast
Part Used: leaves, flowering heads
Synonyms: herba veneris, herb of grace, verbena, enchanters herb, holy herb, blue vervain, and holy wort


Vervain has been often referred to as a witch's herbe due to the large body of lore surrounding its attributes. Albertus Magnus in his Book of Secrets offers a clue when he wrote that 'infants bearing it shall be very apt to learn, and loving learning, and they shall be glad and joyous.

Frequently referred to as verbena, it is found that a great many cultures considered this a sacred herbe. The Greeks, Romans, Celts, Welsh and many other European people readily identified this herbe as magickal. The following quote comes from A Modern Herbal:

The name Vervain is derived from the Celtic ferfaen, from fer (to drive away) and faen (a stone). Another derivation is given by some authors from Herba veneris, because of the aphrodisiac qualities attributed to it by the Ancients. Priests used it for sacrifices, and hence the name Herba Sacra. The name Verbena was the classical Roman name for 'altar-plants' in general, and for this species in particular. The Druids included it in their lustral water, and magicians and sorcerers employed it largely. It was used in various rites and incantations, and by ambassadors in making leagues. Bruised, it was worn around the neck as a charm against snake and other venomous bites as well as for general good luck. It was thought to be good for the sight.

Vervain finds place in the Christian holy scripts as the herb that was used to stop bleeding from Jesus Christ's wounds on Calvary - a mountainous terrain near Jerusalem. Therefore, vervain is also regarded as the 'herb-of-the-cross' by the Christians as well as others. The Druids or priests in the ancient Celtic religion regarded the herb as approvingly as the mistletoe, a parasitic evergreen bush used as a decoration during Christmas. The Egyptians had dedicated the herb to their Goddess of birth Isis and used it as a common constituent in the love potions prepared by them.


Vervain may be used to enhance the dreaming process. It is recommended to be included when working a Dream Quest. Old folklore says it will help you dream of your future love but it is more useful when used ritually to expand your divinatory skills and abilities. Vervain may be used to consecrate and empower any of your ritual tools. While Common Vervain is not native to North America, the Pawnee are now using it to assist their dreaming skills, and is often referred to as the North American version of Calea zacatechichi.

Associated with the metallic element of mercury, storing a small glass vial of this heavy liquid will keep the magick of your vervain strong. Verbena is used with opals and agates.

By working with this herbe, we can come to better understand the mysteries of immortality. When consecrating your altar stone, there is no herbe better chosen than vervain. It is also used to consecrate magickal wands, chalices and thuribles, and it makes a wonderful aspurger.

Vervain has been used for a very long time to protect people against negative emotions and the feeling that life has become a burden. The Celts recognized this ability of verbena. Even today it is found in many spells and formulas for amulets which protect the practitioner against various types of negation both from with the person and from outside sources. Often it is recommended to reverse negative energy as well. It is also recommended that it be worn if you are performing an exorcism. Verbena is used in house and home blessings as well.

Many love spells and romantic magickal formulas include vervain. This may be due, in part, to its reputation as being able to empower any magick. In fact the Welsh call it Iiysiaur hudol or 'the enchanting herbe'. As well as being added to recipes to attract mates, help you find true love, achieve sexual fulfilment and work sexual magick, this herbe is sometimes used by brides to bring extra bliss to the first night. Vervain is held sacred to the goddess Diana and is corresponded with the Justice card.

Drinking the juice of fresh vervain is said to cut sexual desire. Burn it to banish the pangs of unrequited love. Vervain is worn to recover stolen articles. Tucked into a child's cradle, the plant brings joy and a lively intellect. When burned, Vervain is powerful for warding psychic attack, but it is also used in spells for love, purification and attracting wealth. It is a powerful attractant to the opposite sex.

Vervain is worn as a crown during Druidic initiatory rites and as protection for those who are working magic. Sprinkle throughout the home for protection and to bring peace. Keep some in the bedroom to bring tranquil dreams. Keep it in the home to attract wealth and to keep plants healthy. Sprinkle some on the garden as an offering to the elementals and other nature spirits.

It is said that ancient magicians in Persia gathered bunches of verbena to raise up to the newly risen Sun in preparation for a spiritual and magickal day. Even today we find a solar correspondence with the herbe; it is recommended that it be gathered at Midsummer with the previous year's dried vervain tossed into the Midsummer fire.

This is an herbe of poets, singers and bards. Vervain is most potent if fresh cut and worn when performing. It increases the performer's skill and inspires the artistry. It is also a valuable herbe for students of any magickal path.

a compendium of HERBAL MAGICK by Paul Beyerl, 1998

Crystals ~ Petrified (or Fossilized) Wood

by Maria

Appearance: Opaque, even in thin slabs.

Colours: The colours are mostly dull grey or brown, sometimes also red, pink, light brown, yellow, and even blue to violet. The colours become stronger with the cutting and polishing.

Crystal System: Trigonal. Typical crystal forms of the trigonal system are three sided prisms and pyramids.

Scientific Properties: Composed of Silicon Dioxide (Quartz) with various impurities. The organic wood shape and structural elements are preserved.

Properties: Petrified wood is a stone that is good for grounding and stabilizing one's emotions. During a crisis, a piece of Petrified Wood will give you strength and support, providing insight into cause and effect. You will remember lessons, avoiding repetitive mistakes. Petrified Wood will help you forget petty worries, so that no thought or action is useless.

Silver & Petrified Wood Pendant crafted by Maria

It also offers "gentle hours in the day", to assist one in keeping pace with the day, keeping the hours from neither hurrying by nor moving too slow are therefore moving forward in a good and steady way. It helps one feel that all will be right, and to be connected to their spirit in such a way that one knows that time is not really what it appears, and that there is no such real thing as time ...just forever.

Petrified wood stabilized general health and the body's defences. Healers have used Petrified Wood on atrophied limbs and to relieve paralysis. It can help align your spine or give you more control over bodily functions. Use this stone to strengthen your spiritual and physical backbone.

Trees' circulatory system and skin (bark) are thought similar to human circulation and hair, therefore Petrified Wood is thought to improve circulatory, skin and hair problems. A Petrified Wood Elixir will add thickness and shine to your hair.

It is a stone of business success, and for general protection. Because of its great age, it is often mentioned as imparting longevity to the wearer. Petrified wood is also used for past life regressions because of its inherent link with the past.

Petrified Wood is an excellent gem for leaders. It has endured the ravaging changes of time and become stronger, as will you if you ask for its help in your leadership role.

To dream of petrified wood is a signal for the need to do away with any non-productive life patterns, relationships or ideas.

Trees are thought to be the wisest and most balanced of all beings on the planet, for their branches reach high toward the heavens, while their roots sit firmly in Mother Earth. Therefore, Petrified Wood is said to impart a grounding force that increases peace and wisdom.

Chakra: Petrified wood provides great energy to the 4th, Heart Chakra. The amorphous tree quartz works best on the 1st, Root or Base Chakra and protects from arteriosclerosis. Considered a gemstone of the lower chakras.

Magical work: Due to its internal pyramid structure it can be used to draw off negative energies and blockages from chakras, while replenishing them with vibrant energy. Being that it is fossil, it is ruled by Akasha. As well, due to its great antiquity, it may be carried or utilized in spells designed to extend a life span or to increase our enjoyment and evolution within our lives. It is also quite helpful in rites to recall past life incarnations.

Element: Akasha

Associations: The Sun Stone of any sign, and it is connected with the earth element.

Gemstones of the World, by Walter Schumann

Expression of the Divine Feminine

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Litha Incense

The summer solstice is a powerful time to not only gather herbs, but also to prepare and use them. Make this fragrant and simple Litha incense for use in ritual and ceremony.

3 parts myrrh
1 part geranium petals
½ part bay leaves
½ part cinnamon bark
1 part chamomile flowers
1 part lavender flowers
2 parts mugwort
½ part rosemary


Elderflower Cordial

1.5 litres water
2kg raw sugar
6 lemons - peel & juice
30ml apple cider or white wine vinegar
20 heads of elderflower

Pour boiled water into a sterilised non metal container. Add the sugar, stirring until dissolved. Cool. Add the lemon rind, lemon juice, vinegar and elderflowers. Cover with a muslin cloth and leave to infuse for 24 hours. Strain the cordial through the muslin and pour into glass bottles with metal levered caps. Once made, leave the cordial for 2 weeks. Then serve chilled, diluted with still or sparkling water to taste.

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Submitting your work for consideration is easy. Just send an inquiry or the completed work to us. We give every submission careful consideration.
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Spheres Of Light is proud to be an official Affiliate Subcommittee of the Pagan Awareness Network Australia Inc.
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